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September 5, 2017


Irma Category 5 Storm, Puerto Rico Prepares, Trump Administration Ends DACA Program and Punts it to Congress, Putin Talks Artificial Intelligence as Elon Musk Warns of Robot Soldiers and World War III, TSD Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, and Austin Deaf Club Sends Donated Items




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, September 5. Ready for news? 




Hurricane Irma is now a Category 5 storm with winds up to 185 mph. Just yesterday morning it was a Category 3. Irma is now the strongest hurricane ever in the Atlantic outside of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. 


It is now on track to pass near the Leeward Islands tonight/overnight. It will then continue towards Puerto Rico tomorrow with potential wind speeds above 170 mph. That is a very dangerous and powerful storm. 


The government of Puerto Rico has declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard as the island’s 3.4 million residents make last-minute preparations to brace themselves from Irma’s impact. There is a list of shelters in different zones where people can go to if their homes are not safe or prone to flooding. 




After that it is expected to pass near Dominican Republic/Haiti on Thursday morning, and we’ll have to keep looking at forecasts for the exact path as it is poised to threaten islands in the Caribbean sea and the state of Florida. 


The Florida Keys (Monroe County) are now issuing mandatory evacuation orders for visitors — they must leave at sunrise tomorrow morning. Residents will be evacuated later. Schools there will be closed starting tomorrow. Local government offices and parks will also be closed and hospitals are making preparations to evacuate patients. 


Elsewhere in Florida people are already buying supplies and filling up their gas. 


UPDATE: Most schools in South Florida will be closed Thursday in preparation for Hurricane Irma. The Miami Dolphins won’t play their home opener. 


There is another tropical storm — Jose — that is now starting to form in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between South America and Africa. It now has 40 mph winds. 


Keep on monitoring the news to see updates. 




This morning the Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Trump administration would move to rescind the DACA (Dreamers) program, which could remove protections from deportation for 800,000 undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as minors. 


Congress will now have six months — up to March 5 — to craft and pass legislation to replace the program. 


Current immigrants with DACA permits (which last 2 years) will be able to stay until they expire. If their DACA permits are set to expire before March 5, they can apply for another extension, but must do by October 5. Starting today no new DACA applications will be accepted. 


Sessions said Obama, in 2012, was unconstitutional when he implemented the program because he used executive authority while going around Congress. 


He said the U.S. must enforce a limit of immigrants entering the U.S. — and that we can’t admit everybody that wants to come here. 


The Trump administration acted to end the DACA program now because several other states, led by Texas, had threatened to sue to dismantle the DACA program — the deadline was today. Many believe the DACA program would have been struck down in courts. 


Now it will be up to Congress to figure out what to do with the DACA program, if they can even come to an agreement. 


Obama criticized Trump on Facebook saying it was wrong for him to target young people who did nothing wrong — that it was self-defeating and cruel. 


Republicans have given mixed signals, with some supporting ending the DACA program while some have criticized Trump for breaking America’s promises to DACA recipients and punishing people for crimes they did not do. 


Democrat leaders called Trump a coward, cruel, and heartless. 


President Trump is content to send the issue to Capital Hill — as he tweeted this early morning saying, “Congress, get ready to do your job - DACA!” 


We’ll see what happens the next six months. 




Russian President Putin recently made a prediction on which country will rule the world in the future — it is whichever country that becomes the leader in A.I. - artificial intelligence technology. Putin is predicting a future in which countries will use swarms of drones and cyber weapons to fight one another. He said AI has many benefits but also many threats. 


Currently, China and the U.S. are leaders in developing AI weapon technology — with several other countries, including Russia, trying to catch up. 


Elon Musk tweeted that he thinks competition between countries for AI superiority will cause World War 3. 


He and and over 100 other technology leaders predict AI will be the next “wave” in weapons with the previous two gunpowder and nuclear weapons. They have called the United Nations to develop new regulations on AI weapons — suggesting an outright ban on robots that have weapons on them. 


AI and robot weapons are already here. In this image you can see a U.S. marine with a small remote-controlled tank with a machine gun on top of it. South Korea has already installed border robot turrets the can identify and fire at targets (but they have to be authorized by human operators). 


Many blame the U.S. for using drone strikes to bomb locations in the Middle East for sparking the race to develop “robot killers.” 


Technology leaders say we don’t have much time — they say once the “Pandora’s box is opened” — once AI weapons are out there — it will be hard to close.




The Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) said they had around 140 students and their families who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Yesterday they sent buses to the Houston area to pick up students — most of them missed the first week of school last week because of the flooding. 


They have started fundraising to support those students and families and are accepting donations for new clothes, personal items, and school supplies.


Yesterday Convo announced that they and other Deaf-owned businesses (including The Daily Moth) have come together to contribute over $6,000 to the fund. Nice! 


You can support TSD by going to the link in the transcript.


TSD is not the only organization in Austin that’s helping — the Austin Association of the Deaf (the Austin Deaf club) recently had a local drive where people donated various items at the club. 


Volunteer Molly Sachs explained that many volunteers worked to either collect or pick up donations in the Austin area and sorted it. They even got donations from out of state. See this group picture of the volunteers (not all of them are in the picture).  


A Deaf-owned business, Mow4You, owned by Cesar Rocha, rented a large trailer to bring them to Houston. Other trailers were also loaded up. 


They were delivered to a deaf church in Houston (Woodhaven Baptist Deaf Church), who will distribute it to other locations in the area. Wonderful. 


There is another fundraising link for Deaf survivors, link is in transcript:


There are several other Deaf organizations and churches from the U.S. who have also made donations, you can see some inspiring pictures and updates on the Deaf Hurricane Harvey Survivors FB page. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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