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July 20, 2017



Trump Invites Republican Senators to Lunch and Tries to Convince Them to Vote for Obamacare Repeal/Replacement, Trump Had Second Meeting with Putin at G20 Summit, Supreme Court Makes Two Decisions About Trump Travel Ban, Update with Minneapolis Police Shooting of Australian Woman, and German Amusement Park Refuses to Allow Deaf People Ride Rollercoasters 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, July 19. Ready for news?




Today President Trump invited Republican Senators to come to the White House for lunch to encourage them to come together to make a deal on a health care bill. Trump said he doesn’t think they should leave D.C. for their summer break without making a deal and voting for a repeal/replacement.  


Trump told the senators that they were in the room together to deliver their promise to the American people to repeal and replace Obamacare. Trump said he is ready with a pen in hand, sitting in the office — telling the senators they never had that before (with Obama as a Democrat president for the past 8 years). 


The White House is trying hard to resurrect the Republican healthcare bill and persuade senators who said they were against the revised bill to change their minds. This is a change in tone from Trump, as yesterday he said he would let Obamacare remain in place to fail.


The Senate majority leader McConnell said he would bring a vote on repealing the bill next week, even if there are less than 50 senators supporting it. One senator (Lamar Alexander from Tennessee) said he doesn’t think there are even 40 that supports a repeal-only bill. 


There’s still a long way to go, but President Trump and the White House is trying their best to convince senators to change their minds. 


Update: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated 32 million more people would be without insurance in 2026 if Obamacare is repealed. 




News broke last night that President Trump had a second talk with the Russian President Putin at the G20 summit two weeks ago. 


We already know Trump and Putin had an official meeting for more than two hours. .This meeting was on the same day — during nighttime at a dinner for world leaders and their spouses. 


President Trump was seated next to the Prime Minister of Japan — and halfway through the dinner, he walked to where Putin was — seated next to Trump’s wife, Melania. Apparently Trump pulled Putin aside for a private conversation in the same room, in front of others. Trump used Putin’s interpreter to translate the conversation, the conversation was between the three of them.  


This meeting was reported by Ian Bremmer, president of an organization named “Eurasia Group” — a political risk advisory group. He got the information from other people at the dinner, who said the meeting was weird — that the President of the USA openly displayed a better personal relationship with Putin than the other leaders seated at the table, causing confusion. Trump and Putin reportedly had a good rapport with each other. 


Neither Trump or the White House reported this meeting, causing many in the media to look at it suspiciously, especially because of the current, ongoing DOJ special investigation in whether the Trump team colluded with Russians to influence the election. 


The White House said the meeting was normal — nothing unusual or secret about it — and that it was far less than an hour. They said the idea of Trump trying to “hide” a meeting is false and absurd.


President Trump tweeted that the fake news about his “secret meeting” was sick and dishonest. Trump said all the G20 leaders and spouses were there and that the press knew. (Tweets)


In another news about Russian-American relations, yesterday the Russian government demanded the U.S. release their two building compounds in New York and Maryland that the Obama administration seized because of Russian interference in last year’s elections. But there was no agreement — with the U.S. State department saying those deals will take some time. 


President Trump also announced last night he would nominate Jon Huntsman, Jr as ambassador to Russia. He used to an ambassador to China under Obama and to Singapore under Bush (43). 




The Supreme Court today made two decisions about the Trump travel ban — one against and one in favor of the Trump administration. 


They ruled that grandparents and other relatives of U.S. citizens who are from the six countries in Trump’s 90-day travel ban — Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen — are allowed to come in the U.S. because they are “bona fide” family members. 


The Trump administration had defined “bona fide” as only applying to parents, spouses, children, siblings, fiance, and sons/daughters-in-law — while excluding grandparents, grandchildren, brothers/sisters in law, aunts, uncles, nieces/nephews, or cousins. 


A federal judge in Hawaii — Derrick Watson — last week said the Trump administration’s list of family members was “too narrow” and ordered to expand it. The Supreme Court supported Judge Watson’s list, meaning more family of U.S. citizens from the six countries can come as immigrants or refugees.


Judge Watson also wanted to increase the number of refugees coming in the U.S. — to allow those who are working with an official resettlement agency to come in the U.S. Trump’s ban wanted to suspend the entire refugee program for 120 days. 


The Supreme Court sided with the Trump administration to keep the ban on refugees (who are not family members) in place, but the order is temporary — they referred the decision to the 9th Circuit Court. They will hear arguments soon and make a decision. 




Update with the police shooting of an Australian woman in Minneapolis — the police officer who was driving the car with Officer Noor (who shot Justine Damond in the stomach) said before the shooting, there was a loud noise that started them — and immediately afterwards Justine Damond showed up at the drivers’ door. Officer Noor immediately fired his weapon through the window. The officers might have thought they were ambushed. 


The transcript of Justine’s 911 call was also released. She called the police because she said she could hear someone in the back, possibly having sex or being raped — and that she was screaming, there were sex noises, but that she might have been saying “help.” She was told the police was on their way. 8 minutes later she called again and said police haven’t showed up, and she was told the police was on the way there. 


So that’s two more pieces of the puzzle — the 911 call and why Officer Noor shot Justine. 


The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the shooting was shocking and inexplicable. He said they are demanding answers. 





In Germany — Deaf people are criticizing an amusement park, Phantasialand, for not allowing deaf people to ride on rollercoasters because of safety concerns. 


The German Deaf Association said they received messages and letters from deaf people saying they were blocked from riding on the Taron rollercoaster by park employees because of “security reasons.” 


The park requires people to be able to hear and understand announcements in case of an emergency. They said deaf people must be accompanied by a hearing person in order to ride on the rollercoasters. 


The German Deaf Association said they recommends the park to consult with their organization and other local deaf associations about safety rules. They said the park could implement visual signals, multi-lingual information boards, flashing lights, or information printed on displays. 


They pointed to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) — it said people with disables should have equal rights to enjoy relaxation, leisure, and sports activities.


Hopefully the German Deaf Association can successfully advocate the park to change their policies.


German Association of the Deaf Website:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 
















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