May 17 News Briefs from WV

May 18, 2017

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! Where am I? I’m in West… West Virginia! I’m here to visit the WV School for the Deaf and the Blind in Romney, WV. It’s my first time here in this beautiful place.


I wanted to do news this afternoon but the time ran away from me with the flight and the travel to the school.


I’m here to do film projects here at the school and do workshops and presentations for students. It’ll be fun here and I’ll share footage with you so you know what it looks like here. 


There were some big news today and I’ll share the stories with you. 



#1: The Dept. of Justice’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed a special counsel to take over the Russian FBI investigation. He is former FBI Director Robert Mueller — the one before Comey. It signals that the investigation is serious. We can imagine that Trump thought it’d “go away,” possibly with the firing of Comey, but it’s only ramped up with the special counsel. Deputy AG Rod said Mueller was appointed to have the trust of the public in the investigation process. It might take a year for the investigation to conclude, and it feels somewhat of a parallel with Hillary Clinton’s investigation. It might end with nothing against Russia/Trump, or it might lead to something. 


Last night the New York Times reported that Trump asked Comey in a private Oval Office meeting to "let go" of the investigation in Michael Flynn. The meeting was on February 14, one day after Flynn was fired from his job as National Security Adviser for lying to VP Mike Pence about his phone calls with Russian ambassador Kislay.


Why is this a big deal? It could show that Trump wanted to influence a FBI investigation -- and some say it shows obstruction of justice, that the president is trying to influence a law enforcement investigation. Some say this is an exaggeration, as it is Trump’s style to negotiate with others, that he thought the Flynn thing was nothing and just simply asked Comey to let it go. It is reported that Comey took notes of his meetings with Trump.

There are now panels in Congress who has asked former FBI director Comey to testify before them and asked for copies of his memos where he kept records of his conversations with Trump. So we might see Comey testify and share his side of all that happened. 


#2 — Chelsea Manning was released from prison today after 7 years. She was formerly a male, Bradley — she transitioned to a female during prison. When she was in the Army, she leaked classified information to Wikileaks in 2010 about civilian deaths, inside deals, information about Guantanamo Bay detainees, senstive information. She was sentenced to 35 years in prison, but former president Obama commuted her sentence. Chelsea’s leak was 3 years before Snowden’s leak. Some say Chelsea’s leak was less serious than Snowden, as hers was about ethical issues by the Army, while Snowden exposed methods used by the NSA and CIA to spy on people worldwide. But there are many who felt Chelsea should have stayed in prison for her full sentence. She walked free today. 



#3 — In California, state and federal law enforcement raided many homes and stores in the LA area, targeting suspected MS-13 gang members. MS-13 had its origins in Central America and spread into Mexico and the U.S. and has been here since the 1980’s.  21 were arrested. The most serious charges are murder, racketeering, kidnapping, and human trafficking. Many of those arrested are undocumented immigrants, and the gang targets undocumented immigrants in their crimes. The arrests would be a tangible action of promises by Trump to target and stamp out the MS-13 gang.


That's the news for today. I’ll do another news report tomorrow and do the Deaf Business Spotlight on Friday. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 




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