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June 15, 2017



London Apartment Fire Kills At Least 12, Gunman Shoots at Republican Congressmen in Virginia, Deaf Rapper Matt Maxey Partners with Chance the Rapper, and Family-Owned Liquor Store with Deaf Member Sells $447 Million Powerball Lottery


Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, June 14. Ready for news? 



Last night in London, there was a huge fire at an apartment tower, Grenfell Tower (24 stories), that killed at least 12 people (including children) and injured over 70. The death count would probably increase as more bodies are found, including children. 


It is not clear how the fire started, but a witness saw one corner of the tower being on fire and then within 15 minutes, the whole building was in flames. Another said he narrowly escaped by running down a central staircase. People said they didn’t hear the fire alarm and was not prepared for it. There were people stuck at the upper levels of the tower, asking for help. There were many on the floor who screamed for those who were missing. Some people jumped out of the building. There was even a baby thrown out, and the baby is apparently okay. 


45 fire trucks and 200 firefighters arrived to fight the fire. 


The apartment, which is a public housing block, was built in 1974 and was recently renovated to have new exterior surfaces and a new heating system. 


Some residents had previously stated concerns about the fire risks of the apartment, criticizing the landlord for not doing enough. 


Terrible and sad. There are many people in London who are reaching out to help those who have lost their family, friends, and homes.




There was a serious shooting this morning in Alexandria, Virginia — at a baseball field — that targeted Republican Congressmen and their aides as they practiced for a charity baseball game tomorrow night against the Democrats. 


A gunman, identified as 66-year old James T. Hodgkinson from Illinois, shot from the third-base dugout at people on the field. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. 


Rep. Steve Scalise (R, Louisiana) was shot in the hip while he was on the field and had to drag himself across the field. 


Two other people on the field was shot and was lying. A total of four people (not including the gunman) was injured. One was an aide for Texas Rep. Roger Williams, one was a lobbyist for Tyson Foods, and two Capitol Police officers were injured.


Senator Rand Paul (R, Ky) was in the batting cage when the shooting started. He said he saw people lying on the field with gunshots hitting the dirt around them, and continued to reload and shot over 50 times at the people. 


Senator Jeff Flake (R, Ariz) was on the field too and saw the same events. They said they were unable to help the people on the field because of the constant shooting. Some Congressmen ran over a fence to try and escape. 


Capitol police responded to the shooting and managed to stop and put the gunman in custody — he was in the hospital in critical condition, but have died this morning. 


There were gunshots on the windows of a nearby YMCA. 


Rep. Scalise was transported to the hospital, went through surgery, and is now in critical condition after initially being reported as okay. There were two other people who were shot who are in critical condition.


Rep. Jeff Duncan (R, SC) said before the shooting, he walked past a man (apparently James the gunman) who asked if the team was Republicans or Democrats. Duncan said, “Republicans” and the man said, “thanks.” 


James’s social media shows that he had strong views against Republicans and President Donald Trump and was a Bernie supporter. We’ll see from the investigation what the gunman’s motives were and if he acted alone or was a part of a group.


Senator Bernie Sanders said he was informed that the gunman was someone who previously volunteered on his presidential campaign team. Bernie said he was sickened by this despicable act. 


While this was happening this morning — Democrat Congressmen were practicing at Gallaudet University. They were immediately evacuated when the shooting happened less than 10 miles away.


A Gallaudet student, Jehanne McCullough, tweeted this: 


[Tweet: The Democrats were having their practice at @GallaudetU when the shooting occurred. @CapitolPolice & @GallaudetDPS managed to evacuate them.]

Additional note: Fox2Now reported that the Democrats prayed on the field after the shooting for the Republicans. 


Wow. Gallaudet provided Daily Moth with an official statement. 


It said the campus was already secure with only two gates open because of the Congressmen practicing on the field. When the shooting happened, the Capitol Police sent in a tactical team to the Gallaudet campus, who worked with the assistance of Gallaudet’s security (DPS) — the Congressmen/staff were evacuated to safety. Gallaudet says all members have left the campus and there is no threat at the time.


It is a relief that everybody at Gallaudet is okay. It seems like the baseball game will go on as planned tomorrow night at Nationals Park




Deaf Rapper Matt Maxey and his DEAFinitely Dope partners Kelly Kurdi and ASL interpreter Amber Gallego are now partnering up with Chance the Rapper to interpret his shows during his tour. 

Amber posted on her Facebook page an announcement with Matt and Chance announcing they are giving away 50 free front-row tickets to a Chance concert tonight in the Tampa area. The team will also travel with Chance in other concerts in Wisconsin, Delaware, and California — which are the last few shows in Chance’s Spring Tour 2017. 


Nice! Matt announced on his Facebook page that he met Chance at the Bonnaroo Musical Festival in Tennessee. Matt said he interpreted several performances as a deaf interpreter and got the attention of Chance, who wanted to meet Matt. They then made plans to team up for concerts in Florida and the other ones on his tour. Wow. 


Congratulations to the DEAFintily Dope team — they have been on fire lately! 

Follow them @DeafinitelyDDope or at 




A liquor store in Southern California (Riverside area) recently sold the winning Powerball lottery ticket for $447 million — the store is owned by the Alberre family, and one of them is Deaf man Fadi Alberre (33). 


Because the store sold the winning ticket, it receives a $1 million prize. Nice! Here are some comments from Fadi and his brother, who is hearing and can sign. 


[video, interview is subtitled] 


Wonderful story, thank you Fadi and Matthew for sharing. 


The winner has not yet come forward to claim his or her prize, and has a year to do so. If you are in the area (Menifee, 25 miles south of Riverside), you can stop by and see if you can get some luck there. 


It is the second largest winning lottery ticket in California and the 10th largest in the U.S.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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