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September 20, 2017




50+ Dead in Central Mexico Earthquake, Trump Gives Speech at UN 72nd General Assembly, Violent Protests at Georgia Tech Over Student Shot and Killed by Campus Police, C5 Hurricane Maria Devastates Dominica, On Path to Strike Puerto Rico, Paul Manafort Wiretapped by FBI, and 79-Year Old Sentenced to Life in Prison For Killing Doctor Over Misdiagnosis 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, September 19. Ready for news? 




Central Mexico was stuck with a powerful, 7.1 magnitude earthquake and at least 50 people are dead. That number could increase quickly. 


The center of the quake is in Pubela state, 75 miles away from Mexico City. There are reports of damaged buildings, cracked streets, and devastation in the area, including the capital city. 


When the earthquake struck, people ran out of buildings and away from falling objects. After the quake stopped, first responders arrived and tried their best to move away large pieces of rubble. Power went out for almost 4 million people. The airport in Mexico City is closed. All schools there are closed. 


In a strange coincidence, many in Mexico City did earthquake drills today since it is the 32-year anniversary of a powerful earthquake that struck the city in 1985 with over 9,000 people killed. They have been doing drills since then on this day. It must have been shocking to many that an earthquake would strike today. 


It is the second time Mexico was struck with an earthquake in two weeks — there was a recent 8.1 magnitude earthquake that hit southern Mexico, killing at least 61 people.


This seems very, very serious. I will keep an eye on the news.




Today President Trump gave a speech at the 72nd United Nations General Assembly at the UN HQ in New York City. Over 150 countries’ representatives watched Trump. 


Here are some highlights: 


— Trump said we meet at a time of immense promise and great peril, that we could lift the world to new heights or let it fall into… disrepair


— Trump said he would always put America first, just like other countries’ leaders will put their countries first 


— About North Korea: Trump called their leader “Rocket Man,” said he was on a suicide mission (for launching missiles), then warned that America will later have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.


— Trump said Iran was a rogue nation and criticized the Obama-era deal with Iran, saying it was embarrassing to the U.S. (It is possible that Trump will withdraw from it by saying Iran violated the terms of the deal). 


— Trump criticized Venezuela’s leader Nicolas Maduro, saying his disastrous rule caused the country to go into a political and economic crisis. Trump said the UN needs to help Venezuela and that the U.S. is prepared to take action. 


Another speech that was closely watched was from Myanmar — (this is the country’s sign) — leader Suu Kyi — because of the reports of abuses and killings of Rohingya people by the military that has caused over 400,000 of them to escape the country.


She said she condemns unlawful violence and wanted for there to be peace and stability in the country, but she did not discuss the military’s involvement. 


The UN Secretary-General Guterres said Myanmar leaders must stop the military operations, allow access to humanitarian aid, and allow refugees to come back with safety, then hear out the Rohingya people’s grievances. 


Sign for Myanmar:




There were violent protests last night at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).


Students are angry at the GT campus police department because an officer shot and killed a student on Saturday night. The shooting was captured on video and was in front of a dorm building.


What happened on Saturday night — the GT police got a 911 call about a person who had a knife and a gun and was walking on a specific area on campus.


When police arrived, they saw student Scout Schultz (21), who was holding something — possibly a swiss army tool — on their side. Scout walked towards an officer, told them to “shoot me,” then walked to another officer. Scout was shot once in the heart and later died in an hospital. 


An investigation showed that Scout had left three suicide notes in a dorm room and was the one who called 911 to report “themselves.” 


Some feel Scout might have wanted the police to shoot them — “suicide by cop.” Many felt the police could have done more to make sure they kept Scout alive and somehow made an arrest using other methods. The GT police do not have stun guns, but have pepper spray. 


Scout was a computer engineering major and the president of the university’s Pride Alliance. Scout identified themselves as “gender non-binary” — neither male or female.


Scout's mother said they had depression and did try to kill themselves two years ago. 


Last night students got together to light candles and give eulogies. 


After the vigil, a group of students veered off to the police headquarters holding a banner that said, “Protect LGBTQ,” and chanted, “This is not okay!” Another banner said, “Fight Back!” 


Suddenly there were clashes between protesters and police officers. Tear gas was launched. Protesters wrestled with police officers. An officer ran after and took down a protester. A police SUV was set on fire. Two officers got minor injures and three people were arrested. 


Scout’s family released a statement saying if people wanted to protest, they should do it peacefully, that violence is not the answer.




Hurricane Maria is now a category 5 hurricane with 160 mph winds. Last night it hit the Caribbean island of Dominica, which has 74,000 people there. Their Prime Minister Skerrit said they have gotten widespread devastation. He said all the roofs of people’s homes, including his own, was ripped off. He said he needs help. Many people there were expecting a C3 storm, but it rapidly intensified into a C5 in a few hours before impact. Terrible and we will see more images and video there as media and other aid organizations gets to the island. 


Hurricane Maria’s eye is still on course to directly impact Puerto Rico starting this early Wednesday morning and it is forecast to crisscross the island with 90+ mph winds. 


This is not good news for Puerto Ricans and people there will only have this afternoon and evening to get themselves to shelter, and they will have to be prepared for destruction and a long recovery. 


I am sharing again a link that lists all the shelters in Puerto Rico’s zones.


I have been in touch with Deaf Puerto Ricans and will ask them for an update after the storm. Hoping for everybody’s safety over there. 


Maria is also forecast to affect the Dominican Republic with the eye passing on its northern shore on Thursday morning. It then might go north and start stalling. 




Yesterday news broke that Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, was wiretapped by the U.S. government/FBI during the presidential campaign.


The FBI started secretly listened in to Manafort’s conversations after he was ousted as campaign manager in August. The FBI had information of some strange connections between people around Trump and Russia. So they got a secret foregin intelligence surveillance (FISA) warrant and started listening to his conversations. 


They did not constantly surveil him, but they have recordings of his conversations with various Russian people. Also, although Manafort was no longer on Trump’s team, he still had conversations with him, and it is possible that the FBI listened on to them. 


The FBI also raided his home in July. The New York Times reported that the FBI did this by picking into his front door lock, while Manafort was in his bed, and took binders and computer files to look for evidence that he had secret offshore bank accounts. Then Special Counsel Mueller warned Manafort that they planned to indict him. 


Manafort was previously investigated by the FBI — starting in 2014 when he worked as a consultant for Ukraine’s former president Yanukovych, who is pro-Russia. But that investigation stopped last year because of a lack of evidence of any wrongdoing. 


We will see what more comes up with Manafort — whether the FBI eventually indicts him or if they will back off again.





An 79-year old man from California, who has hearing loss and is in a wheelchair, was sentenced to life in prison yesterday for murdering his doctor in 2013. The man’s name is Stanwood Elkus.


This murder is from anger stemming from a misdiagnosis in 1992. Stanwood had issues with frequent urination and went to a Veterans Affairs hospital and met with the doctor, Ronald Gilbert.


The doctor said his urethra was narrowed and recommended a surgery to widen it. He was then referred to another doctor who did the surgery. But after the surgery, Stanwood had more issues — incontinence, lower sex drive, and erectile dysfunction. 


Other doctors said he got a misdiagnosis and that the surgery was not even necessary in the first place.


Stanwood later broke up with his girlfriend and blamed it on the doctor. He developed a grudge that lingered for 20 years. Then in 2012, he bought a Glock 21 handgun. 


The next month, on January 2013, he made an appointment with the doctor using a fake name. When the doctor walked into the room, Stanwood shot at his chest and neck 10 times, killing him. 


He then told a nurse that he was insane and for her to call the police. 


The doctor was 52 and had two kids. The day before the shooting, he and his business partner got a $30 million offer to buy his pharmaceutical company.


Stanwood was charged with murder and he pled not guilty by reason of insanity. After a three-week trial in August, the jury deliberated for only 40 minutes and said he was guilty.


Yesterday was the sentencing hearing. When the doctor’s family spoke, Stanwood took off his hearing aids, ignoring them. The family said the world was robbed of a model citizen and that their children was robbed of an amazing father. 


Stanwood put his hearing aids back on when it was the judge’s turn to speak. He heard him say  he’d get life imprisonment.


Glock 21:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 





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