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June 8, 2017



Leading Cause of Americans Under 50: Drug Overdoses, Deaf Singer on “America’s Got Talent,” ISIS Attack in Tehran, Iran, Trump Appoints New FBI Director, Scientists Discover 300,000 Old Homo Sapiens Remains, and Interview with Connell Crooms: Deaf Man Violently Arrested by Jacksonville Police 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, June 7. Ready for news? 




There is now a new leading cause of death for Americans under 50 — it is drug overdoses. Last year (2016) there were 59,000 people who died from overdoses, which is 19% more than the year before (2015). 


Ohio had the most deaths last year with 4,100 people overdosing, which is 11 people a day. 


Most of the overdoses are related to addiction to heroin or prescription painkillers with an addition of fentanyl, another pain medication that increases the drug’s effects. 


This crisis has led the state of Ohio to sue five big drug companies, accusing them of not acknowledging the risks of addictions.




A Deaf woman, Mandy Harvey, was on America’s Got Talent last night. She is a late-deafened woman — became deaf at 18 from connective tissue disorder — she is now 29. When she was a hearing child, she sang, and after her hearing loss, learned how to sing again by muscle memory and using visual tuners. 


Her talent is signing and playing the ukulele. Last night on the show she had an ASL interpreter stand next to the judges (her name is Sarah), right next to Simon Cowell. 


Mandy took off her shoes to feel the music on the stage floor. 


She sang an original song named, “Try.” The judges and audience looked like they were very impressed, blown away, and gave her a standing ovation. 


I can’t comment on the sound of her music, as my ears don’t work, 


but Simon Cowell clearly liked it, as he pushed the “Golden Buzzer” — which a judge can press only once during the season —


It means Mandy will go straight to the next stage — live shows.  


Simon said the song was beautiful and that they “found each other.”  Wow, congratulations to Mandy. 


AGT will have more “audition-style” shows and I’ll update you all on when the live show is so we can watch her! She has a Facebook page @MandyHarvey and you can follow her updates there.




Sadly, we have another major ISIS terrorist attack — this time in Tehran, Iran at their Parliament building and at a shrine that killed 12 and wounded at 42 (the numbers might change). 


The attacks started 10 a.m. their time, when three ISIS men went to a security checkpoint at the Parliament complex — pretending they had a meeting with lawmakers. They had AK-47 rifles, grenades, and suicide vests. 


They shot and killed a guard, and went inside the office building and shot at people who were waiting to meet with their representatives. 


They continued go move inside — and was met by security forces who protected the lawmakers. 


They moved to an office area and killed government employees. 


The Iranians sent their special forces to enter the building and they killed all three ISIS men. 


While this was going on, in another area of Tehran, at a shrine to honor Iran’s revolutionary leader from 1979, two ISIS men killed a garden worker and injured three security guards, before being killed by security. 


Terrible and sad. ISIS is really active this month — which corresponds with their call for more attacks during the holy month of Ramadan. 


We’ll see how much of an impact this has on world politics and military strategy. 




President Trump has appointed a new FBI Director — Christopher Wray. He is currently a defense lawyer and was a former Justice Department official under the George Bush administration. 


Wray, as a lawyer, represented New Jersey Governor Chris Christie when he and his administration was accused of shutting down traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge. Christie is a strong ally of Trump, so you can see how the three men are connected. 


The timing of the announcement today will somewhat coincide with tomorrow’s testimony by the former FBI Director, James Comey.


If Congress approves Wray, he will be our new FBI head. He would not preside over the Russian investigation, though — as that is under the Special Counsel Robert Mueller, another former FBI director. 




Scientists has discovered the oldest bones (fossils) of our species, Homo sapiens, in Morocco. 


The bones are of three adults, a teenager and a child amongst stone tools and ashes from campfires. There were butchered bones of gazelles and zebra in the site. Scientists believe it was a hunting party. 


The skulls show similar facial features as ours, but different head sizes — as ours is more round while back then it was more elongated.


The dating of the bones and tools suggest it is from 300,000 years ago. How they decided the dates — they looked at the tooth enamel from a fossil jaw and used a scientific tool called electron spin resonance measure the radiation buildup on it. They also used a technique called thermoluminescence to see how much time passed since an object was heated. 


This date of 300,000 years ago is 100,000 years older than any other fossil ever discovered — and it’s changed many scientific beliefs of the origins of humans, because many believed modern humans came from somewhere in East Africa around 200,000 years ago, according to many Homo sapiens fossils found in modern-day Ethiopia. 


The fact that the new, 300,000 year old fossil was found in modern-day Morocco — shows that Homo sapiens were already migrating out of Africa. 300,000 years ago — the Sahara Desert was green and there were other human species walking around the world.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 












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