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May 10, 2017


More Details of Comey’s Firing and Trump Administration Actions, Reports of Murders and Violence Against Gay Men in Chechnya, Tunnel Collapse at Nuclear Waste Site in Washington Raises Alarms, Why Bryce Harper Flashes ILY Handshape, Deaf Man with CIs Killed by Irving Police, Founder of Deaf School in India Arrested for Rape and Sexual Assault, and Deaf Florida Man Arrested on Attempted Murder Charges. 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, May 10. Ready for news? 




More details about former FBI Director Comey’s firing:


Comey found out about the firing when he was in Los Angeles to recruit people to work for the FBI. He saw it on TV, thought it was a joke, but quickly realized it was serious when people asked him to go to a private office. 


A few days ago, Comey asked the Justice Department for an increase in money and resources for the FBI investigation in the Russian interference in the election. Comey met with Rod J. Rosenstein, who is the deputy attorney general. 


Rod was the one who wrote a memo that outlined the reasons why he recommended Trump to fire him. The main reasons why? It was how Comey handled Hillary Clinton’s emails, his “usurping” the Attorney General’s position in 2016 when he announced that the investigation in Hillary should be closed without any criminal charges/prosecution — 


But we remember that the attorney general at that time, Lynch, “recused” herself from the FBI investigation because she met with Bill Clinton, the husband of Hillary, at an airplane in Arizona. That brought a wave of criticism and suspicions against her and she then allowed the FBI Director to make the determination on whether to charge Hillary or not. But Rod is putting that on Comey. 


Rod also said Comey made derogatory remarks about Hillary — that FBI directors shouldn’t speak about a subject of an investigation negatively — they could write it down, but not speak out about it. 


So the Trump administration is saying they are firing Comey because of how he mishandled Hillary’s investigation.


Trump tweeted about his firing: 


Tweet: “Comey lost the confidence of almost everyone in Washington, Republican and Democrat alike. When things calm down, they will be thanking me!” 


Trump said today that Comey was not doing a good job. 


Many liberals feel that Trump is firing Comey because of the current investigation on the Trump campaign team’s contacts with Russians. Senate Democratic leader Schumer said he called Trump and said he was making a big mistake and that he wonders if the FBI investigation was getting too close to Trump.” 


Trump criticized Schumer on Twitter. Here it is:


[Tweet: Cryin' Chuck Schumer stated recently, "I do not have confidence in him (James Comey) any longer." Then acts so indignant.  #draintheswamp]


Although Comey is fired, the investigation on the Trump team/Russian contacts is still ongoing and the Deputy AG Rod will take over. Some Democrats have called for a separate prosecutor to continue this investigation, but the White House says they don’t think it’s necessary. 


Recently federal prosecutors issued grand jury subpoenas to associates of Michael Flynn to look at business records.


In Russia — while their foregin minister Lavrov was meeting with our Sec. of State Tillerson — a reporter asked Lavrov what he thought of Comey’s firing. Lavrov said, “you’re kidding” and walked away with Tillerson. 


Lavrov met with Trump today at the White House — Trump also met with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak — who is the one who “caused” AG Sessions to recuse himself from the FBI investigation and is the person Michael Flynn called about the Obama sanctions. 






In Chechnya, a district in Russia, there are increasing reports and concerns that there is a “gay purge” — that the government and citizens of the region are either imprisoning, exiling, or killing gay people.


The most recent report is a 17-year old teen who was thrown out of a building by his uncle after his family was told to “wash the shame away.” 


There were also reports of a “gay torture camp” where more than 100 gay men are detained — it is possible they were beaten, tortured, and have no water, and that several died in the camp.


A secretive organization, called Russia LGBT Network, is working to help gay men and try and evacuate them out to other regions in Russia or out of the country altogether because some of them are being hunted by their relatives. Apparently there is a belief that if a person in the family is gay, it causes a “stain” on the family and the only way to remove the stain is to wash it away. 


Many have asked the Russian government in Moscow to do something about it, but there has not been quick action or critical comments action from them. They’ve recently started an investigation after German leader Merkel asked him to do something about it. 


The head of the Chechen republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, says it is not true that gay men are being detained, tortured, and killed. His spokesperson has previously said there were “no gay people in Chechnya — and if there were, police wouldn’t have to be involved because the gay men’s family would send them to somewhere where there is no returning. 


The United Nations and several other European leaders have shown serious concern of the situation and are starting to look into this closely. 


In Russia, gay relationships are allowed but there are no protections against discrimination. 






Yesterday in Washington state, at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation site, a tunnel that was used to transport nuclear waste collapsed, causing workers to evacuate and for an emergency to be declared. 


Fortunately there were no workers inside the tunnel when it collapsed and officials say they detected no radiation release. A robot was there to check for radioactive contamination. 


There are two tunnels that are several hundred feet long and around 8 feet underground. In the past it had trains in it that transported nuclear fuel rods and kept them buried in the tunnel. They are very dangerous, very radioactive. The collapse was at the area where the two tunnels joined together. 


People were told to take shelter, secure their ventilation systems, and to not eat or drink, but it seems like they will be okay and that the situation is under control. Last night and today there are employees working to fill up the hole with soil. 


This is at a facility that is now mostly closed. It was used to produce nuclear materials to be used for nuclear bombs in the past, including the one that detonated in Nagaski, Japan. It was mostly closed in the 1970s’ and it has a lot of radioactive waste there — 56 million gallons of it, most of it in underground tanks. 


There are around 9,000 employees who work at the area, most of them doing clean-up work in an effort that has been going on for several years now. There is also a commercial nuclear power plant and some scientific labs. 


The area is considered the most contaminated nuclear site in the U.S. The cleanup will continue until 2060 and would cost around $107 billion. 




Professional baseball player Bryce Harper, who plays for MLB team Washington Nationals, usually flashes an ILY handshape to the crowds when he touches home plate. Some thought it was because Harper wanted to say ILY to deaf fans or the fans, but Harper says it’s to say ILY to his mother.


He said in an interview with ESPN the he has a favorite memory with his mother — that when he was a boy and was dropped off, he didn’t kiss his mother. The mother yelled, “Bryce” and when he looked around, the mother flashed the ILY handshape. 


Bryce said he never forgot that and will say ILY every time he crosses home plate, that it is directed to his mother. 


Nice. Perfect example of the benefits of ASL.




Last week a deaf/hard of hearing man who had cochlear implants in Irving, Texas (near Dallas) was shot and killed by police because he was holding a woman and threatening her with a knife.


The deaf man’s name is Rodney Leroy Henderson - he was 48.. 


What happened: a woman called 911 last Tuesday morning to tell them Rodney was trying to kill her. When police arrived, they heard screaming inside and broke into the house and found Rodney with the woman in a bedroom. Rodney was holding two knives, apparently threatening the woman.


Police ordered him to drop the knives, but he did not. Police fired a stun gun at him, but it didn’t work. An officer shot him. Rodney was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The woman was injured, but it is non life-threatening. 


Rodney had an extensive criminal history and used to be in prison for 18 years for raping a 20-year old woman. He was released on parole in 2011.


A police spokesperson said officers had communicated with Rodney in the past using voice with no problems. 




Rodney Info:




In India — a founder of a deaf school in the southern part of India has been arrested with five other staff on accusations of rape and sexual assault. The founder’s name is K. Murugasamy (I’ll summarize his name as KM). 


A teacher reported that KM raped and sexually abused several other students, and said other staff at the school kept quiet about it — which is why four other staff were arrested. The reports say KM calls girls to his room and then pressures them to do sexual acts with him.


A former female student at the school reported that she was raped by KM — causing her to become pregnant. KM then took her to a hospital to get an abortion. She didn’t tell anybody about this for several years because she was afraid of KM — he had threatened her with consequences if she told anybody.


A relative of the student said KM put alcohol in the student’s drink before the sexual assault. 


Other teachers at the school have defended KM, saying it was not true, that the students who accused KM were expelled for bad behavior and it was related to a land dispute with the owner. 


The school’s name is Tirupur School for the Deaf and has almost 200 students. 


News Links:




A Deaf man in Southern Florida was arrested on attempted first-degree murder charges for fracturing another man’s skull with a rock on Saturday. The man’s name is Vincent Poole, 35. The other man’s name is Israel Hester, 46. 


Local news report that Vincent was with a female at an apartment building in Belle Glade. Israel is the female’s husband. He was there around 7 am and had a confrontation with Vincent. 


Israel threw the mattress out of the window and that’s when Vincent hit him with a large rock and continued to hit him even after he went unconscious. A police report says Vincent also stomped his head. 


Israel was airlifted to a hospital with multiple skull fractures to his orbital bones and his jaw. He had bleeding in his brain. 


Two witnesses told police they saw Vincent attacking Israel — and he was arrested and is held without bond at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. 






That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 


Note: For the fifth story, I put in "cochlear implants" in the headline to be more descriptive and imply that police was able to verbally communicate with him. I received feedback that the term was confusing because it was unrelated to the story, and I agree and have taken note of it.


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