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July 19, 2017


President Trump and Senate Republicans Unsuccessful in Repealing/Replacing Obamacare, Netflix Announces 104 Million Subscribers, Frozen Married Couple Missing for 75 Years Found in Switzerland, Minneapolis Police Officer Shoots and Kills Australian Woman, Deaf Man Charged with Murdering Ex-Girlfriend in Maine 



Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, July 18. Ready for news?




President Trump and Republican Senators were not successful in their efforts to pass a bill to repeal/replace Obamacare — their efforts have collapsed. There are two main incidents with the first Sen. McConnell’s proposal to repeal/replace Obamacare. He needed at least 50 Senators to support it (currently there are 52 Republican Senators). Two Senators were already opposed to it

McConnell was down to 50 Senators and wanted to vote on it this week, but had to delay it because Sen. McCain (R, Ariz) had a surgery in his eye area (brain surgery to remove a blood clot). Then last night two more Republican Senators announced they were opposed to it, effectively killing the bill because there were only 48 Senators in favor of it — short of the 50 votes needed. All Democrats are united in opposition to the bill.


Sen. McConnell then had a new plan — to vote on a proposal to just repeal Obamacare with a two-year delay for a transition period to develop a new healthcare plan.


President Donald Trump supported the idea, saying he thinks the Senate should do that, repeal Obamacare and then work on a new healthcare plan.


But that plan has collapsed, as three Republican Senators said they won’t vote in support of a repeal bill. Sen. Shelley Capito (WV) said “no” because it would hurt people who depend on Medicaid. Other senators said while Obamacare has flaws, it would cause chaos if it was repealed without a replacement. 


President Trump said he is very disappointed with Senate Republicans and his plan is to let Obamacare fail — saying that neither he or the Republicans will be responsible for it. He said he will let the Democrats come to them after it fails.  


In the U.S. some states are doing great with Obamacare, while others are struggling with some counties at risk of having no insurance companies offering Obamacare in 2018 — most at-risk are rural areas in Nevada, Ohio, and Indiana — because of low numbers of people paying insurance or a high number of older and sicker people.


The Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D, NY) said this failure shows that the core of the bill is unworkable — and have called on Republicans to start again from scratch and work with Democrats on a new bill.  


This is a big setback for the “new” Trump administration’s agenda, as Trump in January said he had a plan to repeal and immediately replace Obamacare with something better that would provide insurance for everybody. Now, it appears Trump will be hands-off and allow Obamacare to collapse, if it does collapse.




Netflix announced they now have 104 million subscribers worldwide. They added 5.2 million new subscribers in the past four months, most of them international subscribers. Netflix said this was because they invested in original shows and movies such as “13 Reasons Why,” “House of Cards,” or “Okja” — and that attracted new customers.  




In Switzerland, two frozen bodies was found in a receding glacier and it is possible they are a married couple who went missing 75 years ago. The couple is Marcela and Francie Dumoulin. 

On August 15, 1942, during World War II, they went on a meadow to milk their cows but disappeared. It is possible they fell in a glacier crevasse. The frozen couple had clothes that matched with the time era of the 1940’s and they had ID cards with them, a book, backpack, watch, and other things. Their bodies will undergo DNA testing to confirm their identities. 


They had seven children at the time — the youngest is 79 today. She said she is very happy that the bodies are found because the children had been looking for them all this time and now they can give the parents a proper funeral. The daughter said it was her mother’s first time to go “hiking” with her husband because she was always pregnant — but sadly they died. The children were separated and placed in different families and didn’t know each other growing up. 


But the daughter is staying positive, saying she wants to wear white clothes during the funeral because it represents hope — she said she never lost hope. 







In Minneapolis, Minnesota — an Australian woman, Justine Damond (40), was shot and killed last Saturday by a police officer, Mohamed Noor (31). Justine was living in the U.S., engaged to an American, preparing to marry next month. 


What happened: on Saturday night, Justine called 911 because she heard a noise in an alley near her home — reporting a possible sexual assault. A police car with two officers, drove in the alley. Noor was sitting on the passenger seat while another officer, Matthew Harrity, was driving. Justine was in the alley wearing her pajamas and talked with the driver (Matthew). 


For some reason, Noor fired his gun several times through the driver’s seat window, striking Justine in the stomach. The officers then tried to save her on the floor, but she died. No weapons were at the scene, meaning Justine was unarmed. The officers had body cameras, but they were not turned on, and the police car camera did not record the shooting. 


There is now an investigation in what happened — both officers are now on paid leave, which is normal police policy. It’s sparked outrage in Australia and in the local community with Justine’s family grieving and demanding answers. 


Officer Noor’s lawyer said Noor feels bad. He became a police officer in 2015 and was an immigrant from Somalia who grew up in America. He was honored as the first Somali-American police officer in his precinct. 


Terrible situation and we’ll see what the investigation finds. A key person would be Officer Matthew’s testimony, as he was driving the car and saw everything.




A Deaf man from Maine, James Sweeney (56) was charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend, Wendy Douglass (51) last week with a baseball bat as she slept. 


The two were in a relationship and lived together, but broke up around two weeks ago. Jay continued to live there up until the murder last Tuesday morning. Afterwards James drove himself to the local jail at 7:53 in the morning and gave a handwritten note to police saying “I’m going to jail because I hurt my girlfriend. I live at 5 Jewel Street. My name is James e Sweeney. Please check Wendy Douglas at 5 Jewell St I did wrong.” 


Police officers then immediately went to the house and when nobody answered the door, three officers forced their way in. They saw a closed door with a white note taped to the doorknob and the space between the door and the floor was blocked with a blanket. 


When police entered the room, they saw Wendy’s body on a bed, covered with a blanket, with facial wounds. Wendy’s shirt was pulled up above her chest. When EMTs arrived, they declared her dead. 


The note on the doorknob said, “Wendy I love you you ruin my love I already know you cheat on me you lie lie lie a lot. ‘Ted.” Ted is James’ nickname. 


Police found a black wooden baseball bat at the bottom of a staircase with blood stains on it. 


James was then arrested. An autopsy of Wendy determined the cause of death a blunt force trauma to the head and said it was a homicide.


James first appeared in court last Thursday with ASL interpreters — he was shackled with chains around his waist and handcuffed in front. When he was asked if he understood what the state was accusing him of, he signed, “yes.”  He is currently in jail without bail. A guilty conviction of murder is 25 years to life. 


The Deputy Attorney General Lisa Marchese, who will prosecute James, said the motive of the murder was because Wendy was thinking of leaving James, causing him to lose control and kill her. She said it was a domestic violence homicide, adding that it was a very dangerous time for Wendy because she was thinking of leaving the relationship 


Some of James’ family said he texted them before turning himself in to police last Tuesday morning, saying he was going to jail. His son said the last time he saw James was last Monday night and he was drinking at that time. 


The death of Wendy has impacted the community. She worked at a local food store and was very involved with church. Her family will host a “Celebration of Life” at Wendy’s church. 




Video of Jay in Court:


Celebration of Life Info:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!

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