Deaf Business Spotlight: Early Eagle Movers

September 15, 2017


ALEX: Hello! Today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is… Early Eagle Movers. It’s a company owned by Eric Carlson and they serve in the D.C. Metro and north Virginia area. Check it out!


ARLENE: Hello! I’m Arlene Ngalle, I’m a community curator with Convo. I’m here with a Deaf business owner of a moving company. It’s called Early Eagle Movers. Ready to meet them?


ERIC: Hello everyone. My name is Eric, and I’ve had this moving company since 2011. The business is named Early Eagle Movers.


MARTY: Hi, I’m Marty Blomquist [name sign M-J]. I work with Eric in strategizing loading and unloading items.


I love this job because I can communicate as a Deaf person to another Deaf person in moving. I’ve worked with hearing people and they’ve learned signs, like numbers “1, 2, and 3” for rooms. Also, “bathroom”, “basement”, and other revelant things. They’ve usually been eager to learn while we work together.


ERIC: This should take us less than 2 hours.


The shape of this couch makes it difficult to move it out of the house. Some are “L” shaped. We park the truck out front for easy departure. Sometimes it takes a bit more time to strategize things.


Every new business requires lots of spending to start it up. For mine, it didn’t require much. We just needed a dolly to start with, so that’s nice. I love the job. It’s good exercise and I make my own schedules. The pros are many.


Sometimes it’s tricky to set things up so you’re being more efficient with time.


ARLENE: One cool thing I’ve learned about Early Eagle Movers is that if they get hearing customers, they’ll teach them basic signs. For example, “garage”, “basement”, and for floors, number “1”,“2”, and “3”. And also “bedroom”, and the numbers for bedroom. Those are some of the signs they do.


ERIC: We’re done earlier than expected, so that’s nice.


People can contact us for appointments by going to They can fill out the form that’ll ask for the date and time (morning, afternoon, or evening) of service. They’ll also include their current and destination addresses. I will then contact them for a confirmation and for a time agreement. From there, we can start the next day (if they have an appointment.) We can also do it last minute.


ALEX: That’s nice! If you’re in the D.C. area and you need help with moving, you can contact them via


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