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May 29, 2017



Memorial Day News Briefs: Tiger Woods Arrested for DUI, Utah Mother Locks Kids in Trunk While Shopping at Wal-Mart, Reports: Jared Kushner Requested for Secret Communications with Russia in December, Sen. McCain Says Russia is Bigger Threat than ISIS, North Korea Test-Fires More Ballistic Missiles, Mississippi Man Kills 8 in Rampage, and Touching Testimony by Mother of Deaf Son’s Struggles with Langauge




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth. It is Memorial Day, the day America honors soldiers who died. A lot of people are off from work today, many families will go to cemeteries and gravestones to place flowers and honor the fallen. 


Many other Americans are using the holiday to celebrate the “unofficial” start of summer. 


The world goes on. Ready for news? 




Tiger Woods was arrested on suspicion of DUI at 3 am this morning in Jupiter, Florida — his hometown. It is more bad news for Tiger Woods, who had to withdraw from playing golf this season in February because of issues with his back — he had a fourth fusion surgery in April. He was rehabbing and said he wanted to play again. He is 41. It is a relief he didn’t crash or hurt anybody. 




A Utah mother of two children locked her kids in the trunk of her car when she went shopping at a Wal-Mart on Thursday. The kids were 2 and 5. A witness saw the mother force the kids in the trunk, shut it, and walk away to shop. Witnesses saw the car shake as the kids moved inside, and they spoke through the trunk to give the kids instructions on how to open it. When they opened the trunk, the kids were crying and scared. Someone called the police, and they arrested the mother, Tori Castillo, on child abuse charges. Tori said her babysitter didn’t show up. The kids were taken away by Child and Family Services and moved to a “responsible party.” 




There were reports last weekend by the Washington Post and the New York Times that said Jared Kushner, Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law, in a December meeting at Trump Tower with the famous Russian ambassador Sergey Kisylak, wanted to set up “back-channel” communications with Russians so the Trump transition team could discuss strategy with Moscow about Syria and other issues without any monitoring. Michael Flynn was there at the meeting. 


U.S. intelligence were able to intercept Russian communications that discussed the meeting — it said that Kushner asked Kislyak on if they could use a Russian embassy or building in the U.S. to use a Russian communication device, and that the request surprised the Russians. The WaPo got this information from anonymous sources. Kushner did not report this meeting on his security clearance form — and his lawyer said this was an error and would be corrected. 


The National Security Adviser, HR McMaster, said he couldn’t comment about Kushner — but added that generally it was not a concern if a government official set up a back-channel communication with a foregin government and that they already have back-channel communication with several other countries. 


Trump seemed to respond the reports on Twitter — calling it lies and fake news. 


Tweet #1: [It is my opinion that many of the leaks coming out of the White House are fabricated lies made up by the #FakeNews media.]


Tweet #2: [Whenever you see the words 'sources say' in the fake news media, and they don't mention names….]


Tweet #3: [ is very possible that those sources don't exist but are made up by fake news writers. #FakeNews is the enemy!]


This probably will be investigated by Robert Mueller, the special counsel for the Russian investigation. He now has an office space in D.C., built a team, and set up a budget. Mueller has also held back the notes that former FBI director Comey wrote about his interactions with Trump — Congress had wanted to see them, but Mueller is now the one who has the authority. The whole investigation could take more than a year.




In Australia, Senator John McCain said Russia is a bigger threat than ISIS and that Putin is the No.1 challenger to American security. McCain said ISIS can do terrible things, but that Russia has tried to destroy American democracy by interfering in elections. 




North Korea has continued to shoot ballistic missiles — their latest one today. It was a short-range missile and flew 280 miles before landing in the sea. They tested other two medium-to-long range missiles in the past two weeks. So far this year they’ve tested missiles 9 to 12 times as North Korea continues to try and build its missile capabilities. 


President Trump responded to this test on Twitter: 


Tweet: [North Korea has shown great disrespect for their neighbor, China, by shooting off yet another ballistic missile...but China is trying hard!]


It is the third test by North Korea since South Korea elected their new president, Moon Jae-in. His administration ordered an emergency meeting and were discussing strategies. President Moon has advocated for a diplomatic solution with North Korea, but it seems like North Korea doesn’t care as they continue to test the missiles. 


Japan says the tests threatens the safety of their aircraft and ships. Their leader, Abe, said Japan would work with the U.S. to respond to North Korea. 


U.S. Defense Sec. Mattis said if war were to break out with North Korea, it would be terrible, because North Korea has hundreds of artillery cannons and rocket launches within range to South Korea’s capital city, Seoul. 


Various international leaders, including Trump, has pointed to China as the most important country to force North Korea to change its ways. 




Terrible news: On Saturday night in Mississippi — a man shot and killed 8 people, including his mother-in-law and a police officer in a rampage that took place at three homes. The gunman is 35-year old Willie Godbolt.


Willie had an argument with his separated wife and her family about who could take their children. Someone called police to come, and when the officer arrived, that’s when Willie shot and killed the officer and killed three people in his separated wife’s family: the mother-in-law, his aunt, and his cousin. 


Willie then went to two other houses and killed four more family members: two boys (high school students) and a male and a female. 


After a seven-hour search, police found and arrested Willie on Sunday morning. He said he wanted police to kill him, but he ran out of bullets. He also said he was not fit to live. 


The shooting has shocked the community — it happened in a small “town” named Bogue Chitto. It has only 553 people in it. 




There was a touching column by a mother of a Deaf son in the New York Times about the boy’s struggles with a cochlear implant and sign langauge. 


The mother’s name is Elizabeth Engelman and her son is Micah. The mother said she found out her son was profoundly deaf when he was 2. He received cochlear implants when he was 3 and when they were activated for the first time, Micah was very scared and screamed in terror. 


The mother said his audiologist told her to not sign at all because it would block his abilities to learn how to speak with his voice. She said at home, she struggled to force his son to keep the CI processors on, but he kept on crying and trying to take them off, and fought her with head butts and kicks. The mother struggled to teach him how to speak, but was not successful. The mother even had a partial paralysis of her face because of too many head butts from the son. 


By the time Micah was 4 years old, he had a severe langauge delay, and the mother felt like she had failed him. She then took ASL classes at a community college and immediately she could see Micah picking up signs. The CI processors were taken off for good. 


The mother said his son continued to pick up ASL and by the age of 6, he could share stories, expressing about what he dreamed about. She said at night, she shines a flashlight to see him sign and is able to understand him — and that even though it is silent, it fills the room more than sound could. 


That’s a powerful testimony and it shows how important ASL is for young children. 






That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 




















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