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May 16, 2017

Washington Post Says Trump Leaked Classified Info to Russians, Oregon Man Murders Mother and Stabs Store Employee, NY School for the Deaf Fanwood Announces New Deaf Superintendent, Deaf Woman Creates “The Light of Deaf Women” Book, and Texas School for the Deaf Gets $500k Grant for Welding/Computer Science Programs. 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, May 16. Ready for news? 




Last night the Washington Post reported that President Trump leaked classified information to the two Russian diplomats he met at the White House last week.


The White House said the WaPo’s reporting is false. 


What did the WaPo say? It said Trump told the Russians about an ISIS plan to use laptop bombs to put in aircraft. They did not mention sources who told them of this.


It appears to be related to the electronic devices ban in March on devices bigger than a phone that was placed on 10 airports in 8 different Middle-Eastern countries. 


The biggest issue is not the information itself, that ISIS is planning to build laptop bombs — it is the fact that Russians now know there is someone within ISIS circles that is a “spy” who is working with CIA or some U.S. organization. 


The information that Trump shared with the Russians is claimed by the WaPo to be so specific that the Russians could potentially figure out where and who the person is. 


The National Security Advisor McMaster, who was at the meeting with the Russians, said Trump did not discuss specific intelligence sources and methods — that they only discussed common threats from terrorist organizations and threats to aviation. 


The President of the U.S. is allowed to de-classify information — even if Trump shared what is supposed to be classified information — it’s not illegal. 


Trump tweeted about this:

[Tweet #1: “As President I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled W.H. meeting) which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining….”]


[Tweet #2: “ terrorism and airline flight safety. Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism.”]


So, the President seems to confirm what the Washington Post said — that he shared with Russians information related to ISIS. 


McMaster told reporters today at the White House that Trump was working with the Russians to fight against ISIS and that while he couldn’t discuss what specifically was shared, said it was an appropriate meeting — adding that Trump did not even know where the intelligence came from, that he did not know the source. McMaster also criticized the people who leaked the information to WaPo. 


The issues here are: did Trump’s information “expose” a spy in ISIS? Should our President trust the Russians with U.S. intelligence?


Trump spoke today in a press conference with the Turkish president Erdogan, but did not bring up the controversy, only saying that his meeting with Russians last week was very, very successful. 


Trump will fly to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Italy this weekend for his first international trip. 




Terrible news from Oregon — on Sunday a man, Joshua Webb, entered a small food store holding a decapitated human head and holding an 8-inch knife. He was covered in blood. He went to the back of the store and stabbed a male employee in the stomach several times. Other employees were able to stop him and hold him. Customers ran out of the store in panic and drove off.


Police got to the store and arrested Joshua. The employee who was stabbed was transported to a hospital and will be able to recover. 


Around 20 minutes after Webb was arrested, there was a 911 call about a deceased woman at a house — which was the body that belonged to the severed head Joshua was carrying. The woman was the mother of Joshua. She was 59 years old, her name Tina Webb. Her sister, which was the aunt of Joshua, was the one who walked into the house and found her body. 


Tina’s house and the food store is around 12 miles away from each other. So Joshua first murdered her mother (on Mother’s Day), then brought her head to the food store and stabbed someone else. Just horrible. 


Joshua did not speak at all when he was held down by other employees and apparently isn’t speaking at all in police custody. He was taken to a hospital for an evaluation and is currently in jail on murder and attempted murder charges. He is blind in his right eye. 


People who knew Joshua and the family say they are absolutely shocked and would have never predicted this. Joshua lived with his parents. Joshua’s father said he never foresaw a problem with Joshua and that he would have stopped it if he suspected something. He said he couldn’t believe he lost his wife and son in one day. 


There was a memorial set up at the food store to support the community. 




The New York School for the Deaf (Fanwood) announced last week that they have selected a new superintendent, Dr. Bradley Porche'. He is Deaf and will be leaving his job at the principal at the Mississippi School for the Deaf.  


The school’s board president said Dr. Porche’ has expertise in deaf education and technology and will help make sure their students become 21st century learners. 


Dr. Porche’ posted a vlog saying he was thrilled to join the Fanwood family as their new superintendent and that he hopes to bring his 14 years of experience in Deaf education to bring Fanwood into the 21st century education while preserving the school’s long and rich history. 


Fanwood is celebrating it’s 200th anniversary — it was founded a short time after American School for the Deaf in 1817. Exciting times for the school and the community. 


Press Release:






There is a new book made by a Deaf woman, Sofia Seitchik, called, “The Light of Deaf Women: Inspirational Stories from Visionaries, Artists, Founders, and Entepreneurs.” 


It is on Kickstarter now and it is only $500 away from its $11,733 goal. 


The square hardcover book will feature over 60 stories of Deaf women from various backgrounds and various careers — to “tell” their story and their inner light, along with professional images of them. 


If you back the project with $25 or more, you will get a copy of the book. You can contribute a smaller amount to support it and get an electronic copy, or contribute more to get additional copies. 


There are 5 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, so grab your opportunity to be a backer and get your copy. 


Sofia is the founder of Global Deaf Women, an organization that supports Deaf women to start businesses. The GDW organization is also named as the creator of the book. 


For more information, please go to the link in the description or transcript. 





Last Friday I went to the Texas School for the Deaf and visited their CTE Career & Technician Education building — specifically their welding program. They recently got a $500,000 grant to provide many new upgrades and top equipment to prepare students for careers in welding. Check this out! 



(Footage of new welding classroom and staff brining deliveries in the room)


Daniel Veit, CTE Supervisor: Hi, my name is Daniel Veit. I’m the supervisor of CTE at TSD. I’m excited to share that we received a $500,000 grant from the TWC Texas Workforce Commission. They approached us for a discussion on how we could get our students careers in high-paying and highly technical jobs. We identified two programs — welding and computer science — and got this grant to start dual-credit CTE courses where students who take classes here will get college credit from a nearby college, Austin Community College (ACC). Students get dual credit and work towards their certifications. 


Richard Layton, Welding Teacher: We recently received a new CNC Plasma Table. With this machine we can put a 48” x 48” sheet of metal that is 3/4 of an inch thick. We can use blueprints or a file of an image and input it in the computer. Students will learn and input the X, Y, and Z measurements and allow the machine to do detailed cutting. 


Layton: Each booth has a welding machine. Students will come in the booths and practice welding. They can weld flat, on the wall, or up on the ceiling. 


Julio Castillo, TSD Senior: I feel confident. When I get my degree and certification and go into the real world, I want to work on pipes. 


Layton: The purpose of this is to give the students an opportunity where they can earn money that is equivalent to other people who have opportunities that deaf people have not had for a long time. 



Alex: Very nice! That was a very large package, right? I joked with them that there was a gorilla inside of it. 

It’s very exciting what they are doing and Daniel Veit said he believes other schools in other states can have this if they work with partners and find available grants. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

























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