Deaf Business Spotlight: LA Deaf Glam

June 2, 2017



ALEX: Hello! Today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is… LA Deaf Glam, owned by Makeup Artist Alma Altamirano. She works in Los Angeles area has clients who either come in or, she travels to  meet them and make them look beautiful. Have a look!


MELISSA: Hi! This is Melissa Yingst, South California Community Curator. Maybe you’re noticing I don’t have any makeup on right now. The reason is because I am here at LA Deaf Glam ready to get made up by a Deaf make up artist!


ALMA: My name is Alma Altamirano. My business is called the Deaf LA Glam.


MELISSA: I’m ready to see myself. Wow! It feels like I’m ready to go out on a hot date tonight!


ALMA: I love it.


I love the feeling of excitement at seeing their reactions in seeing themselves in the mirror. It’s like in the ‘after’ picture I showed you. Then when they see their new faces they love it. I take a picture of their smiling reaction. If they’re happy and smiling, it makes me feel the same. If they’re sad, then I’m sad, too. If there’s something they don’t like, they tell me and I fix it right away.


I view doing make up as something that helps their self-esteem. For example, I had somebody come to me not knowing how to do makeup. She didn’t feel good about herself because her face had lots of acne scars. I told her that makeup wasn’t the only solution, and that she needed to work on her self-esteem in other ways, too. This is better than relying only on makeup. I think having both makeup, and other solutions will help increase self-esteem.


Here’s a tip on finding the foundation that matches your skin color. This color is the one that matches my skin. How do I know it’s a match? You test it on your neck first. This is better than say, your cheek. Don’t test it on your hands or wrists because they could be a different shade than your face and neck. That’s all you need to know. Find the one that matches your neck.


STEF: Hi, I’m Stef Victoria. I’m Alma’s customer. I love Alma’s makeup artistry. She makes it very beautiful, and she’s Deaf! I can communicate my wants to her about colors for my lips and face, and she does it. She knows what works with my skin color, and offers tips. I learn lots from her.


BLANCA: Hi, I’m Blanca. I’m one of Alma’s customers. I absolutely love her work. I always reach out to her for a makeup job for any events I go to. She’s just wonderful, and she meets all her clients’ needs. And also, we communicate the same way! She understands my wants and needs. She follows whatever you desire.


ALMA: It started when I was 10 years old, when my mom had lots of makeup. I used them often and showed how I looked to my mom. She loved it, and noticed how I was becoming more and more creative with makeup, so she decided to buy me some makeup as a Christmas gift. I played around with it often at home, not going out of the house with it. When I was 16, I had really improved with different makeup. Then, YouTube came around and I watched a bunch of videos on makeup. It made me really fascinated with it, and I studied all I could. By the time I was 18, I was skilled with doing makeup. By 20, I was still passionate and wanting to learn more. I was self-taught, but I wanted more. Stef hired me for a Deaf event to do makeup on people. It would be my first time doing it in public, so I decided to do it. I loved it and gained a lot of experience. I was overwhelmed at first because I had 10 models to do. I did my best and got better with each model. All the models said they loved the makeup! I was surprised because I thought I could’ve done better, but no, they said they loved it. After the event, they all asked for my phone number, and this lead to setting up my own business. I became a “traveling makeup artist”. I’d go to places.


Makeup is a fun hobby! You can do however you’d like with it. Be creative! The more creative it is, the more happier you’ll be.


ALEX: That’s a very talented makeup artist, and you can see that she really connects with her clients. If you are in LA area and need to look fabulous, you can contact her through her Facebook page @LaDeafGlam.



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