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June 7, 2017



NSA Contractor Arrested for Leaking Top-Secret Document about Russian Election Hacking Efforts, Third London Bridge Attacker Identified and Two More Victims’ Names Revealed, Attacks in Paris and Australia, and Deaf London Man’s Experience of London Bridge Attacks. 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, June 6. Ready for news? 




A NSA (National Security Agency) contractor, Reality Leigh Winner (25) was arrested last weekend for leaking a top-secret document to a news organization that described how a Russian spy agency, the GRU, tried to hack into various email accounts related to election software and voting booth hardware. 


What does the document say? It says in August 2016, Russian intelligence wanted to pose as a voting vendor (a company that helps with voting rolls and machines) — they wanted to trick local government employees to download a Microsoft Word document that had malware in it, which would allow Russians to have control over the computers. 


The Russians are said to try and send emails that looked like they were from Google to gain access to their online login/password information, so they could enter into the vendor’s software, learn about it, and create another email that would look like it was from the vendor and use it to hack into other voting software. 


The report says Russians managed to get past the first step (login information) and tried to do the second step, sending the malware as a Word document on October 31 or November 1 to 122 different local government email addresses 


The company that the Russians targeted is said to be VR Systems, a voting software service that has contracts in California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. 


We’ll see how this impacts the ongoing Russian investigation. Former FBI Director James Comey will testify before Congress this Thursday, and this report might come up. 


The DOJ’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said people who are trusted with classified information and violate that obligation must be held accountable. 


She is facing potential serious charges and prison time. On Reality’s social media accounts, she has expressed political views that are very against President Trump. She is an Air Force veteran.


Intercept Article:




The third London Bridge terrorist has been identified — his name is Youssef Zaghba (22). He is an Italian citizen, his father is from Morocco and his mother is Italian. 


He was stopped by security in March 2016 at an airport in Bologna (Italy) — he wanted to fly to Turkey — but was detained because he had no money and no luggage with him. Authorities found ISIS videos and materials on his phone. He was released because there was not enough evidence against him. UK authorities said Youssef was not a “person of interest” by police or MI5. 


With all three terrorists identified, the investigation is ramping up with more people arrested, but many have been released. Police are asking for any information to hep them. 


Two more victims has been identified — the first a 28-year old Australian nurse, Kirsty Boden. When she ran to help victims on the bridge, she was killed. Media has not said how she died. She worked at a hospital in London.


The next one is James McMullan (32), a British man. His family notified media that he was one of the bodies after the attack and was identified by his bank card. 


There are still four more victims that have not yet been identified. 




There were two recent “small-scale” terror attacks in Australia and in Paris.


Today in Paris — outside of the Notre Dame Cathedral — a man, apparently a student from Algeria, attacked a police officer with a hammer while yelling, “this is for Syria!” Another officer shot the attacker in the chest and he was transported to the hospital. Police found that he had knives with him. 


The situation caused a heavy police presence to swarm around Notre Dame and tourists had to show their hands inside of the chapel. The attacker is in the hospital, apparently still alive, and we’ll know more about him later. 


Yesterday in Australia — in Melbourne — a gunman held a woman hostage in an apartment. 


During the hostage situation, the man called a news station and said, “this is for IS, then shouted, “this is for Al Qaeda.” A woman was screaming in the background.


When police arrived, they found a man dead in the lobby, then shot and killed the gunman and rescued the woman. Three police officers were injured in the incident. 


The gunman’s name is Yacqub Khayre (29), a citizen of Australia — he was born in Somalia and came into the country when he was a child refugee. Australian authorities said he has a long criminal history and was previously in prison, and was on parole when he attacked the man and the woman. He was acquitted in a terrorism-related investigation several years ago. 


The ISIS released a statement saying he was a solider for them, that Yacqub did this to support them against countries that are fighting against ISIS. 


The Prime Minister Turnbull said there are many questions — he wondered how this man was on parole with a long record of violence.  




[Video of Deaf London who experienced the London Bridge terror attacks — subtitled]




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 







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