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May 24, 2017



British Police Ramp Up Investigations of Terror Network in Relation to Concert Bombing, President Trump Meets Pope in Vatican City, Graco Recalls 25,000 Car Seats, and Interview with Iwona Cichosz, Deaf Polish Dancer and Finalist on DWTS Poland. 

*CORRECTION: I signed "Slovenia" wrong in the video. I used the sign for "Slovakia." For the correct sign, here is a reference video:




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, May 24. Ready for news? 




In Manchester, England — there is an active police investigation that is looking for a terror network and five arrests made in relation to the suicide bombing at the Ariana Grande concert. 


One of the men arrested is the brother of the bomber, Salman Abedi. His name is 


Another brother of Salman was arrested in Tripoli, the capital city of Libya. It seems like he was planning to do an attack there. 


Salman father was also arrested. 


The police chief (constable) said they are investigating a network. Officials said the bomb-making techniques was advanced, that Salman possibly got it from someone else.


Police presence in the UK is ramped up, with British military providing support in patrolling key locations, as officials has raised the terrorism threat to “critical,” fearing there might be more attacks. 


British law allows people to be detained for up to 14 days without any charges if it is related to a terrorism investigation. 


Salman grew up in Manchester, he is a British citizen, his parents went to the UK from Libya as refugees escaping from their former leader, Gaddafi. The parents currently live in Libya again, but Salam stayed in Manchester. Officials said he recently visited Libya, was there for three weeks.


Salman’s father (before he was arrested) said he last talked with him five days ago and that he seemed normal and planned to visit Saudi Arabia and then stay in Libya for a month to honor Ramadan with his family. He said, “we do not believe in killing innocents, this is not us.” 


The father was reported to be detained by masked gunmen while he was doing interviews with media. 


Salman’s identity was first released by U.S. media — and this was criticized by British Home Secretary Rudd, saying it interfered with the police’s ability to have the “element of surprise” in trying to find more people in the network. 


Sadly, another teenager was confirmed dead — a 15-year old girl named Olivia Campbell. Her mother, Charlotte, was on CNN asking for help on any information about her after the bombing. She posted on Facebook for When the mother found out she died, she posted this:


[Facebook Post with picture of Olivia: “RIP my darling precious gorgeous girl Olivia Campbell taken far far to soon go sing with the angels and keep smiling mummy loves you so much” 


In Manchester, there were vigils with large displays of flowers to honor those who died. Many held up “I <3 MCR” signs — MCR is an abbreviation for Manchester.




Donald Trump has met with Pope Francis in Vatican City. They sat across from each other on a wooden desk that the Pope uses as his private study. They talked with each other in private for around 30 minutes using an interpreter.


After the meeting, the pope greeted Melania. The pope asked him if she fed Trump “potica” — which is a Slovenian bread/cake (Melania is Slovenian). Melania seemed to not expect the question as she said, “pizza?” — then said “yes.” 


The Vatican said the pope loves to eat potica and usually asks Slovenians the question, but it missed the mark with Melania. 


Interesting fact: Trump did a Pizza Hut commercial in 1995 promoting the stuffed crust pizza. 


The pope gave Trump a 184-page letter (encyclical) about his views that capitalism (free-market businesses) has a negative impact on the environment (causing climate change by burning fossil fuels and increased human activity) and hurts the poor. Trump told him he would read it. 


The Pope also gave him a medal with an olive tree — which is a sign of peace. The pope said he hopes Trump will be an olive tree to make peace. 


Trump gave him first-edition books by Martin Luther King, Jr.. 


The Pope seemed to have an impact on Trump — when he left, he said to the pope, “Thank you, thank you, I won’t forget what you said,” 


Trump tweeted positively about the Pope: 


[Tweet: Honor of a lifetime to meet His Holiness Pope Francis. I leave the Vatican more determined than ever to pursue PEACE in our world. (Video clip of Trump with Pope) 


He also changed his Twitter banner to an image of him with the pope. 


Trump and the pope seems to have a warm relationship now — they criticized each other during the presidential campaign last year — the pope said a person who thinks only about building walls instead of bridges is not a Christian. Trump later said no person should have the right to question another man’s religion or faith. Trump also said if and when ISIS attacks the Vatican, the pope would have wished that Trump was president. But that’s in the past now. 


The Vatican issued a statement after the meeting that said both were committed in favor of life (pro-life/anti-abortion) and freedom of worship and conscience. It said they hopes for an collaboration in serving people’s healthcare, education, and immigration needs. 


Trump is now in Brussels, Belgium to meet with the NATO and European leaders. 


Interesting — Obama is also in Europe now with his wife, Michelle. They are in Italy now. Obama will go to Germany tomorrow to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and do a joint discussion on democracy at the famed Bradenburg Gate. 




Graco, maker of baby car seats and other baby-related products, has announced a recall of 25,000 car seats — specifically the “Graco My Ride 65” seat after the federal highway safety agency NHTSA announced that the Graco 65 seat harness’ faulty webbing caused kids to have an increased risk of injury during a crash if they were not appropriately restrained. 


The seats recalled are the ones made between May to August 2014, look at the transcript for specific model numbers*. 


Graco said customers can continue to use the seats until the recall starts on July 17 — them they can get a free replacement harness. Contact Graco or the NHTSA hotline for more information. 


Graco: 1-800-345-4109

NHTSA Hotline: 1-888-327-4236 or


*Model Numbers [1871689, 1908152, 1813074, 1872691, 1853478, 1877535, 1813015 and 1794334.]




I had the opportunity to interview Iwona Cichosz, the Deaf Polish woman who came in second place on their “Dancing with the Stars” show on May 5. Here it is.


Alex: Hello, Iwona! 


Iwona: Hi!


Alex: Congratulations on your second-place finish last Friday. How did it feel to dance in the finale?


Iwona: How did it feel to be in the finale and come in second place? I felt like I couldn’t believe I made it to the finale. At the beginning I was just hoping I would make it through elimination to the next dance, and I just went on and on. And at the end I was really shocked to be in the finale. I am very happy. I’ve always wanted to be on the DWTS show, but I thought I’d be eliminated before. I’m very happy to make it to the finale. 


Alex: What kind of impact do you think you made in Poland with people’s perceptions of deaf people with your successes?


Iwona: I think the impact on Polish people with my being a Deaf person on DWTS — I think many of them are shocked that Deaf people can dance (many of them think this). They ask me how I can feel the music and are surprised. They see that Deaf people have normal lives that are equivalent to hearing people’s lives. I say yes, Deaf people’s lives are not “behind” — we are the same and equal. They see my sign language. They ask me many questions and I work to remove their assumptions — such as them thinking all Deaf people can lip-read. I tell them, “no.” There are many other assumptions. I think there is some impact, a little change in how they look at Deaf people. It’s a big impact. 


Alex: What was it like to work with Stefano and the DWTS team?


Iwona: Stefano — my dancing pattern — how was it like to work with him? I have respect for him because when we first met, he did not look at me as a Deaf person, but he looked me as Iwona, as a normal Deaf person. This really touched me, his respect for me. We worked together on how to find different ways to learn how to dance. He couldn’t use his voice with me, so he had to use more physical gestures and demonstrate the dances so I could learn. I didn’t have to “accommodate him” — he accommodated me many times. He learned a little sign language. The rest of the DWTS team was the same, at first it was awkward on how to work together and with my interpreter. But I was patient and showed them how to work together. At the beginning it was hard but after two weeks things went smoothly. I the future they will know what to do with Deaf people. 


Alex: What have you learned from this experience that you will bring to your career and life? 


Iwona: Stefano showed me that I didn’t have to be so strong and be a fighter all the time, to be a “strong woman.”  I’ve always had to put up a guard. He taught me that sometimes I could just be like a woman, to give another person the ability to take care of me. I learned that. I also saw that one person could make an impact on hearing people. For example if I had five minute with hearing people, it changed many perceptions in them. It is like a light going on in their head — they say they didn't know and learned something new. That inspired me and I want to continue to do this, to expose others about Deaf people and sign language. 


Alex: Anything to add? Thank you for your time! 


Iwona: For the last comment, I’d like to say there were many Deaf people who supported me and I am very grateful. I want to tell you all that if you want to do something, you can do it, because the only barriers are in your mind. If you clear them up in your mind, anything is possible. Nobody makes barriers, only we make our own barriers. If we open them, we can do anything. 


Alex: Thank you for your time!


Iwona: Thank you! Bye. 



Great answers. I want to thank Iwona’s boyfriend, Truls Yggeseth, for helping with filming the interview. He also interviewed Stefano, Iwona’s dancing partner. This was filmed before the finale — he is speaking but I’ll include text of what he said. 



Stefano: thank you for the congratulations. first question- how it is to work with Iwona?
I have to say that for me it was a big pleasure, it just went like this, this edition. It was nice because, first of all she is very talented person, she is a very interesting person, and very inspiring, very intelligent. And it was for me- I liked that I met someone, who has similar sensibility. For example, when I explain emotion in dancing, I just had to start- and she continued. So it was for me, this is just luck, this doesn't happen very often, so for me it was a big pleasure, and I didn't feel about her that she was deaf. This was not there for me at all, I just communicated with her, she felt music, she has a talent for that, and she had feeling for rhythm.
So this was for me the most important.


Nice! I’m sure Iwona will continue to make a big impact in Poland for Deaf people. Congratulations again to her for making it to the finale. 





That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 





















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