Deaf Business Spotlight: DHH Insurance Agency, LLC

August 5, 2017


ALEX: Hello! Today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is DHH Insurance, a full-service agency founded by Gary Meyer. They provide insurance to Deaf-Owned businesses, freelance interpreters, interpreting agencies, and non-profit agencies. Check it out!



SARAH: Hello, this is Sarah Gordon, Community Curator in Rochester! I’m here at DHH Insurance agency with Gary Meyer.


GARY: Hello and welcome to my office!


The question that often comes up is, “Why do I need insurance?” The easy answer is that insurance replaces financial loss. For example, if you owned a vehicle and also a house, what would happen if your house burned down? You’d have insurance to help replace the house. If you got into a car accident, you’d have insurance to help you replace the car. It’s all about your financial loss being compensated. It’s always important for businesses to have insurance so they can be protected against lawsuits. There’s always something that can go wrong. The reasons to get insurance are many.


About 95% of my business is with clients from non-profit companies, interpreting agencies,  and Deaf-owned businesses.


I love working with my clients in dealing with different issues.


I’d like to just show off this sign here. Fact: we are the leading agency that provides insurance for interpreting agencies. I’m already doing business with all states except for North Dakota. So the rest of the 48 states including Washington, DC. has my business.


I’m always wanting to do business with agencies and owners in their corners to help them succeed.


The key to this work is honesty. You need to tell the people the things they need to know. Many people misunderstand that while I am in the business of selling insurance, I don’t see myself that way. I see myself more of a consultant in risk management. I make sure they know how to protect themselves.


Thank God for technology. I remember the days before the Web, before videophones. I used TTYs to contact clients. It took forever, and it wasn’t fun. Plus, I often had to drive to people’s homes to visit. Now I don’t do those anymore. Everything is done in one place. I just sit here and call people by VP.


I do believe it is important that we as a Deaf community support one another. We need to empower one another. Of course there are competitions, but for me personally, I still love everyone’s businesses. I’m honest with them, and if there are cheaper prices out there than what I offer, I’m totally fine with that. But if you find that my price similar or better, then, of course, I’d want to do business with you in ASL.


I encourage you all to support Deaf businesses first to see if they can offer you the same or better service than their competitors.  




ALEX: That’s a great and a very important business/service, providing insurance. Gary is very involved in the Deaf community — being on the board at the Rochester School for the Deaf. He also teaches classes at Gallaudet University for their new Risk Management and Insurance program.


You can check out their website at


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