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August 3, 2017



U.S. Stocks Rally Since Trump Election with Dow at 22,000, Armed Customer Shoots and Kills Armed Robber at Walgreens, DOJ Investigates Affirmative Action Discrimination Against White People, Oregon Scientists Successfully Edits Human Genes, Trump Signs Bill Imposing Sanctions Against Russia, Trump Announces Immigration Reform Plans, Texas Woman Suffocated in Beach Hole in Ocean City, and 12th Escaped Alabama Inmate Captured



Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, August 2. Ready for news? 




U.S. stocks are doing great ever since President Trump was elected — today the Dow Jones rose above 22,000 points for the first time in history, with numbers dipping below or above 22,000 throughout the day. The Dow Jones bases its points by tracking the value of 30 large American companies daily. 


One of the 30 companies is Apple (of course) — yesterday they released a positive report with rising sales of iPads and Mac computers, earning $8.7 billion in profit. That caused a positive feeling for other American businesses and the market, boosting the Dow. Other key companies that pushed the Dow up are Boeing and McDonalds.


President Trump has tweeted about this often, saying the media rarely talks about the stock market gains. He tweeted that the Dow was 18,000 points only 6 months ago on Election Day. It’s a 20% increase since then, which makes a lot of people richer. Today Trump said you will see jobs pouring in the U.S. 


The possible reasons for the stock rally: President Trump and his administration has focused on American businesses (inviting many CEOs to the White House), reducing regulations, promised to cut taxes, and spend money on infrastructure. And both Americans and people around the world are spending money on American businesses.

We’ll see if this continues in the future. 




At a Walgreens in Phoenix, Arizona last night — a man with a gun, wearing a wig, went to the pharmacy counter and jumped it, demanding oxycodone. 


There were around 12 customers inside of the store. One of them had a gun on him. He shot at the robber, who apparently fell, injured. 


The customers hid inside of the store and when police arrived, they cleared the people and sent in a K-9 dog to pull the robber away from his gun. They then did CPR on him, but he died. 


The customer with the gun stayed at the store and talked with police. 


There is an investigation — but it appears he will not get any charges, as it is legal in Arizona to use deadly force to defend yourself. You can also conceal carry without a license. 




The Department of Justice, under the Trump administration, appears to have plans to investigate affirmative action admission policies at college and universities — to see if they discriminates against white students. 


Affirmative action is a policy of favoring or prioritizing admission to people who are underrepresented because they are often discriminated, such as people of color or women. 


But there are many against this concept, saying it causes reverse discrimination against white people. 


The DOJ is now looking for lawyers in a possible future lawsuit against colleges and universities based on their admissions practices. 


The Supreme Court last summer “allowed” affirmative action, saying there are educational benefits to a diverse student body, but said race should be “one factor” among many other factors in a holistic (whole) evaluation. 


The Congressional Black Caucus strongly criticized the DOJ investigation, saying it means the Attorney General Sessions wants to put more people of color in jail and take away their educational opportunities. 




In Oregon — scientists said they successfully edited human genes in fertilized human embryos in a first for USA. 


They modified a gene that caused a hereditary heart disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which causes heart failure. It is usually passed down to half the couple’s children. 


What scientists did was to to recruit female egg donors who had no health issues — then collected the sperm of a man who carried the heart disease gene and in a lab, injected it in the eggs to fertilize them with a gene editing tool called CRISPR, which will cut out the gene mutation in the DNA and allow it to “heal” with a normal gene. 


They injected 58 embryos and they found that 42 out 58 had no heart disease genes, which is 72% — above the half that is usually passed on. The edited genes were healthy and did not have cuts or “mosaics” — which is a mix of health and unhealthy genes. 


There were previous similar experiments in China that were not successful with genes having cuts or mosaics.

This treatment can’t be approved to be used in clinical trials until there is a 100% effective rate. 


All of the embryos were destroyed because it is illegal for them to be implanted into a woman under U.S. regulations.


This experiment shows that science is fast progressing towards human gene editing with the goal of eliminating genetic diseases, and that includes genes that cause deafness. Earlier this year Harvard scientists partly cured deafness to mice born deaf by injecting a virus into their ears.


Gallaudet philosophy professor Teresa Blankmeyer Burke has written articles criticizing human editing developments and argued that gene editing takes away from children’s future identities and has quoted other views that gene editing could threaten and cause a demise in the Deaf community.

So, what do you think of all this? 




President Trump signed a bill that imposed sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea today. The bill also says Congress can block Trump from reducing the sanctions against Russia. 


Trump said although he supports punishing the three countries’ bad behavior, they think this bill is flawed because it takes away constitutional power from the President to deal with foregin issues.


The bill passed the House with a 419-3 vote and the Senate with a 98-2 vote. 


Trump said because he built a company worth “many billions”, he can make better deals with foreign countries than Congress — who couldn’t even negotiate a healthcare bill after seven years of talking.


Trump said he is signing it for the sake of national unity and that he hopes that in the future the Russian sanctions would not be necessary as relations improve. 


Trump Statement (White House):




President Trump, with two Republican Senators, announced they were supporting a new bill to reduce the number of immigrations into the U.S. (those who get green cards) by half over the next ten years. Currently, around 1 million immigrants receive green cards a year. 


They want to change the system of granting immigrants entry into the U.S. from being based on family ties to a “merit-based” system — to grant immigrants based on their financial stability, ability to speak English, and their ability to work in the U.S. 


They also want to eliminate the international diversity visa lottery program, which grants 50,000 legal permanent residents a year from countries with low rates of immigration.


Trump said the bill, if passed into law, would reduce poverty, increase wages, and save taxpayers billions of dollars. 


The name of the bill is RAISE — short for Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act. 


We’ll see how much support and opposition there is in Congress for this bill. 




Update with the Texas woman who’s body was found in a hole on the beach in Ocean City Monday morning — she has been identified — her name is Ashley O’Connor (30). It appears she either climbed into or fell into a hole sometime during either late Sunday night or early Monday morning. 


She died by suffocation, she “drowned” in sand. Officials warn that a sand hole can be unpredictable, collapsing into itself and trapping people. During the day, lifeguards do look out for holes, banning any holes that are deeper than a group’s smallest member.

But because the woman was separated from her mother and stepfather while it was dark, nobody could help her. The incident is still under investigation and they will see if alcohol was a factor and look at exactly how the woman got into the hole. 


Very sad. Ashley was married and leaves behind her wife. There is a GoFundMe for her, link in transcript.



Remember last Sunday night when 12 inmates escaped from an Alabama jail using peanut butter to cover up the door label and fool a new prison guard into opening it? They escaped and jumped over a fence. 11 inmates have since been captured, but there was one at large, Brady Kilpatrick (24). He was recently captured in South Florida. Someone tipped local police, who checked houses in a neighborhood and when they saw a car with Alabama license plates on it, they managed to catch Brady. Apparently someone from South Florida drove up to Alabama to pick him up. There were arrests and an investigation into who helped him. 


Brady was cooperative with police and said when he escaped on Sunday night, he ran for 2 hours as the other inmates were captured. Now all 12 inmates are captured and placed back in jail.



That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 









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