Deaf Business Spotlight: Jazmyne Huerta Photography

September 8, 2017




ALEX: Hello, today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is…. Jazmyne Huerta Photography & Photobooth. She has both deaf and hearing clients and works in the Southern California area. Check it out!




MELISSA: Hello, this is Melissa Yingst! The South California Community Curator. I’m here with Jazmyne of Jazmyne Huerta Photography & Photobooth. She is doing a photoshoot with a newborn baby! I’m looking forward to see how she does it.


JAZMYNE: Hello, I’m Jazmyne. I’m a photographer.


I learned photography from the internet, so I am self-taught. I also went to National Technical Institute for the Deaf to do more studies there.


I love photography because you can explain and show things with emotion.


I really fell into it because I enjoyed it. I meet a lot of people from different cultures. It’s inspiring. Then I decided to set up a photobooth so that both photography and photobooth can be merged.


As a Deaf person, I wanted to own a business to be on equal footing with hearing peers. I did it because I can! It’s important to have passion. If you have it, you can do it.


EVEYLN: Jazmyne is very patient, nice, and really takes beautiful pictures. She’s an amazing photographer.


YESENIA: She has a lot of patience, especially with kids. She’s very good with them, and I like that. I appreciate that.


NAPOLEON: It’s a different experience with a hearing photographer. I can communicate with Jazmyne easily. I feel like it’s better.


JAZMYNE: My advice to those who want to become photographers to go to school, teach yourself, or to ask me for help.


My goal is to keep the photobooth going, but maybe have my own studio for photography. Possibly behind my home. This would be great for families, babies, models, and many other things.




ALEX: Nice! You can see how Jazmyne connects with her clients during private photography sessions, and she also knows how to party with the photo booths during big events and gatherings.


Her Facebook and Instagram has many more pictures and samples of her work, follow her @JazmyneHuertaPhotography.


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