Deaf Business Spotlight: Day to Rejoice

June 23, 2017



ALEX: Hello! Today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is “Day to Rejoice” — an event decor and design service run by Ann Lynn Parker in Bay Area, California.  


Ann is an accredited event designer and has run her business since 2015.


Check it out!



KARINA: I’m in San Jose. I’m here to visit Ann Lynn Parker who owns Day to Rejoice, an event planning business.


AMY: Hi, I’m Ann Lynn Parker, owner of this business called Day to Rejoice Weddings & Events.


You know how when you walk into an event, you notice the ambience. This is what we focus on; the ambience and the environment so that when you walk in you’ll notice all the beautiful decorations.


People often envision themselves planning their own events, maybe a small one with family only. This is easy to do and it can be your “DIY” thing (Do It Yourself). However, with big events people often try to save money by asking friends and families to help plan and pay for the food and DJs, but this is very exhausting and time-consuming. They end up worn out. This is where you should hire a professional to do it for you. This saves you all the stress and headaches, and it’s worth going to your own event to just enjoy it. That’s why I’ve named this business “Day to Rejoice”, as it’s your day to rejoice, be inspired,  and to enjoy it! No more thinking and worrying.


This room right here, or the chapel is very nice, and it’s multi-purpose. There’s a lot of space here so it’s nice. We will set up some chairs and tables here. There’s a stage to take care of too.


This church here is my “playground” because the pastor here loves decorating. He found out about my skills and has asked me to come decorate from time to time, especially for the big annual women’s event with over 600 women in attendance. I did everything from chandeliers, drapes, and so forth.


I’ve had some of hearing women ask me to decorate for their weddings, events, babyshowers, and birthdays. I recently did a retirement party which was enjoyable. I believe good ambience is very important to achieve.




ALEX: That’s a wonderful service in transforming rooms for special events. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram @DaytoRejoice, or on her website

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