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May 8, 2017


Macron Wins French Elections, Police Officer Charged with Murder in Shooting Death of Teenager, Belgian Region Votes to Ban Kosher/Halal Meats, Texas Gov. Abbott Signs Anti-Sanctuary City Bill, Catholic Nun Arrested for Sexually Abusing Deaf Children at Argentine School, and Recap of Chris Pratt’s ASL Apology 

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Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, May 8. Hope your weekend was good. Ready for news? 




Elections in France — Emmanuel Macron beat far-right candidate Marine Le Pen with 66.1% of the vote.  


Many people looked at this election to see if protectionist and anti-immigrant views were still popular in the “Western” world — with Brexit and Trump’s election. 


France was more closely watched because it suffered some of the worst ISIS terrorist attacks — the 2015 Paris attacks and the 2016 truck attack in Nice. It was also a large economy and Le Pen had threatened to pull out the euro and leave the EU. 


With Le Pen’s loss, it’s now “two straight losses” for anti-immigrant candidates — first with Netherlands’ Wilders and now with Le Pen.


Macron is youngest president in French history, only 39 years old and the youngest head of state since Napoleon. Macron just has to stay away from Waterloo. 


He worked as an investment banker and an auditor, as well as some government experience under outgoing president Francois Hollande. 


in 2016, he established a new political movement/party, “En Marche!” (which means Forward or Onward) and won the election on that platform. It is called a progressive movement that unites both the left and the right.


Congratulations to Macron and to France.




Update on the young 15-year old teen who was shot in the head by a police rifle — the officer who shot it has been identified, fired, and arrested. 


His name is Roy Oliver and he was charged with murder on Friday night after he turned himself in. 


He has posted a $300,000 bond and is out of jail awaiting trial. If guilty of murder, he faces life in prison. 


Jordan Edwards was buried on Saturday. He was a straight-A student and an athlete at Mesquite High School. 


He died after going to a party at a house in Balch Springs (near Dallas). 


Officer Roy and another officer was there because someone called about underage drinking. 


When they were inside of the house to talk with the owner, there were gunshots outside, causing people inside of the house and the two officers to run outside. People ran towards the end of the street at an intersection. The first officer went towards that area, while Roy went to his police car and got his rifle — a Modern Carbine MC5 and went towards the intersection. 


At the intersection, there was a black Chevy Impala with Jordan in it and four other teens. 


The first officer who was there tried to stop it, issuing verbal commands. It slowly reversed, then started to drive forward. The first officer used his gun to break the rear passenger window. The car moved forward and that’s when Roy fired several times (possibly four) into the car. 


The Balch Springs police department said Roy violated several departmental policies. 


Roy is a father of two and was an Iraq war veteran. 


In Balch Springs, four out of five residents are people of color, but 4 out of 5 of the police officers there are white.


News Article:


Gun Info:




In Belgium, at the Walloon region, an environment committee has voted to ban kosher and halal meats — which, based on Jewish and Islamic religious requirements, say animals must be slaughtered by throat slitting and its blood to be drained. 


The ban is because the animals are not stunned before slaughter. Stunning is said to be more “humane” because it causes the animal to lose consciousness. But strict kosher/halal requirements say if the animal is stunned, then it is not kosher or halal. 


So it’s caused a conflict there, but the committee has decided to ban that kind of food. There are some Jewish and Islamic leaders who say it is “religious discrimination” and that it doesn’t allow them to be equal citizens. 


But there are some Jews and Muslims who think if an animal is stunned, it is still kosher/halal if it’s slit and drained.


Several European countries have already prohibited slaughter of animals that are not stunned. 






Texas Governor Abbott has signed a bill into law that would punish police officers in Texas if they refused to cooperate with federal immigration police. It will also allow police to ask people about their immigration status when they are detained.  


This law is to “fight” against sanctuary cities — where police won’t ask about the immigration status of people in an effort to keep trust between communities and the police. 


The police chiefs of Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio opposed this bill, saying it would cause them to be in a position where they handle federal immigration issues — and that it would cause straits in relationships between them and diverse communities and cause more people to distrust the police. They say it would cause an increase in crime against immigrants and they wouldn’t be able to ask the police for help out of fear — causing “silent victims.” 


But after intense debate in the Republican-controlled Texas legislature, the bill passed and Gov. Abbott signed it on Facebook live, without any advance notice, surprising people who planned to continue to protest the bill this week. 


Gov. Abbott said Texas has now banned sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State, adding that elected officials and law enforcement agencies can’t “pick and choose which laws they will obey.”  


The law would fine local governments between $1,000 to $25k a day if they “block” immigration enforcement. Local government officials could lose their jobs if they refuse to cooperate and police officers would face misdemeanor charges if they ignore requests to detain immigrants. 


The law will go into effect September 1, but multiple civil rights groups and immigration advocates say they will fight against this bill in court. 




In Argentina, a Catholic nun who worked at a deaf school was arrested for sexually abusing the students/children. She is accused of taking kids to rooms where priests would sexually abuse them or she would abuse them herself. 


Her name is Kosaka Kumiko and she has a nickname in the school — she is called the “Bad Nun.” She was arrested last Friday on suspicion of helping priests abuse children at the Antonio Provolo Institute. She is originally from Japan and is a citizen in Argentina. 


The crimes that she is accused of are terrible — the investigation started after a 17-year old girl told authorities that when she was 5 years old, she was raped by a priest and was told by the nun to wear a diaper to cover her bleeding. Just terrible. 


Kosaka has denied the accusations — she said she is innocent. 


This is the same school in which two priests and other men were arrested last December, accused of sexually abusing more than 20 children at various places in the school, including the dorms and at a chapel. 






You all probably have already seen the video of actor Chris Pratt on his Instagram apologizing for his previous IG video of him “swatting away” subtitles and telling people to turn up the volume. 


If you’ve missed it, I’ll show you in the order it happened. First, check out Chris’ video with Marvel.


[Video of Chris Pratt speaking with subtitles, then “shoving aside” the subtitles]


A Deaf Instagram user, Amanda Bisupiak (IG: whoisalpb) was one of the people who called out Chris. Here is her video comment.


[Video of Amanda (@whoisalpb) talking: I have been following an actor named Chris Pratt on ig. He is well known for his debut in guardian of the galaxy and park & rec. Anyway, he made a video post two days ago, it was a video with cool subtitles effects . There was a line saying that so you rather to reading this subtitle. Let's turn up the volume. Next thing all I saw was moving lips with no subtitles. I decided to comment on his post regarding the subtitles and the deaf people. So today he sort of replied back but he made a video post instead and he signed to tell how sorry he was about that post. His response was much appreciated. Check his ig @prattprattpratt ]


Many others told Chris the same thing, and then he posted this video apology and a comment. Check it out.


[(Video of Chris signing his name, addressing the deaf/hoh community, and saying, “I’m sorry”.) IG comment: “I realize now doing so was incredibly insensitive to the many folks out there who depend on subtitles. More than 38 million Americans live with some sort of hearing disability. So I want to apologize. I have people in my life who are hearing-impaired, and the last thing in the world I would want to do is offend them or anybody who suffers from hearing loss or any other disability. So truly from the bottom of my heart I apologize. Thanks for pointing this out to me. In the future I'll try to be a little less ignorant about it.”] 


That video got over 4 million views. Many in the Deaf community and multiple media sources, including Tru Biz reporter Karla Gutierrez, applauded Chris and accepted his apology. 


I was in touch with Amanda, who was the one who gave me the original Pratt caption-swatting video, and she said she usually comments on celebrities’ Instagram accounts about subtitles. 


She said she is not sure if Chris saw her comment specifically, but she knew her “simple but loud” statement made a difference. 


Very nice. 


Now, back to Chris Pratt — it is his “second” major apology. Last month he apologized on Twitter after saying he thinks that there are not enough Hollywood movies that represent the average blue-collar American worker.


Many criticized him for saying that, considering there are many diverse people who don’t feel they are being represented in Hollywood. 


[Tweet of Chris apologizing, saying it was a stupid thing to say] 


Live and learn, Chris Pratt. 


He will soon start filming the next sequel of Jurassic World. Maybe he should try and get a Deaf, non-blue-collar character in there. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 



















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