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August 25, 2017


White House to Issue Guidelines on Transgender Military Ban, Video Shows High School Cheerleading Coach Physically Forcing Students to Do Painful Splits, Ocean City Investigators Release Report on Woman Who Died in Hole on Beach, Hurricane Harvey Heads Towards Texas Coast, Obamacare in All Counties, Mass. Woman Wins $758 Powerball Jackpot, and Deaf Singer Mandy Harvey Advances on AGT 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, August 24. Ready for news? 




Remember last month when President Trump announced via twitter that his administration would ban transgender people from entering and serving in the military? Now the White House has clearly outlined the rules.


Sec. of Defense Mattis can remove transgender people from the military if he considers a soldier unable to deploy — he will evaluate their ability to serve in a war zone, participate in exercises, or if they can live for months on a ship. 


The Pentagon will bar transgender people from becoming service members and will stop current medical treatments for transgender soldiers. 


The new rules will be effective within six months. 


Previous President Obama had allowed transgender people to openly serve in the military and to provide government medical care for “gender dysphoria” — which is when a person feels a conflict between one’s biological / assigned gender and their gender identity. 


But now with the Trump administration in power, the U.S. military will be closing it off from transgender people and possibly removing already-serving transgender soldiers. 




Local news in Denver released a video of a high school cheerleading coach forcing students to do splits during cheer camp in June. 


The video shows cheerleaders forcing an incoming freshman and other students into a split position by holding her arms up and pulling her legs. The coach, Ozell Williams, shifts the student so her weight is pushing down on her hips. The student cry out for them to please stop, but the exercise continues. 


Parents of the students say they contacted the school, East High School in June and sent them the video clips, but it appears the school did not do anything. 


The video clip was sent to local news this month, the report was recently released. Now the Denver Police department and the school superintendent are starting investigations. 


The coach, assistant coach, high school principal, assistant principal, and a counsel are now on leave during the investigation. 


The coach is well known in Colorado for his ability to tumble and has performed for college football games and for the Denver Broncos. It was supposed to be his first year coaching the team. 


There are many who has criticized the coach and the school for allowing this kind of exercise that could cause injury, for pushing students to go through pain and ignoring their requests to stop.




Remember when a woman died in Ocean City, Maryland by “drowning” in sand? The police and authorities there have completed their investigation and they say they don’t know how the hole collapsed — that only the woman, Ashley O’Connor (30), knows. 


Before she died, she was walking alone on the beach around 2 a.m. She had alcohol in her system, levels that are higher than the driving limit. She sat in a hole that was 3 1/2 feet deep and somehow, the sand collapsed around her. 


She was found buried 1 1/2 feet deep with her hand extending out of the surface by a passerby. 


They say the hole could have collapsed by her entering the hole, or by sitting in it, or by a maintenance tractor driving in the area.  


Police are alerting people again that holes in the sand are dangerous and for people to not underestimate the weight of sand — as five gallons of sand is more than 63 pounds.




A tropical storm (now upgraded to a hurricane) named Harvey is now in the Gulf of Mexico, moving towards the Texas coast, and weather reporters warn it is likely to turn into a strong hurricane when it hits Texas and Louisiana this Friday night. Some say it could be a category 3 hurricane with 115 mph winds. 


Some local governments along the coast are saying people need to be prepared to evacuate, telling people who live on low-lying areas to go to higher ground. The Texas governor Abbott have already declared disaster for 30 counties to make more state resources available. 


The National Hurricane Center is warning people that there could be flooding with 20 to 25 inches of rain in the area this weekend and next week, and some areas could see 3 feet of rain if the hurricane is slow-moving.


Those on the coast should be prepared and keep looking at local government announcements for updates. There are already many homes and businesses filling up sandbags to protect against water damage. 




In 2018, every U.S. country will offer Obamacare/Affordable Care Act insurance. In recent months there were reports that 82 counties in various states was on the verge of not having any ACA insurance option due to insurance companies pulling out with the hardest-hit states being Nevada and Ohio, but that gap has since closed with recent companies agreeing to offer plans. 


But many counties are still “weak,” because there are over 1,400 counties offering just one insurance option for ACA coverage. 


But there is still a lot of uncertainty with the future of Obamacare/ACA with the unpredictable Trump administration and struggles within Congress to have consensus on its future. 


Premiums could increase by over 15% for 2018. 




Today a Massachusetts woman came forward to claim her winning Powerball lottery ticket for $758.7 million. 


Her name is Mavis Wanczyk (53) and she bought her ticket yesterday and her numbers matched last night’s drawing — 6, 7, 16, 23, and the Powerball number 4. Mavis said she chose the numbers based on her family’s birthdays. 


She bought her ticket at a Pride gas store in Chicopee. The store owner will get $50,000 and he plans to donate it to charity. 


Prior to last night’s drawing, there were 20 straight days without a winner, pushing up the prize amount. 


Mavis said she will not go back to work and will retire, that winning the ticket is her pipe dream (fantasy) came true. 


She has two options — get the $758 million in yearly installments for 29 years ($26 million a year) or get a one-time lump sum of $443 million after taxes.




That’s all for today. Be sure to check out the Deaf Business Spotlight tomorrow! Also be sure to follow Moth Facebook for the latest posts. Have a wonderful weekend and stay with the light. 

















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