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August 1, 2017





LA to Host 2028 Summer Olympics, President Trump Awards Medal of Honor to 71-Year Old Vietnam Veteran, Private Investigator Sues Fox News Over Retracted Article about Seth Rich Murder Conspiracy, Body of Woman Found Buried on Ocean City Beach, Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, and Marlee Matlin Role on Season 3 of Quantico 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, August 1. Ready for news? 




The City of Los Angeles will host the 2028 Summer Olympic games, which will be their third time as hosts with previous ones in 1984 and 1932. 


LA’s Mayor Eric Garcetti said they estimate it would cost $5.3 billion to organize the competition. They predict they can earn it back from sponsorships and ticket sales. Their plan is to use the Staples Center and sports/sleeping facilities at UCLA and USC. 


There was some competition between LA and Paris to host the 2024 Games — and it appears the cities’ leaders and the International Olympics Committee (IOC) made an agreement for Paris to take the 2024 and for LA to take the 2028 games. But Paris has not yet made it official with an announcement, they say there is still progress with their dealings with the IOC. 


The next Olympics will be the Winter Games in PyeongChang South Korea — around 40 miles away from the North Korean border. The 2020 Summer Games will be in Tokyo, Japan. 




Yesterday President Trump awarded the Medal of Honor, which is the country’s highest military honor, to a Vietnam Veteran, a former Army medic James McCloughan (71). He is hailed as a hero for saving others’ lives during a two-day battle in Vietnam 1969. 


He was himself wounded by shrapnel but still went into the battle to find injured soldiers and bring them to safety, saving 10 people’s lives. He also fought back, throwing a grenade at a Vietnamese RPG position. James said it was the worst two days of his life. 


The Obama administration recommended James for the honor last year, but couldn’t award him because of a previous rule that required the medal to be awarded within 5 years of the solider’s actions. Last year’s Congress passed a bill to waive the time limit and Obama signed it. 


Now Trump has given it to him as President. James said it was special that he is Trump’s first Medal of Honor recipient.




On May 16, Fox News published but then retracted an article about Seth Rich, a former staffer at the Democratic National Committee (DNC). He was shot and killed on a D.C. street in a possible robbery attempt, he was 27. The article suggested that Seth was killed because he provided emails to Wikileaks. 


The article, written by investigate reporter Malia Zimmerman, quoted a private investigator and former police officer, Rod Wheeler (who also works at Fox News as a paid contributor) — as saying he found evidence that Rich was in contact with Wikileaks before he was murdered. 


But when the article was published, Rod told media his quotes were not accurate. Six days later, Fox News said the article did not meet editorial standards and retracted/removed it. 


Today Rod (the investigator) sued Fox News for the quotes, saying they were made up by the reporter and that his quotations were added after he had reviewed it. 


Rod was paid to do the investigation months before the article by Ed Butowsky, who is also a Fox News contributor and an outspoken Trump supporter. 


The lawsuit says a month before the article was published (in April), Rod and Ed met with Sean Spicer in the White House to discuss the article/investigation.   


A few weeks later in May, as the article was in its final draft, Ed texted Rod saying “the president (Trump)” read the article and wanted it out immediately.  


Ed also emailed Rod and Fox News anchors to discuss how to frame the story — specifically to focus on the murder as evidence that the Trump-Russia collusion stories were false. 


When the article went out, it quoted Rod as saying he has uncovered emails between Seth and Wikileaks and that someone within the DC government, DNC, or Clinton team was blocking the murder investigation causing the murder to be unsolved. 


Rod said he was defamed by Fox News when the article was published and retracted. He also said Fox News discriminated against him and never apologized or cleared his name. 


Fox News defended themselves today saying there is no evidence that the article reporter, Malia Zimmerman, misquoted Rod. They also denied any discrimination against Rod. 


Sean Spicer recently confirmed he met with Ed and Rod at the White House and that they discussed the Seth Rich murder, but said the meeting was not to advance any of the President’s agenda. 


Ed Butowsky said the text messages about the president was a joke — that he was joking with Rod. 


We’ll see how this lawsuit progresses.




Yesterday in Ocean City, Maryland — a 30-year old woman’s body was found in a hole in the sand on the beach. Around 6:30 am, people on the beach saw the body and alerted police, who cordoned off the area and brought in heavy digging machines. They retired the woman’s body around 4 in the afternoon and gathered evidence. 


The woman is from Plano, Texas and was in Ocean City to vacation with her parents. There is currently an investigation in what happened to her.

Clarifications and Updates: The woman was on vacation with her mother and stepfather. They reported her missing to the police and was last seen walking on the beach at night. 




There will be a total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21 when the moon blocks the sun’s light. If you want to experience the darkness of the eclipse (totality), you’ll have to be in a specific area within 70 miles in a path that ranges from Oregon going southeast towards South Carolina. 


The NASA is predicting millions of people will travel to be within anywhere on this path, which touches on 12 different states on August 21. The Federal Highway Administration has recommended travelers to arrive there before the eclipse, saying there will be heavy traffic. 


The biggest cities near or on the path is Portland, Kansas City, Nashville, and Charlotte. 


It’s very exciting, but maybe also a little scary to see the darkness. 




Marlee Matlin will be a part of the cast of the third season of “Quantico,” an ABC TV show about  the FBI and CIA and fighting terrorism. 


Marlee’s character will be “Jocelyn Turner,” a former undercover FBI agent who became deaf from a bomb that exploded near her. Because she is deaf, the FBI decided to re-assign her to a desk job, but she moved to a “special unit” — where she will work with other Quantico characters.


Nice. The exact date of the release of episodes haven't been set, but it seems like it’ll be around the beginning of 2018.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 




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