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September 8, 2017



Deadly Hurricane Irma Severely Damages Structures in Caribbean Island, Headed for South Florida, NFL Season Opener and Trending Topics, Senate Passes Harvey Aid Legislation, Update with Deaf Man Arrested by San Diego Police Over Parking Tickets 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, September 7. Ready for news? 




The islands of Barbuda, St. Martin, St. Barthelemy, Anguilla, and the British Virgin Islands were directly hit by Category 5 Hurricane Irma as it roared through with winds up to 185 mph. 


In this image, the eyewall of Irma, where the most powerful winds are, can be seen passing directly over Barbuda. Below Barbuda you can see the outline of the island of St. Martin, which was also hard-hit.


Barbuda’s PM Gaston Browne, after flying over Barbuda, said 95% of the buildings on the island are almost completely destroyed and 50% of people there are now homeless. At least 10 people, including a young child (2 years old), have died. That number is expected to increase. Parts of the island are severely flooded.


The British island of Anguilla was also impacted with at least one person dead. Government officials said roads are blocked, the hospital is damaged, and there is no electricity — and that they need help. 


St. Martin’s airport, well-known for attracting tourists with its unique runway backing to a beach, was severely damaged. See those twitter images:




Wow, there’s broken windows, water inside of the terminal, furniture scattered everywhere, torn jet bridges, and various leaves or sand scattered all over the tarmac. The beach area has two boats on it. It’s a scene of devastation.


St. Barthelemy also reported damage, but not as severe as Barbuda. 


There are deaf people living on the islands — I hope to be able to reach out to them. If you can help me connect to them, email me on Moth Facebook or 


Now back to Hurricane Irma — it caused some wind and water damage to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Almost 70% of homes in PR are without power. 


I reached out to a Puerto Rican, Jorge Santiago — he is the president of the state association of interpreters for the Deaf (RISPRI). 


He said the metropolitan area (San Juan area) did not have major structural damages, but there were a few fallen trees and branches here and there. He said areas close to rivers outside the metro area had a greater risk of flooding and are still getting reports from the government.


He said 70% of the island is out of power, mostly because of preventive measures since Puerto Rico is an island  — he said they have to self-generate electricity and can't have a transfer from another state. The state-run islandwide electric company is still assessing the power grid and lines.


I also reached out to Jesica Rodriguez, who owns a business making soap and skincare products (she was featured on a previous Deaf Business Spotlight - JeZoe). 


[Video Interview] 


It is a relief to know that Puerto Rico was not directly impacted by Irma’s eye, and hopefully the rest of the island will be able to quickly recover from the storm.


As I sign this news, Hurricane Irma is now churning above the Dominican Republic and moving through the Turks and Caicos and eastern Bahamas with wind speeds of 175 mph, still a Cat. 5 storm. 


It is expected to start approaching South Florida on Saturday, with possible landfall on Sunday morning. It seems like the eye will go up through Miami, back to the Atlantic, and then hit Northern Florida-Georgia-South Carolina. 


Parts of South Florida are already in mandatory evacuation orders. Over 600,000 from the Miami-Dade county, mostly areas close to the beach and low lying areas, were ordered to leave.


There are concerns about 25 construction cranes along Miami Beach — they were only designed to withstand wind speeds of 145 mph. There is not enough time to take them down before Irma hits — and the plan is to let them rotate with the winds (because if it is tied down, it could break easier). Some say it might make the cranes spin and will threaten buildings nearby. 


Some areas have run out of gas so the Florida governor directed Florida police to escort fuel tankers as they travel to gas stations. 


It looks like a sunny day there today, but that will change very fast this weekend. 


People in Florida, please keep following local news, prepare for the storm by protecting your home and stocking up on supplies, and be ready to evacuate if there is a order. The main concerns for Florida are wind damage and flooding from the rain and a storm surge of up to 10 feet. Georgia and South Carolina are also making preparations for possible impact. 


Hurricane Jose, now a Category 2 storm (85 mph winds), is now moving towards the same area of Caribbean islands that were impacted by Irma. It is forecast to become stronger in the next 48 hours, possibly a Category 3, and is expected to affect the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico by Saturday, then possibly shift northwards and away from the U.S. — but the path is not certain as it is unpredictable. 




[Transcript] Hello! Are you ready for NFL season opener tonight? Kansas City Chiefs will play at New England Patriots and the game starts at 8:30 PM EST. Who do you guys think will win tonight? 


Now, I want to discuss on few trending topics before the season begins. 


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Miami Dolphins game was rescheduled on Week 11 due to Hurricane Irma. Both of these teams will play all of 16 games without any rest — some reports say that players and coaches on these teams rather that and said that it's not a big deal to miss the game as opposed to leaving their family behind and worrying about them. They will use this bye week to heal up from the hurricane.


I am curious on what it'll be like for Tom Brady in his 40's now. He will play in his 18th NFL season. His wife Gisele Bundchen told CBS in an interview regarding to her concerns of Brady keeps playing in an aggressive sport. She said that Brady had a concussion last summer. That started an investigation by NFL and NFLPA because Brady was never listed as getting a concussion injury, but that investigation ended with no wrongdoing found. Other than that, Brady does have a high chance to enter his 8th Super Bowl with Patriots after the team made several big moves in the offseason.


Who would be the top rookies to watch out for this year? I’d say watch out for Leonard Fournette (Jacksonville Jaguars), Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers), Dalvin Cook (Minnesota Vikings), Joe Mixon (Cincinnati Bengals).  


I am sure that many of you heard that something terrible happened to Seattle Seahawks' Defensive End, Michael Bennett after the Mayweather and McGregor fight at Las Vegas. He left the casino with his friends, and while they’re heading back to the hotel, Michael and his friends heard the gunshots so they ran for cover but officers confronted them and ordered Michael to get on the ground. The next command for Michael was not to move or anything while one police officer pointed his gun at Michael and warned him that if he moved, he will get his head blown up. Then, a second officer came and forcefully jammed his knee into his back and that caused Bennett to have difficulty breathing, then the police handcuffed him so tight that Michael’s fingers went numb. 


Police put him in squad car for around ten minutes until he was released — after they realized who he was. Bennett said he was really scared for his life. Last Wednesday, Michael Bennett decided to write a letter on Twitter and that shocked the world with the terrible incident. Michael Bennett have hired a lawyer and they are working on a lawsuit.  


The Las Vegas Police Department said that they were responding to a call of battery and assault with a gun that had turned into an active shooter situation, and they believed Bennett may have been involved so they pursued him. *UPDATES:


Ex- San Fransisco 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned after he opted-out of his contract after last season to see the options in free agency — but he ended up with no team being interested in him so far. The reason is probably because of his well known activism of kneeling during the national anthem in NFL games due to race-related issues around the country. There are some players like Richard Sherman, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and others that supports Kaepernick and thinks he should be signed because he is good player and much better than any other free agents, that he has done nothing wrong to not be signed.


Dallas Cowboys’ star running back, Ezekiel Elliott was suspended by the NFL for six games for violating their Personal Conduct Policy based on allegations of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend in Ohio last year. Elliott has denied the accusations and appealed. But the NFL on Tuesday night still said Ezekiel must be suspended. So Elliott has appealed this case to federal court in Texas, seeking to block the NFL’s suspension. The judge will make a decision tomorrow (Friday). The NFL will allow Elliott to play for the Cowboys’ first game on this Sunday. If the federal judge sides with the NFL, Elliott will be suspended for the Cowboys’ next six games. Either way, Elliott plans to sue the NFL, saying their internal investigation process is flawed.


That's all for now, enjoy your weekend!




The Senate passed legislation that will give $15.2 billion to survivors of Harvey and a short-term extension of the government’s funding and borrowing limit in a 80-17 vote. This proposal was first pitched to President Trump yesterday by Democratic leaders and approved by Trump. 

The House will vote on this bill on Friday. It will give $450 million to the Small Business Authority disaster loan plan, $7.4 billion to housing grants, and $7.4 billion to the FEMA (this portion was approved in a House vote yesterday). 


If it passes, it’ll go to Trump’s desk to become law. Sen. Ted Cruz (R) Texas said he was pleased with the aid, but said this $15 billion will not be enough to cover all the costs, because estimates say the total damage from Harvey is over $100 billion. He said Congress is committed to meeting additional needs in the months ahead. 




[Transcript] A couple weeks ago I posted news about a deaf man from Southern California, Jeffrey Robinson (48), who was arrested in San Diego after Jeffrey had a disagreement with a parking ticket officer who ticketed his car for parking in a commercial zone. Jeffrey was pepper-sprayed by the parking officer and arrested by two officers and a security guard who put him down on a sidewalk. 


In that news report, I said Jeffrey was charged with two misdemeanors — obstruction and battery. That information was based on San Diego KGTV 10 News. 


But Jeffrey’s lawyer, Daryl Crouse, recently contacted me and explained that even though Jeffrey was arrested and placed in jail, he was never charged. He has also explained more of Jeffrey’s side and it has some concerning information about how police treated him. Here is a video. 


[This is not a transcription of Daryl’s video comments, but they are almost identical with a statement that Daryl provided to The Daily Moth. Below are excerpts: 


First, San Diego County District Attorney (SDCDA), as the prosecuting agency for the San Diego Police and San Diego County Sheriff Department (SDCSD), filed no charges against Mr. Robinson.


Second, the SDCSD detained without communication and humiliated Mr. Robinson for three days with no explanation for his detainment. At no point while detained at the jail did the SDCSD provide a qualified Sign Language interpreter to communicate with Mr. Robinson. 


The SDCSD humiliated and intimidated Mr. Robinson by refusing to provide clothing. The SDCSD forced Mr. Robinson to wear a single disposable paper hospital gown. This tactic may sound familiar, because this is one of the same tactics former Sheriff Joe Arpaio used to humiliate and demean people held under his custody. 


There are many questions that need to be answered about the incident, however, the above facts correct the record and provide further context to the injustice Mr. Robinson endured. 


[End Video] 


Alex: Thank you, Daryl for explaining that Jeffrey was not charged and about the treatment he received in the jail — wearing the hospital gown for two days and getting no interpreters. 


The San Diego police did tell news two weeks ago that Jeffrey was the one who was aggressive, slapping the hand of the parking officer. But Daryl said Jeffrey has said he did not escalate the situation. Daryl is now investigating the incident while focusing on the treatment he got in jail. 


San Diego 10 News:




That is all for today. Check out the Deaf Business Spotlight tomorrow. Follow the Daily Moth on Facebook for the latest news. Stay with the light! 

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