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June 20, 2017



Otto Warmbier Passes Away at 22, Firearm Deaths are 3rd Leading Cause of Death in Children and Teens, Federal Judge Orders 34-Foot Cross on Public Park Taken Down, Muslim Teenager Murdered by Undocumented Immigrant, and Doctors Say Don’t Eat Coconut Oil 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, June 20. Ready for news? 




News broke last afternoon that Otto Warmbier, the 22-year old student recently released from North Korea, has passed away. He died with his family surrounding him at a hospital in Cincinnati. 


Otto’s family released a statement that blamed North Korea’s awful, torturous mistreatment for his death. 


Sec. of State Tillerson said North Korea is responsible for his unjust imprisonment and has demanded the release of three other American prisoners. 


President Trump said North Korea does not have basic human decency and said we mourn their latest victim. 


The South Korean President Moon Jae-in will visit the White House next week. He recently said North Korea is responsible for his death — and believes dialogue is necessary to work with an irrational country. 


Otto was first detained January 2, 2016 — accused of doing a “hostile act against the state” for entering a restricted area in a hotel and stealing a political banner. After a trial in February 2016, he was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. 


He fell into a coma in March 2016 but North Korean authorities did not notify anybody of this until this month. 




Deaths from firearms is now the third leading cause of death in children and teenagers in the U.S.


NationIt is estimated that around 1,300 children/teenagers die every year in the U.S. from gunshots — and 5,800 are wounded by gunshots. On average, every day, around 19 children/teenagers ages 0 to 17 die from a gunshot. 


This is from a report from a medical journal of pediatrics — doctors specializing in children and teenagers. 


In the report, it says 53% of deaths are homicide (murder), 38% are suicide, 6% unintentional (accidental), and 3% is either unknown or legal intervention (law enforcement).


The majority of the deaths are boys 13 to 17. The states with the highest number of firearm homicides are Illinois and Louisiana. The states with the highest number of firearm suicides by 10-17 year olds are Alaska, Idaho, and Montana. 


An doctor/author in the journal said the safest house is one without a gun, but for families that value guns, he recommended pediatrics to discuss gun safety with parents and discuss about safely storing guns away from children and teenagers — warning that children can be crafty and that teenagers are impulsive, that guns are very effective if they try to commit suicide. 




In Pensacola, Florida — there is a 34-foot concrete cross in a public park. It had been there since 1969, before that a wooden one dating to 1941, but after four people sued the city saying it violated the first amendment — that the government can’t favor a religion over others — a federal judge ruled that the city must remove it within 30 days and for the city to $1 in damages to the four plaintiffs. Two of them have moved to Canada. 


The city of Pensacola pays an average of $233 a year to clean the cross, keep it painted and illuminated at night. The four plaintiffs said it was unfair that a citizens should pay a bill for a religious symbol. 


For a religious display to be on a government-owned land, it must pass the “Lemon Test” — which has three parts: 


  1. It must have a secular (non-religious) purpose

  2. It cannot advance or inhibit religion

  3. It can’t entangle government with religion.


The judge it did not pas the lemon test. He said he understood there are many in Pensacola that wanted to keep the cross there as a part of the city history, that many have memories there of having Easter celebrations or putting flowers on Memorial Day — he said he couldn’t ignore the law. 


The city said the mayor would make a decision on how to proceed. 




Last Saturday night - Sunday morning in Fairfax County, Virginia — a young Muslim high school student (17), Nabra Hassanen, was murdered when she was walking with 20 of her friends, some of them riding bicycles, on their way to a mosque. 


A man, Darwin Torres (22), who is an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, was driving behind the group. He got into an argument with a boy on a bicycle. He jumped the curb, got out of the car, chased the group with a baseball bat, caught Nabra, beat her, and dumped her in a pond. 


Police later found her body in the pond. They eventually caught Darwin, got the baseball bat, and charged him with murder. Police said the motive is road rage and that it is not a hate crime. 


Darwin is currently in jail. The ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement has put a detainer on him — which means it is an order that if he is released from custody, he must be turned over to the ICE. 




There is a new report by the American Heart Association that advises people to put coconut oil in their food. Even though coconut oil has risen in popularity recently, with many saying it had health benefits, doctors say coconut oil has very high saturated fats — around 82%. In comparison, butter has 63%. 


They also say coconut oil will increase bad cholesterol. There are some positive health benefits, but the negative benefits outweigh the good. Doctors recommend cooking/eating with olive oil or vegetable oils — saying you can put coconut oil on your body, but not in your body. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 







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