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May 27, 2017



Nyle DiMarco Condemns Jamie Foxx for Mocking Sign Language on Tonight Show, Oregon Man Kills Two on Train After Racist Rant, Two ISIS-Related Attacks in Egypt and Philippines, and Trump Closes International Trip with G7 Summit.



Hi, I’ll share some Saturday news briefs. 


Big news in our Deaf community: Nyle DiMarco unleashed criticism on Jamie Foxx for making up signs during an Tonight show airing with Jimmy Fallon. Here is the clip of Jamie doing it on Thursday night. 




Nyle DiMarco tweeted directly to Jamie Foxx and to Jimmy Fallon — check it out. 


Tweet #1: [.@iamjamiefoxx, It is straight up disrespectful to make up sign language. Everything is in gibberish.]


Tweet #2 : [Also- @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight how was this allowed? Where's the cultural sensitivity. Not comedy when you make fun of others.]


Nyle then posted on Facebook and Twitter a longer statement that condemned Foxx and Fallon, referring to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities saying sign language is a human right of deaf people and that out of 70 million deaf people worldwide, only 2 percent have access to education in sign language.


He said that’s why he started the Nyle DiMarco Foundation, to make sure every deaf child has a language before the age of 5 — then said what Foxx did made our struggle that much harder. 


It was on a TMZ article, and we’ll see if Foxx or Fallon responds. You can look at Nyle’s Facebook or Twitter to see his posts and the discussion over there.

*Additional note: It was also reported on ET News. See articles below.




Terrible news from Portland, Oregon — yesterday at a commuter train, a man inside, Jeremy Christian, shouted slurs and racist language towards two women, one of them wearing a hijab. 


Some men walked up to him and tried to get him to stop, but Jeremy took out a knife and stabbed three men, apparently in the neck area. One died on the scene.  


When the two others were taken to the hospital, one died. The third is expected to survive. 


Jeremy then escaped from the train on foot, but police caught up to him, arrested him, and he is in jail with two murder charges, one attempted murder, and other charges. 


The two women and others on the train escaped safely.


The attack caused the train service to shut down and has shocked many in Portland. 


Jeremy is known in the community as a white supremacist and a Nazi lover. Here are pictures of him from local reporter Doug Brown. 


His mother told media that he just couldn’t imagine him doing the stabbings — unless he was on drugs or something, that he has been in prison before, and although he always spouts antiestablishment stuff, he’s a nice person. She said she just can’t imagine. 


Terrible what happened. 


Local Portland police has reached out to Muslim communities and let them know that they would provide extra police patrols, especially during their holy month of Ramadan. 


Doug Brown Tweet:




Two serious ISIS-related attacks in Egypt and the Philippines: 


  1. In Egypt, a group of Coptic Christians who were on a bus traveling was stopped by 10 ISIS people riding in three SUVs. They were in full military gear and got into the bus and demanded people inside to read a religious statement — then opened fire at people. At least 29 were killed, including 10 children. Three kids survived. Terrible, and it is another ISIS attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt — there were several previous bombings by ISIS that targeted Coptic Christians. Terrible, and the Egyptian President, El-Sissi said Egypt would punish the ISIS men, and even said on TV that he trusted that Trump would make it his primary task to fight against global terror. 


  1. In the southern part of Philippines, an armed group named Maute, which is affiliated with the ISIS, stormed a city — Marawi — and seized it several days ago, taking civilians and a priest hostage. The Philippine military responded by fighting back with helicopters and special forces, and the fighting is still going on. Filipino President Duterte, who is from the area, has imposed marital law on the region and said he might apply it to the whole country. 




President Trump is now on his way back to Washington, D.C. from his first international trip. He was recently at a G7 (group of the richest nations in the world) summit — USA, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan.  


Six countries committed to the Paris accord, which was an effort to reduce greenhouse emission and slow down climate change. But the U.S. and President Trump did not commit to it there, he said he would make a decision next week. The German chancellor Merkel said the discussion with Trump on climate change was very difficult and unsatisfying. 


Trump was very optimistic about his trip, saying we made a lot of good friends this week and that it has increased cooperation in the fight against terrorism. 




That’s all. Enjoy your evening. Stay with the light! 










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