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August 11, 2017




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It’s Friday, August 11. There was no news yesterday — what happened? I’m in Canada (Ontario) with my wife’s family. Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday — she is now 1. I had hoped to post some news, but the birthday party lasted all day and night! 


Now here’s some news — and then I’ll make some announcements after. 




The U.S. relations with Cuba is now strained because of a report that someone in Cuba used a sonic device to send dangerous, undetected levels of noise towards U.S. diplomats who were working and staying at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba. 


That embassy was re-opened in 2015 after Obama pushed for better relations with Cuba. During the fall of 2016, five diplomats and their spouses went to the embassy to work — and  stayed in housing provided by Cubans. It was during this time that they were exposed to this sonic device — and they had various symptoms, including hearing loss — so they cancelled their tours early and went back to the U.S. for treatment. Some of them have permanent hearing loss and wear hearing aids. 


After an investigation, U.S. officials said they were exposed to this sonic device that was either inside or outside of their homes. It could have been done by Cubans, or another country, such as Russia. It is not clear why this sonic weapon was used. 


Because of this, the U.S. expelled two Cuban diplomats from the Cuban embassy in Washington, D.C. in May. 


Last night, the Cuban government said they have never permitted and will never permit their land to be used for any action/attack against diplomats and their families. They said they found out about this on February 17 and have been doing an investigation. They also are opposed to the U.S. expelling the two diplomats, saying it was baseless to expel them for that reason. 


It’s called a “bizarre” incident and has brought up discussion of the history of harassment on both Cuban and U.S. diplomats against each other. 


If this goes on, then the U.S. better start hiring Deaf diplomats — we are immune to that sonic device! 




Updates with President Trump


1 - President Trump yesterday declared the opioid crisis a “national emergency” from his vacation at a golf club in New Jersey. Declaring it a emergency can provide more government money and personnel dedicated to addressing addiction and treatment. A report says more than 100 Americans die every day from drug overdoses. 


2 - Trump criticized the Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, for not passing the repeal/replacement of Obamacare after 7 years. He told him to get back to work to put various bills on his desk for signing, saying he could do it. This is Trump’s latest criticism of a high-profile Republican, his target before was Attorney General Jeff Sessions. That’s his leadership style — to pressure people via Twitter. 


3 - Trump tweeted that for North Korea, military solutions are fully in place, locked and loaded, ready if they acted unwisely. Trump said he hopes Kim Jong Un will find another path. 




On August 21 it will be the total solar eclipse. A lot of people are excited about seeing it — remember that you can experience the most darkness if you’re in a 70-mile path from Oregon to South Carolina — and there’s been a lot of information about eye safety and wearing special glasses. 


Those special glasses can be bought at various stores or online — they should have a designation that says “ISO 12312-2” — and be sure that it’s not a fake. Do check if the company is reputable. I’ve included a link below in the transcript so you can check. 


The eclipse will last for less than 2 minutes. The glasses are when the eclipse is moving, as the sun is still bright and dangerous to look at. But when the sun is blocked by the moon and it’s dark, you can look at it without the glasses, but be careful because when the moon moves, you’ll need to protect your eyes again. 


If you’re in Oregon, there will be eclipse events at Camp Taloali (where the YLC camp is hosted). You can find more information on their website, linked below.




Remember the HBO hack in which a group of hackers stole various HBO episodes and scripts for future Game of Thrones episodes and demanded a $6 million payment or they would release more files? HBO has offered them $250,000 and asked for an extension in the deadline.


We’ll see if the hackers will accept this money or if they’ll continue to threaten HBO with releasing more things. Cyberattacks has been a big problem for various companies and political parties.




That’s all the news for this morning. 


Tonight I am going to Toronto to give a speech at their Deaf Culture Centre and interact with over 100 Deaf people. Looking forward to it. I’ll post a picture on FB tonight. 


I’ll be off the grid (no internet) all of next week because I’m going up north to be on a one-week vacation.


There will be no Moth news next week. There will be various previous Moth videos posted, though.


But there will be Deaf Business Spotlights today and next Friday — Convo will be taking over for those, I think you’ll enjoy what they will do. 


I’ll be back with news on Monday, August 21 and back to the studio on August 22. 


Have a wonderful weekend and week, and… stay with the light! 




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