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July 12, 2017



Venus Williams Vindicated by Police After New Security Camera Footage Released, U.S. Marine Corps Plane Crashes in Mississippi Killing 16, 170+ Companies Protest FCC’s Planned Roll-Back of Net Neutrality, Donald Trump, Jr. Under Pressure After Releasing Emails About Russian Lawyer Meeting, Texas Girl Dies After Being Electrocuted in Bathtub from Phone Charger, Human Chain Saves Family from Drowning, and Police Arrests Man for Beating Florida Deaf Man




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, July 11. Ready for news? 




Remember the Venus Williams car accident that led to the death of an elderly man, Jerome Barson (78)? 


Police previously said Venus was at fault — but now there is new video evidence and now police are saying Venus lawfully entered the intersection. 


This new video is from a camera at a gated community security kiosk and it shows Venus driving her black SUV into the intersection at a green light, but stopping to allow a car take a left turn in front of her. Venus then drives straight forward through the intersection, but the delay caused the light to turn green on the other, intersecting road -- and the elderly couple's car was already driving at maybe 20, 30 MPH as their light turned from red to green -- so they continued forward and T-boned Venus’ car. 


[Video clip:]


This investigation is still ongoing, and Venus’ lawyer said he was confident it would prove that Venus was not at fault. The lawyer for Linda Barson, the widow, said the video still shows that Venus’ car was blocking the intersection while the light was green on the other side. 


Many people are criticizing the police department for stating that Venus was at fault before fully examining the evidence — because it caused many to look at her as responsible for the death of a man. 


Venus still in the tournament at Wimbledon, she won her quarterfinal match and will be in the semifinals. 




A U.S. Marine plane crashed in a soybean farm in Mississippi yesterday afternoon — killing all 16 military members on the KC-130 plane. 15 of them were U.S. Marines, while one was in the Navy. 


The plane was severely destroyed. There were some bodies found more than a mile from the crash site with debris scattered for 5 miles. Witnesses said they saw the plane spiraling downward with an engine smoking. The black smoke was visible from miles away. 


The cause is still under investigation and the identities of the 16 people have not yet been released pending notification of their families. The KC-130 plane is usually used for refueling other planes while in the air or carrying cargo and people. The plane was on a training flight from North Carolina on its way to California when it crashed. 


President Trump tweeted that the crash was heartbreaking and that he and his wife Melania sends their condolences to all. 




More than 170 internet companies, including Amazon, Netflix, and Reddit, plan to protest against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s plans to reduce “net neutrality” in a “Day of Action” protest tomorrow.  


Net neutrality is the idea that all internet service providers (ISPs), such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, or Spectrum/Time Warner, should provide the same internet service and speed for all websites or content streamed online — and not “limit” or “throttle” (slow down) the internet speed for websites that belong to competitors of ISPs. Net neutrality also does not allow internet companies to charge more for higher, premium speeds. 


If net neutrality is rolled back — the internet would not be an “open and equal” place — where ISPs just provide people with the internet and the customers decide which websites they want to visit and download whatever they want to do. Instead, ISPs will become “gatekeepers” of the internet, controlling what you can access and at what speeds. 


The Obama administration’s Democrat-led FCC (former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler) was in favor of net neutrality, passing regulations in 2015, but now with the Trump administration, Wheeler has left his post with his term ending — and the Trump administration has appointed a Republican FCC chairman — Ajit Pait — who is leaning towards reducing net neutrality and allowing ISPs to have more control over the internet.


During tomorrow’s “Day of Action” protest, you might notice various websites purposefully “slowing down” the internet or setting up fake pop-ups to charge money for more access — to show an example of what the internet would look like without net neutrality . They will encourage people to go to the FCC website and submit public comments — the FCC is collecting public comments until July 17. 


If you want to comment or read comments, you can click on the link in the transcript. 


FCC Website:




Donald Trump, Jr is under a lot of pressure about his meeting with a Russian lawyer last year — because he personally released on Twitter the email exchange that set up the meeting. 


Trump Jr. got an email from a British PR person, Rob Goldstone, who said a Russian government prosecutor had official documents and information that would make Hillary Clinton look bad, that it would be useful to his father (Donald Trump). The email said the information is high level and sensitive and is a part of the Russian government’s support for Trump. 


The British PR person said he has shared this offer with a Russian billionaire, Aras and his son, Emin, who are organizers of the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, Russia. The family has a relationship with the Trump family. 


Trump Jr. said he would love to (know more) and wanted to release the information later in the summer. That’s what led to the meeting with the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya — and Trump Jr. previously said that meeting went nowhere because Trump Jr. realized Natalia misled him, did not have any “dirt” on Hillary — but instead discussed other issues related to Russian-American relations. 


Natalia, in an interview with NBC, said she never had damaging information about Hillary, did not work for the Russian government, and that the meeting was only about U.S./Russian relations. She said Trump Jr might have misunderstood the purpose of the meeting because he wanted so bad to have negative information on Hillary. 


The meeting with Natalia was attended by Trump Jr, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort (the former campaign manager). 


Sen. Warner (D, Va) said this is the first time the public has seen direct evidence that the Trump team reached out to agents of a foregin government to try to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton. 


It is illegal in the U.S. for anybody to get information or aid from a foregin government to influence a federal, state, or local election. So Trump Jr. is in hot water and could be in legal trouble. 


Trump Jr. has previously said this was normal, that it was just a meeting to find research on how to oppose Hillary, and has denied any wrongdoing, but has since hired his own lawyer to defend him. 




In Lubbock, Texas, a girl (14) died after she was electrocuted in a bathtub — it seems like she was holding a cellphone, which was plugged in an outlet, either she plugged it in or dropped the phone/charger — and was electrocuted. Her family said they saw a burn mark on her hand. 


The family is grieving and is warning others about the dangers of holding a charged phone while in a bathtub. 




In Panama Beach, Florida — 80 people created a human chain to save a family from drowning in rip-tide conditions. 


What happened — a family (a father and a mother, their sons, nephews, and a grandmother, 9 people in total) was swimming in the ocean. 


The mother got back on the shore and when she looked back to find her sons, she saw that they were far back in the ocean and screaming for help. The family swam into the water to save the boys, but they ended up stuck in the rip tide, which is a strong current that pulls water out in the ocean. The family ended up being stuck in 15 feet of water and the grandmother started having a heart attack. They thought they would die.


But there were other people on the beach who quickly held hands to form a human chain, bringing the drowning family to safety one by one. The mother passed out on the beach, the grandmother was taken to the hospital but will be okay, the others are okay. 


Amazing. One advice — if you’re stuck in a rip tide in the ocean, don’t fight against it by trying to swim back to the shore. It’ll only wear you out. Instead, swim parallel to the shore until the current stops and then swim back. 




A deaf man from Florida — Rae Pitt (20) — who also has autism — is in the news because he was beaten by another man when he was dressed in a superman outfit with a cape. Rae usually dresses like this while walking on a sidewalk waving at cars that pass by.

Last Thursday a man, Tyler (26) walked up to Rae to challenge him to a fight. He acted as if he was deaf, punched him in the chest and smashed his head against a car. Others saw this and stopped the fight. Tyler then grabbed a trash can on his head and ran down the street. Police then arrested him and charged him with battery and aggravated abuse of a disabled adult.

Rae is reported to be back on the sidewalks, waving at cars. I’m glad he is okay! His nickname is the “Minneola Superman,” named after the city. 


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That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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