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August 8, 2017


UN Security Council Votes 15-0 To Sanction North Korea Targeting $1 Billion in Export Revenue, Trump’s 200th Day as President on Vacation, British Model Kidnapped and Attempted Auction to be Sex Slave, Missouri Police Officer Shot and Killed, Minnesota Mosque Bombed, Tornadoes Hit Tulsa, and Retired Police Officer Fluent in ASL Arrested for Sexual Relations with a Minor 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, August 7. Ready for news? 




Last Friday the UN United Nations (UN) punished North Korea with $1 billion in economic sanctions for continuing with their missile tests. All 15 countries in the UN’s Security Council, including China and Russia, voted for the sanctions. 


If the sanctions are successful, it would reduce North Korea’s foregin export revenue by a third — by banning other countries to buy North Korea’s coal, iron, seafood, or human laborers. 


Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, said on Friday that it was a gut punch against North Korea, that she hoped it would reduce funding for their missile program.


North Korea responded by saying they would teach the U.S. a severe lesson with nuclear weapons. 


We’ll see if this makes North Korea back off or if they will continue with their missile testings. 




Today is Trump’s 200th day as President, and he’s currently on vacation in Bedminster, NJ at his golf club. He tweeted that it was not a vacation, that he has meetings and calls and will go to NYC next week.  


But he has time to golf, as on Saturday he showed up at a wedding at the club, surprising people. He was wearing golf attire with his red MAGA hat and had band-aids around his right hand, probably blisters from golfing… or too much tweeting? 


This morning he criticized major media companies, but specifically targeted the New York Times.


Why NYT? On Saturday, they published an article that said VP Mike Pence was preparing to run for president in 2020 “in case” Trump decides not to run again. 


In response to that, Pence said the article was disgraceful and offensive to him, his family, and his team. 


Trump tweeted the NY Times made the wrong prediction about him and the election. I decided to check on what the NY Times predicted at the end of October — they thought Hillary Clinton had a 91% chance of winning. 


Last week, several polls showed there was an decreasing number of people who approved the job Trump is doing as President.

Trump seemed to dismiss the polls, saying his support base is bigger and stronger than ever before, pointing to the stock market, border security, jobs, Supreme Court pick, economic enthusiasm, and deregulation as his main accomplishments (over the 200 days.) 


Trump continues to say the Russian collusion idea is a hoax. 


What will the next 200 days bring? 




A British model, Chloe Ayling (20), was kidnapped July 11 in Milan, Italy at a fake photo shoot by two men who injected her with horse tranquilizer ketamine, bound her in a car trunk, and hid her at a remote house near the Italian alps for six days, chained to furniture, where she was auctioned online to be a sex slave to a buyer for $300,000. 

But after six days — on July 17 — she was released by the men and their gang, apparently because she was a mother — which violated the gang’s rules (it is not clear why being a mother violates the rules). They then tried to get a ransom payment of $50,000 from the model’s network, failed at this, then later dropped her off at the British consulate in Milan. 


Italian police then arrested the suspected kidnapper, Lukash Herba. He is a Polish citizen who lives part-time in England and had rented the house. An investigation showed he had history of kidnapping and doing other serious crimes for the gang Black Death.


British, Italian, and Polish police are now working together to continue the investigation and hopefully find more people connected to the kidnapping.


Chloe told media yesterday morning at her home in South London that it was a terrifying experience, she feared for her life, then thanked Italian and UK police for their help.




A police officer in Clinton, Missouri was shot and killed last night during a traffic stop. His name was Gary Michael (37). He had pulled over a Dodge Nitro and walked towards the car when the suspected driver Ian McCarthy (39) shot at him. 


Officer Gary tried to shoot back, but the driver sped away, later crashing his car. He got out and is still at large. There is a manhunt in the areas surrounding Clinton. Hope they catch him soon. 


It was the officer’s first year on the job and he leaves behind a wife and step sons.




A mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota was bombed early Saturday morning. No one was hurt. It appears someone threw a homemade explosive through the windows of the imam’s office and it went off, damaging the room. When police arrived, they saw smoke damage caused by the water sprinkler system. 


The FBI is leading the investigation and are looking for suspects. Muslim advocacy group have combined to offer at least a $24,000 reward for information leading to the bomber’s arrest. Minnesota Gov. Dayton said this was an act of terrorism and was not Minnesota. 


The mosque — the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center — opened in 2011 and is attended mostly by immigrants from Somalia. Minnesota has the largest Somali community in the U.S., with 57,000 people. 


There is now a GoFundMe to raise $95,000 for the mosque. It’s already earned over $45,000. Link is in transcript.






Yesterday at 1 a.m. in Tulsa, Oklahoma — a tornado with winds over 110 mph hit a shopping district, injuring around 30 people, some critically. No deaths were reported. It is rare for there to be an tornado in August, and people did not have a warning via sirens — the weather service said they were surprised by the storm’s sudden appearance. 


It was fortunate it hit around 1 am, because just hours before, hundreds of people were in the area to shop and eat at restaurants. Most of the injured were people working at restaurants as they were about to close. Pictures of the scene showed serious damage to TGI Friday and Whataburger. 


Local media reported 173 businesses damaged in the area, saying there were two other smaller tornadoes that hit the area, all within 15 minutes. They also hit 25 homes, most of them were damaged and one completely destroyed. 


The shopping district is now blocked off as crews work to clean up the damage and determine which buildings are safe or not safe. Scary and it’s a relief nobody died.




Update with the Ohio State Fair ride that broke and killed a young man and injured 7 others — an investigation said there was excessive corrosion on the interior of a support beam that reduced the beam’s thickness over the years. The ride is 18 years old. 


The ride, named Fire Ball, had passed inspections before it it was open for rides. There is now a review on inspection protocols so people can catch any future instances of corrosion in other fair rides. 


The family of the young man killed — Tyler Jarrell (18) — plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit. 




In Saratoga Springs, Utah — a retired police officer, Aaron David Rosen (46), who is known to the Deaf community for signing in ASL in his police uniform, was arrested last Thursday after he was accused of having sexual relations with 16-year old boy. He has been released on bail and is now under investigation. 


What happened according to local media: when the boy’s father arrived home early from work, he saw a man jump off from the balcony, run to his car, and speed off. The father followed him at high speeds, but stopped because it was too dangerous — but was able to get his license plate information and alerted police.


Police later identified Aaron as a retired officer, notified the father, arrested Aaron (who posted $2,000 bond), and now the Utah County Sheriff’s Office is taking over the investigation. 


The father said his son met Aaron through a social media app and they were starting their sexual activity when the father arrived. 


Aaron has been outspoken since his arrest, posting on Facebook that he did not know the boy was a minor. He said the boy told him he was 23 and in college, and had chats saved on his phone. Aaron said he was eager to go to trial to prove his innocence.


The Utah County Sheriff’s Office said it might be true that the boy lied to Aaron about his age — but that it was not a legal defense in this sex crime with an underage. He said




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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