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May 31, 2017



Navy SEAL Dies After Parachute Fails to Open in Demonstration, Portland Train Terrorist Appears in Court, ISIS Car Bombs in Baghdad, White House Communications Director Resigns, Ariana Grande to Return to Manchester for Benefit Concert, Update with Tiger Woods DUI, U.S. Military Successfully Tests Missile Intercept, and KSD Superintendent Search Updates  




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, May 30. Ready for news? 




On Sunday in Jersey City, during a “Fleet Week” demonstration in which Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard ships dock and provide air shows — a Navy SEAL died after doing a parachute jump because his parachute did not open. He jumped from a helicopter and fell into the Hudson River and was pulled from the water and taken to the hospital, but died. There were thousands of people who were watching it and saw it happen. 


Very sad. His name was Remington Peters, 27 years old. He was on an elite Navy parachute team called the Leap Frogs. 


There are usually two parachutes — a main one and a back-up one, and it seems like both of them failed. It is currently under investigation. 


There were three other parachutists who successfully completed their landings. 




Today the man who stabbed and killed two men in a Portland, Oregon train — Jeremy Christian — appeared in court. 


He faces several charges — two counts of aggravated murder, one count of attempted murder, two counts of second-degree intimidation (which is similar to a hate crime charge), and for being a felon with possession of a weapon. He could get the death penalty. 


He shouted in court, “Get out if you don’t like free speech” — then yelled, “you call it terrorism, I call it patriotism.” He also yelled, “Death to the enemies of America.” 


To review, on Friday, Jeremy was on a train when he started shouting racist and hateful remarks towards two young girls, one of them wearing a hijab. Jeremy said they should go back to Saudi Arabia, that they should just kill themselves. 


When three men approached Jeremy to tell him to stop, it exploded into a fight in which Jeremy stabbed them in the necks. Two died: Ricky Best (53) and Taliesin Namkai-Meche (23). One was wounded and survived: Micah Fletch (32). 


Police later arrested Jeremy when he ran away from the train. 


New information: Jeremy was in a train the day before and also shouted hate speech towards others, someone recorded it on video. He said Muslims, Christians, and Jews should be burned. He did threaten to stab people — and people stood up and walked away. It is possible that police was in contact with Jeremy that night (Thursday night). 


He was arrested in 2002 after escaping the scene of a kidnapping and a robbery. He was shot in the cheek by a police officer. He was convicted for the crimes, making him a felon. 


He is a known white supremacist who has spouted hateful messages against people of other ethnicities and religions. 


His next court appearance is June 7. 




In Baghdad, Iraq — there were two big car bombs that exploded at an outdoor ice cream shop and another several hours later at a government building. 


The first bomb at the ice cream shop appeared to target people who were gathering at night to break their Ramadan fast. At least 17 people died and many were wounded. There were many families there, including children, who were enjoying ice cream when the explosion hit. Terrible. 


The second car bombing apparently was targeted towards elderly residents who lived outside of a government retirement department building, some of them were lined up to get their pensions . It went off during rush hour. There were many cars on the street and people walking  14 were killed, many others wounded.




The White House’s communications director, Mike Dubke, has resigned. He was the top PR guy for the Trump White House and was hired in March. He first handed in his letter of resignation before Trump’s international trip (on May 18), but agreed to stayed on until Trump got back — and now this is public. He is still working there and his last day has not yet been set. 


The Wall Street Journal reported that Dubke was not able to mesh well with Trump or his team. Dubke was not part of the campaign team and was an “outsider” in the White House, and apparently was blamed for some communication issues at the White House. 


Dubke emailed his friends saying he left for personal reasons, that it was a great honor to serve President Trump.


We’ll see who replaces him at the White House. It’s a tough job, that’s for sure.




Ariana Grande will go back to Manchester, England for a concert that will raise money for those who were killed and injured in the terrorist attack two weeks ago. The concert will be named “One Love Manchester” and will have another famous signers there, including Usher, Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and others. 


All people who were at the concert on May 22 will get free tickets to the fundraising concert. The money raised will go to the “We Love Manchester” emergency fund which is run by the British Red Cross. 


Updates with the investigation — a total of 16 people have been arrested, 2 released and 14 still in custody. Police have released several images of the bomber, Salman Abedi, both right before the bombing and earlier carrying a blue suitcase — to try and get information about his whereabouts before the bombing.


Police are still searching buildings in the Manchester area and other towns, the investigation is wide-ranging and still ongoing. 


There are still 50 people in hospitals from injuries sustained in the bombing. 17 are in critical care.





Update with Tiger Woods’ DUI charge yesterday — according to the police report, Tiger was asleep in his Mercedes AMG S65 vehicle, still wearing his seat belt. The car was stopped at the right lane, engine running, brake lights on (but the left taillight was broken), and turn signal was flashing. Both of its tire rims on the driver's side had minor damage and were flat. 


When the officer walked up to the car and woke up Tiger, he was confused and had slow, slurred speech. He took a breathalyzer test and it showed .000 percent blood alcohol levels. The officer said he didn’t smell any alcoholic odor. 


Tiger told the officer he took several prescription pills — including Vicodin. Tiger had to do several road tests — including standing on one leg and putting a finger to his nose — and was eventually arrested and booked. 


Tiger released a statement on Instagram saying alcohol was not involved and that it was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. He apologized to his family, friends, and fans — and said he would do everything in his power to make sure this never happens again, and thanked the police department for their professionalism. 


He will appear in court July 5. 




The U.S. military, in a test, successfully blocked/intercepted an intercontinental ballistic missile. The defense missile was launched at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and successfully hit a missile fired from a small island in the Pacific ocean. 


It is a challenging test because the ballistic missile is faster than a shorter-range missile, but the successful intercept is considered an important milestone for the U.S. military as they become more prepared with North Korea’s aggressive missile tests. 


In the past, the U.S. military has not always been successful in those tests — out of 17 tries, they blocked 9 missiles. Maybe they have better technology this time around.




There is a search ongoing for the new superintendent of the Kansas School for the Deaf and Kansas School for the Blind. There was a recent announcement from the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE) that the hiring committee couldn’t agree on a candidate to be superintendent. 


A Deaf person, Luanne Barron, who is KSD’s assistant superintendent, was considered as one of the top candidates for the position but was not selected. This disappointed some people in the Deaf community because they felt she was very qualified, more qualified than the other candidates. 


The KSDE Education Commissioner — Randy Watson — met with over 100 members of the Kansas deaf and blind community at a town hall last week. He announced there would be an interim superintendent for now. 


I reached out to a Deaf person in Kansas to inquire further. Here is what the person shared with me: 


— The KSDE did not advertise the position opening to networks of Deaf education professionals. The Kansas Deaf community wrote a letter to them, and they extended the position opening for two more weeks. Some felt that there were several weeks where nobody in the Deaf community knew KSD had this opening. 


— The KSDE announced top three candidates for the positions, two were hearing and one Deaf. All of them had meetings at both the Deaf and Blind schools (30 miles apart). 


— The interview committee, which had 6 people (2 from KSD, 2 from KSB, and 2 from the State Board of Education) — couldn’t agree on a candidate after five hours of deliberations. They were looking for someone who could manage the Deaf and Blind schools as well as work with state legislators to get funding, and felt like none of the three candidates met the qualifications. 


— The interim superintendent will run the schools until the position is announced again later. The schools will continue to operate as normal. 


— The Deaf person said many felt uneasy about the interim superintendent because they don’t know who the person is, whether this person understands deaf education, and and how long he or she will hold the position. They don’t know when the new job opening will be posted. 


So, that’s what has been going on in Kansas. I’ll keep an eye on the situation and let you know who the interim superintendent is and when the new job opening is posted. 


Local Media Article:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 








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