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July 4, 2017





Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth, and it is Tuesday, July 4 — Independence Day 2017. 


241 years ago, on July 2, 1776, during the American revolutionary war, the representatives of the 13 British colonies on the Eastern shore of North America met together as the Continental Congress at the Independence Hall building in Philadelphia, voted in favor of independence from Britain, then on July 4, formally distributed the signed Declaration of Independence to notify King George III of Great Britain that the 13 colonies were now independent, no longer under British rule, joined in a new nation — the United States of America. Happy Independence Day. 


Here are some news briefs.




North Korea, again, test-fired a ballistic missile — but this one a long-range missile. The previous missiles were short or medium range. This missile was launched very steep and went upwards to over 1,700 miles, basically up into space, before returning into the Sea of Japan, 580 miles away. If the numbers are accurate, it means North Korea now could have a capability to launch missiles that would reach either Alaska or Hawaii. 


President Trump tweeted about the North Korean leader — asking if he had anything better to do with his life. He then said he didn’t think South Korea or Japan would tolerate this much longer and suggested China to do something serious towards North Korea to end this “nonsense.” 


The Trump administration are now hosting an emergency meeting with national security and military officials to discuss what to do. 




President Trump will formally sit down for an official meeting with Russian President Putin during the G20 Summit in Germany this Friday. It will be the first time the two will meet, and naturally there’s going to be a lot of eyes on this meeting, with all the controversy with Russian interference in the U.S. elections and the current DOJ investigation on if Trump associates colluded with them. But the meeting will probably look like the time Trump was friendly with Russian diplomats in the Oval Office. They are expected to discuss Syria among other topics.




The New Jersey and Maine governments have reached a deal between the governors and lawmakers to end their shutdowns — both governments are open again. The New Jersey beaches are open and now people can join Gov. Chris Christie there. 




The Canadian government will formally apologize to Omar Khadr, a former prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, and pay him C$10 million to compensate for suffering at the prison. 


He is a Canadian citizen and was captured in Afghanistan in 2002 when he was 15 after being in a firefight with U.S. soldiers. He was in Afghanistan because his father, who was a high-ranking al-Qaeda member, took him there. He pled guilty to killing a U.S. army medic, Christopher Speer, by throwing a grenade, and was imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, the youngest person there. Apparently he was tortured while being imprisoned for 10 years. In 2012, he was moved to Canada to continue his sentence, and was released in 2015. He currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta. 


He sued the Canadian government for human rights violations, saying Canada sent intelligence agents to interrogate him and shared the results with the U.S., and that it was basically cruel and inhumane for Canadian officials to punish him outside of the legal system, especially when he was a child solider. So according to the Canadian Supreme Court, he’s entitled to an apology and the financial award. 


The widow of Speer and a solider who was blinded by the grenade filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Omar and a U.S. judge awarded them $134 million, but it’s very difficult for the families to get any money since Omar is in Canada. 


Omar has apologized to the families and says he wants to have a new start in life. Naturally, there are a lot of people who are mad about this, thinking Omar should stay in jail. But there are others who say Omar was a child solider and had severe human rights violations by the Canadian government and did not have the proper legal process, and is therefore entitled to the award. 


Naturally, there are many who were enraged by this, saying Omar should stay behind bars and should not be entitled to an apology and an award. But there are others who pointed out that this was a serious human rights violation by Canada towards a young person and that he deserves this. 




Deaf comedian Heidi Branch — known for her funny “Hedy vs Heidi” skits — announced yesterday that there will be a feature film/movie — “The Lost Sister,” set to be released November 2017. The filming was done last summer by Bad Cats Entertainment. Nice, looking forward to it! 




That is all for today! Enjoy your holiday! Stay safe, don’t lose any fingers from the fireworks — you need them for ASL. Stay with the light! 



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