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August 23, 2017



Back to Studio, Navy Accident Updates, Trump’s Rally in Phoenix, Hillary Clinton Recounts 2nd Presidential Debate in New Book, ESPN Criticized for Reassigning Reporter With Same Name as Confederate General Lee, Kyrie Irving Traded to Celtics, Deaf Woman Sings During Live Shows on AGT, and Deaf Man Pepper-Sprayed, Tased, and Arrested by San Diego Police 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, August 23, and I’m back here in the studio. 


Yesterday I posted on Facebook a feature video of the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind and their Deaf superintendent Dr. Martin Keller, Jr. 


I hope you enjoyed watching that, if you haven't seen it yet, check it out on either Daily Moth FB or YouTube.  


Ready for news? 




Update with the 10 missing sailors from the Navy ship collision with an oil tanker on Monday — some of the remains have been found. They were in flooded compartments that were damaged. 


They’ve identified one of the sailors who died — Jacob Drake, from Ohio. 


The search efforts are still ongoing. 


The Navy said the ship reported a loss of steering around three minutes before the incident, but it appears the ship could have done other activities to avoid the collision. We’ll see what the investigation finds about what caused it to crash.


The ship’s name is the USS McCain, named after Sen. John McCain’s father and grandfather — they were Navy admirals.


The Navy will be removing/firing the Vice Admiral of the 7th Fleet (based in Japan) — Joseph Aucoin. 


It is the Navy’s tradition to dismiss commanders if their superiors lose confidence in their leadership. 


There have been four major accidents in this year: Monday’s accident, a June 17 collision between a destroyer USS Fitzgerald and a freight ship (killing 7 sailors), another accident in May between a Navy ship and a fishing boat, and a Navy ship ran aground near its port in Japan in January. 


So those incidents led to the removal of the commander, but he was already slated to retire in September.




Last night President Trump gave a speech at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona. There were many Trump supporters that filled up a convention center, but there were also many anti-Trump protesters outside. Police had to divide the two for hours before the rally, and continued to work after the rally to disperse the protesters. 


Trump’s speech was over an hour long. Here’s some highlights. 


Trump said removing Confederate statues was “them” trying to take away our history and our heritage.


About the border and immigration — Trump continued to promise to get money to build a wall, but didn’t say that Mexico would pay for it. 


Trump hinted that he would, in the future, pardon former Phoenix-area sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was charged with contempt of court for refusing to stop his controversial tactics targeting suspected undocumented immigrants (often based on their appearances). An Obama administration Dept. of Justice review found that he was discriminatory. Trump said Arpaio was doing his job.  


Trump criticized two of Arizona’s Republican senators — McCain for not supporting the healthcare bill and Flake for being weak on law enforcement and immigration. Flake had recently published a book saying Republicans must separate themselves from Trump. In response to that, Trump had targeted Flake by supporting his opponent for the upcoming 2018 elections. 


Trump said he would probably terminate the NAFTA trade deal with Canada and Mexico. There are negotiations between the three countries right now, but Trump says he doubts there can be a new deal. 


Trump said the media was unfair to him about the Charlottesville attack — he said he did criticize neo-nazis, white supermacists, and the KKK. He repeated his earlier statements, but did not include the part where he said the violence and hate came on “many sides.”


Trump said Fox News treats him fairly. likes Hannity, and the “Fox and Friends” morning show. 


That’s the highlights of his speech — and Trump will likely continue to provide campaign style speeches in various states as he continues to appeal to his base of supporters. 


Today he gave a speech at an American Legion (a veterans advocacy organization) convention. He had a different, softer tone, saying it is time to heal the wounds that divide us, that we are one people with one home and one flag. 


So it was two different speeches with different tones. 




Hillary Clinton is writing a book about her presidential campaign loss called, “What Happened.” 


Today she released a excerpt and it talked about the second presidential debate in October, the one where Trump kept on closely standing behind Hillary when she was debating. 


That debate was only a few days after the leak of the 2005 “Access Hollywood” video showing Trump bragging about being able to grab women by their p—— because he was a star.


Hillary said during the debate — when Trump was standing behind her, tracking her movements — that her skin crawled and she had an idea in her head at the time to say, “back up, you creep, get away from me.” But she didn’t do that and said she gripped her microphone harder to keep her composure. 


She said now looking back she thinks it would have been better if she actually turned around and confronted Trump and told him to back up. 


But that didn’t happen — Hillary stayed focused on her statements during the debate, ignoring Trump. Imagine if that happened, how do you think Trump would have reacted? 


The book will be released September 12 and it will discuss a lot more of her campaign against Trump and the various mistakes she made in losing to him. 




ESPN is getting a lot of attention and criticism for moving a college football game announcer from a upcoming University of Virginia (in Charlottesville) football game to another game because his name is Robert Lee — the same name of the Confederate general whose removal of his statue in Charlottesville sparked the protests two weeks ago. 


ESPN said they did this because of the tragic events in Charlottesville and the coincidence of his name. Lee will instead announce the Pittsburgh vs Youngstown State game. 


Many criticized ESPN, saying this was oversensitive and bowing to liberals. 


What do you think? 


This is the latest development related to the Charlottesville protests and removing Confederate statues. 




Hello! My name is James Doolittle Jr. I am thrilled to be back with The Daily Moth to give you sports news. Now, I am sure that you all heard about the shocking trade between Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. The Cleveland Cavaliers will give their four-time All Star point guard and 2016 NBA Finals hero to Boston Celtics for a blockbuster deal. 


The Boston Celtics is giving away their  starting point guard, Isiah Thomas and other players like Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and Brooklyn Nets’ 2018 first round pick (owned by Boston). 


The Cleveland Cavilers had to look for trade through this summer for Kyrie Irving’s sake after he requested a trade by this summer to the Cleveland’s owner, Dan Gilbert. Kryie told him that he wants to get more role in offense but not only that, he also said that he doesn’t want to team up with LeBron James anymore. 


After the trade, LeBron James tweeted his reaction and a farewell letter to Kyrie Irving saying that he has nothing but respect for his three-year teammate, Kyrie Irving. 


Kyrie Irving is thrilled to be with Celtics, and Boston plans to re-sign him. 


All of this happened last night and it has shocked the league, players and fans with mixed feelings. Some thought it was a good thing, but some were disappointed in this trade.




Last night Deaf woman Mandy Harvey sang during the live competitions on “America’s Got Talent.” 


She sang with a ukulele and had words projected on a screen behind her. Mandy is a late-deafened person, lost her hearing at 18.


The judges seemed very positive about her performance. The judges and the audience did the “Deaf applause.” 


Judge Howie Mandel signed, “vote!”


Fans voted for her starting last night and the voting is over. We’ll see if she advances on tonight’s live show. 


She did an interview with Tru Biz — she said for her next performance, if she advances, she hopes to sing and sign at the same time.


Tru Biz:


Full Song:




Near San Diego, California — a Deaf man was arrested by San Diego Police on Monday afternoon because he was illegally parked in a commercial loading zone. 


His name is Jeffrey Robinson (48). 


A woman who works at a clothing resale store at the site of the arrest explained what happened to local news: She said Jeffrey came into the store to sell her shoes, communicating through pen and paper. 


When he looked back — he saw that his car was being ticketed. He ran outside and apparently tried to speak to the parking officer. 


The store owner said within two minutes, the parking officer pepper-sprayed the man in the face. 


Two more officers and a security guard arrived. One of them took him to the floor and used a taser on the man. 


The store owner said she screamed, “he is deaf! he is deaf!” 


The store owner said she and other customers tried to pour water in his eyes, but said it didn’t help, so they went to a restaurant to get milk to stop the burning from the pepper spray. 


The San Diego police department pointed the blame to Jeffrey — saying he was aggressive, slapped the parking officer’s hand away, crumpled the ticket and threw it to her, and pounded on the window of the officer’s car — leading to the pepper spray and request for backup officers. 


They said when the officers arrived, one of them used a taser because Jeffrey was going through something in his trunk, which looked threatening to them. 


The police department say their officers do undergo training on how to interact with deaf people — that this arrest was not a communication issue but about a person becoming angry over a parking ticket. 


Jeffrey is currently in jail with two misdemeanors — obstruction and battery. 


Local SD Man’s Facebook Post:


Local News:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 























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