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June 5, 2017


Terrorist Attack in London, Workplace Shooting in Orlando, Conflict in Persian Gulf over Qatar, Trump Administration Announces Plans to Privatize Air Traffic Control, and Oklahoma Man Shoots Neighbor to Stop Him from Drowning Baby Twins.  




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! Hope your weekend was good. It is Monday, June 5. Ready for news? 




I’m sure you’ve seen this on the news, there’s been another terrorist attack in London that killed 7 people and injured at least 48 — 21 of them critically. Terrible. I’ll give a summary of what happened and then give the latest updates. 


On Saturday night, at 10 pm their time, three terrorists drove a van that purposefully hit people walking on the “sidewalk area” of the London Bridge. 


The van then crashed/stopped into the Borough Market, which is popular area with many restaurants and bars. The three men got out of the van with large 10-to-12 inch knives and stabbed whoever they could see, they would move on to the next restaurant or bar, causing mass chaos and panic. But some people were brave, throwing bottles and chairs at the men. Some say they heard the three men yell, “this is for Allah!” as they attacked people. 


Police arrived, shooting and killing the three men with over 50 gunshots. The whole thing, from the bridge to the shooting, lasted 8 minutes. The three men were wearing what looked like suicide vests, one of them had a military-style pants. 


ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was a “covert unit” — a secret group. There is still investigation on if the three men acted alone or had contact with other ISIS groups. 


British police has identified the three men. The first is a Pakistan-born British citizen: Khuram Butt (27). The second is Rachid Redouane, it appears he lived in Ireland and is originally from Morocco or Libya. The third one has not yet been released. 


The first one, Khuram, is known to police as being an extremist. He was filmed last year being with a group of people who were praying towards a black flag that looks like an ISIS flag. In the 16th minute of the documentary, you can see a British police officer confronting a religious leader and detaining him. Khuram is seen in the group, watching. 


One victim who has been identified as Christine Archibald (30) from BC, Canada. She moved to London to be with her fiancé. 


One victim is a man from France (27) who was stabbed in the neck. He worked at one of the bars. There seems to be at least six other French citizens who were injured.


Two Australians, a male and a female, were stabbed in the neck but survived. At least two other Australians are injured. 


One American was shot in the head by a police bullet (from the shooting), but will survive. The identities of the other victims has not yet been released. 


England has been hit hard by terrorism in the past three months, as they recently had the Manchester suicide bombing that killed 22 people (on May 22) and the car/knife attack near Parliament (on March 22) that killed 5 people.


The Prime Minister of the UK gave a speech saying they had to become serious about the threat of Islamic extremism. She said we need to focus on not allowing extremists to use the internet or social media accounts, to shut down their communication. 


There has been raids and arrests of people in various areas in East London, maybe as police continue to make connections to the terrorists. There was one raid that led to a chase on a rooftop.


The UK will have elections for seats in their Parliament this Thursday June 8. The election will go on as planned.


More updates tomorrow. 






This morning in Orlando, Florida —- at a business that makes materials for RVs — a person who used to work there went inside with a handgun and shot and killed five people. 


Sheriff Dennings said three males are dead, one female dead, and that one male died later in the hospital. 


The gunman killed himself at the end of the shooting. His identity has not been released yet. Police said he has a minor police record — but added that in 2014, police was called to the same business for a battery complaint against the gunman (then a worker). So there’s some history there. 


There were seven survivors who are being interviewed. 


The business’ name is Fiamma, Inc. Tragic incident in Orlando. 




There is major conflict between Qatar and five other Persian Gulf countries, and it has to do with Iran.


Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain, and Yemen and others have built a “coalition” to distance themselves from Iran, a long-time rival in the region.  


But Qatar has a economic relationship with Iran. Recently Iran re-elected their president Rouhani and apparently the leader of Qatar called him to congratulate him. This phone call caused a lot of tension with Saudi Arabia, and this has now led to the rift.


Clarification: Saudi Arabia and other countries have also accused Qatar of being a supporter of terrorism and of interfering with their affairs. 


Saudi Arabia and the other countries are closing their borders to Qatar, stopped flights to and from Qatar, and told Qatar citizens they had two weeks to leave.


The U.S. has a close relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Trump administration has previously agreed with their position against Iran, but the U.S. also has a relationship with Qatar, as there is a U.S. air base with almost 10,000 American soldiers there.




President Trump announced a plan to separate air traffic control from the federal government — for it to be contracted out to a nonprofit or non-government (private) agency. 


Trump announced it from the White House today and said this would take American air travel into the future, saying there were many delays at airports, long wait times on the tarmac, and billions of dollars lost in air travel delays.


Trump’s administration plans to do this by moving the FAA Federal Aviation Administration’s air traffic control unit to an outside agency over the three years. It will cut off 30,000 FAA employees from the federal government. The FAA would still be responsible for safety standards. 


The plan would need Congressional approval. The plan has the support of United, American, and Southwest Airlines, but is opposed by Delta. Opponents are concerned about increased ticket prices, security risks, and about large airline companies dominating the new agency. 




Last Friday in Oklahoma, a man shot and killed his neighbor because he was trying to drown his twin babies. 


What happened: a man, Leland Foster, went into a house with a knife and threatened the mother of the twins with it (she is Leland’s separated wife), then took the twins to the bathroom and tried to drown them while holding the mother at bay by knifepoint. 


There was a 12-year old girl in the house who ran to the neighbor to ask for help. The neighbor, Cash Freeman, got his gun, went into the other house, went into the bathroom, and saw Leland trying to drown the three-month old babies. The neighbor shot at Leland twice in the back. 


The babies were airlifted to the hospital, but will be okay. 


The neighbor said he had to shoot him to save the babies, and was worried he would get in trouble. He was questioned by police but released. He will still have to go through some legal processes, meet with the prosecutor, but it appears he won’t face any charges.  


Terrible, and it is a relief the babies are okay. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!




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