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July 13, 2017



President Trump in Paris to Meet French President Macron, Chinese Human Rights Activist Liu Xiaobo Dies in Custody, New Zealand Woman Dies from Jet Engine Air Blast, Deaf Mother Shot and Killed by 15-Year Old Daughter, DeafBlind Saudi Arabian Man in Solitary Confinement Awaiting Execution by Beheading, and Deaf West Artistic Director DJ Kurs Advocates for Deaf Talent in LA Times Article 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Thursday, July 13. Ready for news?




President Trump was in Paris today to meet with the recently-elected French president Emmanuel Macron. He is there to celebrate the French holiday Bastille Day (their “July 4 holiday”) and to honor the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entering World War I. They also will discuss Syria and fighting terrorism. Both said they did not agree on everything, especially about climate change — (we know Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord) — but that both would still have strong cooperation with each other. 


In a press conference with both of them, Trump was asked about his son, Donald Trump Jr, and his meeting with a Russian lawyer. 


President Trump said Trump Jr. is a wonderful young man and that the meeting was normal, that most people would have gone to that meeting to get opposition research. He said the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, did not work for the government and that the meeting was quick and nothing happened. 


Tonight both presidents and their wives will eat dinner at a fancy restaurant in the Eiffel Tower and take part in Bastille Day parades. 




A Chinese human rights activist, Liu Xiaobo, who was awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, died today at 61 from cancer. He is well-known for wanting democracy in China and as one of the leaders of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. He was in and out of prison for many years for his protests. He was imprisoned since 2008 for subversion — being against the government — because he started a petition for China to have democracy, establish the rule of law, and end censorship. He was still “detained” when he died — at a hospital with guards watching him. Many criticized China for not doing enough to make sure Liu had treatment for his cancer. 


Liu’s wife. Liu Xia, is currently under house arrest, since 2010. The U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent condolences for Liu and asked China to release his wife and allow her to leave China. 


The Chinese government released a statement saying foregin countries should not make improper remarks about Liu and says it is a a domestic (Chinese) issue. 




A 57-year old woman from New Zealand died after she was knocked down from an airplane engine “wind blast” at the famous Maho beach by the airport on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. The beach is famous because it is right by an airport runway and tourists often enjoy seeing the planes pass right above their heads as they land. They also flock to the airport fence to feel the airplane engine’s wind blasts before they take off. There are many warning signs saying it is dangerous, but many tourists don’t care.There’s been several injuries, but this is the first time someone died from the jet engine blast. It is thought she died because she hit her head on the road by the fence — it had a concrete barrier. Sad, and this death might have an impact on the beach’s rules. 




Terrible crime in Morrison, Illinois last week — a Deaf woman was shot and killed by her 15-year old daughter, who then tried to cover it up by burning their home. 


The Deaf woman’s name is Peggy Sue Schroeder (53) and her daughter’s name is Anna. 


What happened: last Thursday, Anna, the daughter, was at home waiting for her mother, Peggy to come back from work — holding Peggy’s .38 gun. When she got home, Anna asked Peggy to cover her head with a towel, then shot her in the head. 


Anna then texted her friend, Rachel (15) , and told her about it, texting her a picture of Peggy’s body. Rachel’s mother, not knowing what was going on, dropped her off at the house. Both of them tried to clean the blood from the carpet.


They slept there overnight, and on Friday, moved the mother’s body to her bedroom floor and covered her with a bed sheet. They continued to try and clean the carpet. 


They later went to eat at Subway. There, Anna found out her father — Daryl (divorced from Peggy) — was coming from another town, Walnut (35 miles away). It caused Anna to throw up in the bathroom. The two girls went to a store to buy cleaning supplies. They then decided they wanted to run away. They dyed their hairs to change colors. 


On Saturday morning, they decided to try and burn the house — the girls lit the bed sheet covering Peggy and on sheets in another room. 


They then walked to a nearby cemetery, where Anna hid her phone and the gun. Anna then went to her father’s home in Walnut, while Rachel went back to her family’s home.


That afternoon, people noticed a burning plastic smell coming from the house. An off-duty firefighter broke down the door the same time the father, Daryl, was pulling up to the house — he called 911. The responders found Peggy’s body inside. The house, from outside, didn’t appear to burn very much. 


At Rachel’s home, Rachel confessed everything to her mother. The mother took Rachel to the police at 8 pm that night, Rachel told them everything that had happened. Around the same time, Anna posted on Facebook saying she was sorry, that her mom was her best friend, and that she was not always the best daughter. 


Later police showed up at the house in Walnut and brought her in to the sheriff’s department for questioning. They left her alone for 45 minutes — Anna then broke down crying, asked for her father, and confessed everything. Police later recovered the gun and phone from the cemetery.


Anna was charged with first-degree murder, concealment of homicidal death, and arson. She is under 16, and Illinois state law requires her to go first to juvenile court. If guilty, she will be imprisoned until she is 21. Rachel has not yet been charged, but could get the concealment and arson charges. Both are currently detained at a juvenile center and will have a pretrial hearing on August 8. 


It is not clear what the motive was — why Anna killed her mother. Peggy had an older sister, Kaylene — and she said she and Anna was adopted by Peggy. Kaylene said she don’t know why Anna did it. She also said it is her goal to become an ASL interpreter to honor Peggy. 


The murder has impacted the community. Peggy was a member at a Lutheran church — and there will be a funeral there next Saturday, July 22. The reverend of that church, Mark Winkelman, recently signed in ASL a video to provide support to others.




Memorial Service:


Reverend’s Video:




Update with the deafblind man in Saudi Arabia who was sentenced to death by beheading — Munir al-Adam (23) — he was recently moved to solitary confinement, apparently to prepare him for his beheading. 


The British newspaper “Independent” reported this. 


He was found guilty of attacking police during protests in 2011-2012 and was sentenced to death January 2016. He did confess to the crime in prison, but said it was because he was being tortured and has retracted his confession. But last May the courts upheld the death sentence. 


When he was first arrested, he had blindness and partial deafness from an incident when he was 6 years old where his skull was fractured — and now he is more deaf because of beatings in prison. 


His family said they can’t visit him and thinks he is confined 24 hours a day in his cell. His family said they have no idea when or where he will be executed, that the Saudi government usually doesn’t share those details in advance. 






Deaf West Theatre’s Artistic Director, David Kurs, was featured in a LA Times article in which he explained the importance of having deaf actors play in deaf roles. 


DJ said if a deaf actor is not chosen for a deaf role, it takes away an opportunity from a person who has the life experience of a deaf person. He said it is important that deaf people are represented in media and arts, that it helps with deaf people’s standing in society and politics. 


DJ also said when a Deaf actor acts and signs on stage in front of a paying audience, it is a subconscious “repudiation” of doctors’ advice to hearing parents that the child needed to be fixed when they were born — that it is an affirmation of the deaf identity over a diagnosis of a health problem. 


He said Deaf West’s “Spring Awakening” in 2015-2016 has inspired more theaters to cast deaf and disabled actors — but that there is still a lack of other theaters that are willing to do the same. 


He said it is Deaf West’s vision to create more opportunities for new talent from our community, even for there to deaf people to create original plays only using ASL without even touching a pen. 


DJ said he believes Deaf West’s successes will motivate other theater makers to value authenticity and to involve deaf people at all levels of the process. 


Great article, and it should make an impact in the LA area. 


The timing is great because there’s current buzz about Deaf actor CJ Jones’ role in “Baby Driver” — the director of that movie, Edgar Wright, said in a recent interview with DPAN TV that it was a very clear decision to give CJ the part, that he didn’t want to cast an actor who was pretending to be deaf. 


To see the articles, check out the links in the transcript. 




DPAN Interview:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!

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