Deaf Business Spotlight: Pah! Studios

June 30, 2017


Alex: Hello, today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is… Pah! Studios, a multimedia company that does filmography, web design, and various creative services. They are based in Southern California. They also represent a list of talented Deaf people. Check it out! 




Melissa: Hi I’m Melissa Yingst, Southern California Community Curator. Today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is Pah! Studios. Come and see it. 


Eddy: Hi, my name is Eduardo Sesma, or “Eddy” for short. I’m the owner of Pah! Studios. Pah! Studios is an all-inclusive multi-media company which means we do everything related to media be it graphic design, web design, videography, photo booth, agency services, and… honestly the list goes on. 


We manage clients like John Maucere (Superdeafy), Deafies in Drag, Igor of “Reportless,” Leah Katz-Hernandez, the ROTUS (Secretary of the White House). And the others… I’m trying to remember… I’ve lost count, honestly. 


Alvaro: Hi, I’m Alvaro, this is my sign name. 


Jimmy: I’m Jimmy, and you probably know me as Casavina. 


Alvaro: And I’m Selena. We are Deafies in Drag, but aside from that, we also work for Pah! Studios. My position is a visual designer, I make sure everything looks good, with the colors, background, cropping, that kind of thing — that’s my responsibility. 


Jimmy: Right. I’m responsible for filming and editing. That’s what I usually do. I also help with makeup. 


Alvaro: We help with Pah! Studios with Deafies in Drag — we also work with many different clients such as Hula Bella, Superdeafy, Leah Katz-Hernandez, and many more. 


Jimmy: The benefits of this is giving exposure to many different things, not just Deafies in Drag, but also colorful topics, serious “speaking,” or advertisements. This benefits us. 


Alvaro: I really enjoy working here. 


Jiimmy: For sure. 


Monica: Hi, my name is Monica. I’m an agent for Pah! Studios — we also have this agent service: “Pah! Agency.” I help people who have talents by giving them support in their questions, concerns, or different things. I provide support in various fields. I also give support with how to perform or how to coordinate. That kind of thing is really important for Deaf Talent because we often don’t realize how others take advantage of us. So we want to be sure there is fair pay and for others to be respectful to us as professionals. 


I’m also Hula Bella, a hula hoop performer. I use Pah! Studios because they have wonderful service. During my performances, there is music, and I want Deaf people to have access, so I put in visual lyrics on the background so Deaf people can see it and enjoy it. I really love their services, they make it easy for me to perform. 


Hugo: Hello there! My name is Hugo, this is my sign name. Here at Pah! Studios, I work as a runner. I sell t-shirts with Deafies in Drag, I pack things, set up the lights, do many different things. I pick things up, wow. I help out with bringing water, burgers, when you’re full you feel better. Thumbs up. 


Eddy: Anything costume-related is here. You can dress up as all kinds of characters. Some of them were created by Alvaro, our visual designer. 


[Behind-the-scenes footage of a Deafies in Drag episode] 


Eddy: What I really love about Pah! Studios is that it is a no-judgment zone. It means you can be who you are. We will bring the best out of it. For example, some of our clients aren’t sure of themselves, but we see that they have potential. We encourage them and then they come out as a wonderful product. It’s really cool, really amazing to see what we can do for our clients —  not only for our clients, but also for our customers, for our services. Their reactions is what rewards us at the end. For them to be amazed — that is… just wow.  




Alex: Wow, what a great group of creative people. Their client list and services are impressive. You can follow them on Facebook @pahstudios or Instagram @bypahstudios 

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