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June 22, 2017


Tropical Storm Cindy, Police Officer Stabbed at International Airport in Michigan, New Training Course for Teachers to Combat Active Shooters, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Ousted, Six Inmates Praised for Saving Deputy’s Life, Georgia Prison Bus Fugitives Appears in Court, and Republicans Win House Seats in GA and SC




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, June 21. Ready for news? 




There is a tropical storm, named Cindy, that is moving through the Gulf of Mexico towards the Texas-Louisiana-Alabama-Florida border. There will be a lot of rain (6 to 12 inches), 50 mph winds, and possible flash flooding in the region.

Some areas already had power outages and flooding. The storm is expected to continue moving up the Eastern U.S. and dissolve somewhere in Kentucky on Saturday morning. 


Be safe, everybody around the Gulf Coast! 




At an airport in Flint, Michigan — an airport police officer was stabbed in the back and neck inside the terminal (Bishop International Airport) by a man carrying a large knife. 


The officer, Jeff Neville, was attacked from behind while standing at his station. Witnesses saw him crawling, bleeding from his neck. He was in critical condition, went into surgery, and is now stable at a hospital.  There were no injuries to passengers.


The knifeman was arrested and is in custody. NBC News reported that the knifeman was born in Canada (from Quebec) and shouted, “Allah Akbar” before the stabbing. 


The airport was evacuated, shut down, and swept by law enforcement with sniffer dogs. The FBI is leading the investigation. It seems like the stabbing was targeted towards law enforcement, possibly an act of terrorism. 


Terrible. More updates about this tomorrow. 




There is a three-day course to train school staff in Colorado on how to carry guns in classrooms and protect kids from potential mass shootings — and 17 people recently took training. 


The course is named “FASTER” — short for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response. The course was first started in Ohio by and now it’s in Colorado. 


FASTER was set up by a group of parents, law enforcement officers, and medical experts who were concerned about schools in rural settings — where law enforcement response might be more than 30 minutes away. 


Both Ohio and Colorado law allows teachers or school staff to carry a concealed weapon if they have a permit and are designated as a security guard. The course will train them on how to respond in active shooter situations, treat injuries, and manage a crisis. 


There are people opposed against loaded weapons on school campuses — saying it just makes things more dangerous because of cross fire or police mistakenly shooting school staff. 


What do you think? Is a school safer with a trained staff carrying a gun, or does it bring more risks? 






Uber’s co-founder and CEO, Travis Kalanick (40) has resigned. Various media report that it was because investors pushed for him to leave so Uber can improve its image after there were multiple negative reports of a corporate culture that tolerated sexual harassment and sexism towards female workers.


There was an internal investigation led by former Attorney General Eric Holder, who made a list of 50 recommendations for changes in the company. It appears that the Uber board decided the CEO Travis was not the person for the job, and was united in writing a letter to ask Travis to leave.


Travis will still have a seat in Uber’s board. The company is valued at around $70 billion, but has gone through several big issues, such as legal settlements with drivers, a lawsuit from Google (their parent company Alphabet), battles with taxi drivers and city regulations, and recently the sexual harassment complaints and now the ouster of its CEO. 


We’ll see how Uber as a company adjusts in the future. A rival company, Lyft, has seen more customers lately. 




Six jail inmates from Polk County, Georgia are hailed as heroes for helping to resuscitate a sheriff who passed out on during supervised work detail on Monday, doing landscape work at a cemetery. It was hot outside with 100 percent humidity and it caused the sheriff, who had an underlying medical condition, to collapse. 


The inmates quickly worked together to help the sheriff, removing his bulletproof vest, doing CPR, cooling him down, and used his phone to call 911. Emergency responders quickly arrived and helped the sheriff to recover. 


As a reward, the six inmates will have 1/4 of their sentences reduced. They also were treated to a lunch with desserts at a park. 


Nice! The deputy told media that he had treated the inmates, while out doing work, as a group of guys, to be more like friends with them — and that it’s worked out good for him. 


One of the inmates, Greg Williams, said it was not about who was in jail and who wasn’t — it was about helping a man who went down. 




Remember the two Georgia prison inmates who killed two correctional officers in a prison bus and escaped last Tuesday?  After a manhunt, they were caught last Thursday in Tennessee, after they stole several vehicles, robbed two homes, tied up an elderly couple, and led police on a high speed chase while shooting bullets at them. They crashed into a rural, wooded area, ran into a residential area, tried to steal another car, but homeowners in the area alerted police. 

When they saw a car that looked like a police car, they surrendered on a driveway until police arrived.


Earlier media reports said the homeowners were armed and held them at gunpoint, but a homeowner has since said although he did have loaded guns, he did not point it at them — that the inmates just surrendered on the driveway


They appeared in court yesterday morning. A prosecutor said he wants the two to get the death penalty. They are in jail, without bond, and their next court date is September 18. 




Republicans recently won two House seats in two states — Georgia and South Carolina. 


In suburban Atlanta, Georiga, a Republican, Karen Handel, has won a closely-watched election to replace Tom Price, who is now Trump’s Sec. of Health/Human Services. She defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff with almost 52% of the vote.  


This election had national media attention because Democrats invested millions of dollars in Ossoff’s campaign in hopes of claiming the House seat from Republicans. Trump tweeted in support of Handel and against Ossoff. This was the most expensive race for a House seat at around $50 million total spent. 


Voters ultimately chose Handel The district normally votes Republican and Ossoff had a big drawback — although he grew up in the area, he didn’t live there (is living in D.C.). 


In South Carolina, Republican Ralph Norman defeated Democrat Archie Parnell with 51% of the votes to win the House seat left behind by Mick Mulvaney, who works in the Trump administration with budget. 


Trump tweeted congratulations for the to-be Representatives Handel and Norman, saying he was proud and honored.  


The victories, and the recent one in Montana where Republican Greg Gianforte won, has emboldened Republicans and frustrated Democrats who wanted to rebuke Trump with election victories. 





That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!

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