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September 18, 2017


Hurricane Maria Forecast to Make Landfall in Puerto Rico, Four American College Students Attacked With Acid in France, Arizona Man Bitten by Rattlesnake After Showing It Off to Family, Three Killed When Speeding Tour Bus Hits New York City Bus, London Subway Bombing Suspects Arrested, St. Louis Protests Over Judge’s Acquittal of Police Officer Who Shot and Killed Man After Car Chase 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, September 18. Ready for news? 




There is another dangerous hurricane — Hurricane Maria.


It is now Category 3, moving near the Leeward islands. It is forecast to be a Category 4 with 150 mph winds when it approaches Puerto Rico’s eastern side on Wednesday. 


Puerto Rican officials have warned of possible catastrophic damage, a possible collapse of the island’s electrical system, and that people who were in low-lying must leave or die. They say there will be 450 shelters available.


After Puerto Rico, it is forecast to pass above the Dominican Republic on Thursday, then possibly hit the Turks and Caicos on Friday. It doesn't seem it will make landfall in the U.S., as it will go north into the Atlantic.


Now an update with Hurricane Jose — it is now a Category 1 storm with 75 mph winds and is off the mid-atlantic coast of the U.S. It is forecast to hang around the New England coast Wednesday morning and linger there through the week — causing heavy rains, tropical storm winds, and flooding. 


ABC Report:


Maria Weather Channel Forecast:


Jose Weather Channel Forecast:




Yesterday four American college students at a train station in France were doused with acid by a 41-year old woman. The four women were students at Boston College who were studying in Europe. 


Two of them were injured in the face, in the eyes. One of them — student Michelle Krug — posted on her Facebook explaining what happened.


She said all four were treated at a local hospital and will make a quick recovery. She then asked for prayers for the attacker so she can get the help she needs. 


Local police say the attack was not terror-related and that the attacker had a history of mental health issues. 


The four have told media they will continue to study in Europe.


Michelle Facebook Post:


USA Today:




Two weeks ago in Arizona — at a child’s birthday party at a backyard cookout — there was a rattlesnake that slithered into the yard. 


When the father of the child, Victor Pratt (48), saw it — he decided he would show the party how to catch and cook the snake. He somehow grabbed it, then showed the family the snake and posed for pictures while holding it. 


But he lost his grip and the snake bit him on the chest then on the face. Victor said he immediately told others that he had to go to the hospital. He was bitten before when was 19 and he knew it was serious. 


At the hospital, he was immediately sedated, had a tube installed to establish airway, and got 26 doses of antivenom. He was sedated for five days with the tube — because of swelling in the neck could cause him to stop breathing. 


As of last Friday he was still in the hospital. He said he would not play with snakes going forward. 


AZ Central News:


UF Study on Snake Bites:




This morning in Queens, New York City — a tour bus was speeding down a street and t-boned into the back of a city bus as it was turning into the same street.


The driver of the tour bus (49) died. One man on the city bus (55) died. One woman (68) died when she was struck by the collision — she was walking on the sidewalk. 


16 people were injured, six of them critically. 


The tour bus crashed into a restaurant and a T-Mobile store, causing serious damage to the building. 


NYC Mayor de Blasio said he was shocked to see the scene and the destruction, and that it was very painful to see that one person died just because she was walking on the sidewalk.


Investigators saw that the tour bus’ speedometer was at 60 mph. The speed limit on that street is 30 mph. 


NY Daily News Article:




Last Friday in London — a person placed a homemade bomb in a subway car that caused it to fill up with fire and smoke, injuring at least 29 people — fortunately nobody died. Most of the injured got flash burns. 


Police say it was a terrorist attack. The “bomb” was in a bucket that was in a shopping bag. It had a timer and Christmas lights on it, which means it was a bomb designed to detonate. It seems like there was a second, more powerful bomb inside, but it failed to go off. 


Two main suspects were arrested — one 18 and one 21. They are both refugees (one from Iraq and one from Syria) and did stay together at a home of a British foster couple. It appears they entered England several years ago when they were young teenagers.


The foster home has been closed off because of police investigation that has uncovered explosives and weapons inside. 


The 18-year old suspect was arrested Saturday morning when he was waiting to get on a ferry to leave the country.


The 21-year old suspect has been identified by media as Yahyah Farroukah (21). He was living on his own (after staying at the foster home) and worked at a restaurant — he was arrested after his shift.


ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, but it’s not clear if they were in contact with the suspects or if they were inspired by ISIS.




There have been protests in St. Louis for several nights over a judge’s decision to acquit a former police officer for shooting and killing Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. 


What happened then — the police officer, Jason Stockley, was with his partner when they saw Anthony doing a drug deal in his car. When the officers confronted Anthony, he reversed his car into their police SUV and took off. 


The officers chased Anthony for three minutes. During the chase, Stockley said that he was going to kill him. 


When Anthony crashed his car, the police SUV rammed into its back and Stockley immediately got out and approached Anthony, who was still in his car. That’s when Stockley shot at Anthony five times — he said it was because Anthony refused to show his hands and was reaching for something. A search of the car revealed a silver handgun and a bag of heroin.


An investigation showed that the silver handgun had only Stockley’s DNA on it, Anthony’s DNA was on it. Stockley was charged with first-degree murder last year. Prosecutors said the officer planted the gun. 


But on Friday a judge acquitted Stockley, saying there was not enough evidence that he planted the gun or that he wanted to kill Anthony. He also said Stockley was just being emotional when he said he would kill Anthony. 


This sparked street protests for several nights now that has seen over 80 people arrested. Most of the protests seem to be peaceful, but there have been property damage, mostly during nighttime after the majority of protesters had left. 


Hopefully the protests can end peacefully. There are still a lot of people who are angry about police shooting.

Roland Martin Video:


Video of Chase:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 


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