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August 9, 2017




Correction#1: Today is a Tuesday, not a Monday. Oh boy.


Correction #2: The 5-minute video did not have a person speaking in it. Instead, it was a video with scrolling text from a "Mr. Smith."



North Korea Has Mini Nuclear Warhead Capabilities, Australian Teenager Bit by Sand Fleas in Ocean, HBO Hackers Threaten Release of Additional Information While Demanding $6 Million, Phoenix Woman Sentenced to Death for Murdering 10-Year Old Cousin, and Google Fires Engineer For Writing “Discriminatory” Memo About Company Diversity Initiatives   




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is *Monday, August 8. Ready for news? 





The Washington Post reported that North Korea has already developed a mini nuclear warhead that can fit inside one of their missiles. 


This means they are capable of sending a nuclear bomb anywhere their ICBM missiles land. Currently, North Korea may have 30 to 60 nuclear weapons. Their latest nuclear test was in September 2016.


North Korea had already announced in March of last year that they had a mini nuclear bomb. They released pictures of their leader Kim Jong Un standing next to what they said was a mini nuclear device. Many analysts thought the bomb was fake. Now we know the bomb in the picture was probably a real one, though it might not be as powerful as more advanced nuclear weapons, but still dangerous. 


This news has raised the stakes of the conflict with North Korea, especially with the UN’s recent vote to sanction them with $1 billion in annual revenue.


Today President Trump warned North Korea saying they will “get” fire and fury like the world has never seen if they continued to threaten the U.S. 


The U.S. has 6,800 nuclear warheads, Russia has 7,000, France has 300, and China has 260.


Japan issued a report today saying the North Korean threat has advanced to a new stage. Schoolchildren there have been undergoing air raid and evacuation drills. Their military are now considering all options. 




In Melbourne, Australia — a 16-year old teenager, after playing soccer, waded in cold, shallow water at a beach — Brighton Beach (it is winter in Australia) — he later discovered that his ankles and feet were bleeding from many pin-sized holes. He was brought to the hospital and doctors couldn’t figure out what caused it, but were able to treat him. 


His father decided to investigate and went back to the beach and put meat in a container — and discovered it was sea fleas — tiny creatures that eats meat. They normally scavenge for dead or dying marine animals. 


It’s caused a panic with many people scared to even touch Brighton Beach. But scientists say people shouldn’t be scared, as sea fleas are common and are in oceans all over the world, and are more active in the cold and during dark. They think the boy might have a cut on his leg or that he walked near to a dead fish carcass. 


Scientists also believe the sea fleas might have issued an anti-coagulant when they bit the boy (they are able to draw blood without it clotting, like leeches). 


Environmental officials are recommending people to avoid swimming at night, to wear protective footwear or cover skin with a wetsuit, and don’t stand still in one place for too long. 


There are some local swimmers who say they aren’t afraid of the sea fleas — that they’ve been swimming there for years without incident.  Would you swim there?




A group of hackers recently broke into HBO’s online files and leaked parts of scripts for upcoming “Game of Thrones” episodes, phone numbers of actors, passwords, and one month’s worth of emails from a HBO vice president. 


The hackers sent a 5-minute video from person called “Mr. Smith” warning HBO that they have more data — 1.5 TB of it, including videos of future episodes — that they will leak… unless they receive around $6 million in Bitcoins. 


HBO said they are now working with police and cybersecurity experts to investigate — they said they do not think their whole email system was hacked. 


We’ll see if more HBO data is leaked in the future. 




A woman from Phoenix, Sammantha Allen (29), was sentenced to death for murdering her cousin, Ame Deal (10) by forcing her into a small plastic storage box and locking it overnight in 2011 as punishment for “stealing” an ice pop from a refrigerator.


Sammantha and her husband and Ame’s grandmother and aunt were arrested in relation to Ame’s death. 


An investigation found that Ame went through terrible abuse by the family, such as being forced to eat dog feces or hot sauce, beaten with a wooden paddle, dunked in a pool being forced to do “back bends” for hours -- and being locked in the small storage box, which killed her when she was left overnight in hot weather (over 100 degrees). Those were punishments whenever Ame lied or stole food. 


Their household had 12 children living there, with some camped in the backyard. The four family members were guardians of the children. Ame was the only one targeted and abused, and sometimes the other kids would get involved and cause Ame to get in trouble. 


Sammantha will be the 55th woman on death row in the U.S. To compare, 2,800 men are on death row.


Some on the jury said what impacted them was the pictures of Ame (crime scene photos probably) — and they determined that the crime demanded the death penalty. 


Her husband, John, was also charged with murder and will go on trial October 9. He has plead not guilty. The aunt is now in prison — 24 years for the abuse. The grandmother is in prison for 10 years.



There is controversy with Google after an engineer wrote an internal memo/“article” saying he disagreed with the company’s efforts to increase diversity and have more women in the workplace, because women were different from men in that they weren’t as driven for success and had more anxiety. 


The engineer, James Damore, said Google’s diversity policies caused reverse discrimination and was unfair. He discussed conservative and liberal people’s tendencies and biases, saying he felt like he couldn’t share his opinions with Google because they had liberal bias that shamed people into silence.  


The memo was widely circulated by over 50,000 employees — causing many employees to become angry about the memo and share it on social media, where various news picked up on it.


Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has fired James, saying it was because his memo violated company policy by advancing harmful gender stereotypes. 


Google’s new VP of Diversity issued an internal letter saying James’ memo had incorrect assumptions about gender. She said it was important to welcome alternative views, but that those views couldn’t be discriminatory. 


Now James is now considering suing Google, saying he believes his firing was politically motivated. 


In separate but related news, the Labor Department is investigating Google on if the company systemically pays women less than men. Google has said there is no pay gap. 


Alphabet (the parent company of Google) has 76,000 total employees. Most of them are white and Asian men. 31% are women. 2% are black. 4% are Hispanic.

To read the memo:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!

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