Deaf Business Spotlight: JC Sports Performance​

May 5, 2017





[TRANSCRIPT] Hello, today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is… JC Sports Performance, a new speed and agility program for children from ages 5 up to college. It is run by Jason Coleman (JC), who lives in Maryland. He has a BS in Physical Education, works as a strength and conditioning coach, has several certifications and is bringing his knowledge and passion to his clinics. 


Convo’s Arlene will take us to one of his clinics! 




ARLENE: I'm Arlene. I'm the Convo community curator for the D.C. Metro area. I'm here at JC's Sports Performance.


JC: My name is Jason Coleman. My name's signed "J-C." I own a business called JC's Sports Performance.

The programs I offer are for those from 5 years of age through and college. The focus is on improving speed and agility.


STUDENT #1: It develops your agility. Once you have better agility, you can run faster.


JC: I've seen other programs out there that do the same things I do. The problem is communication. Deaf people miss out on important information, like on footwork for example. Then, when it's game time... how can they beat the other team?


STUDENT#2: The program's for increasing your speed so you can run really fast! 


PARENT #1: The kids need that early start in their life. I'm thrilled for this program.


PARENT #2: This is for all sports. When people think of speed or agility, they often think of football or basketball, but they apply to all sports. 


JC: The kids deserve the best. They deserve to feel good about themselves.


STUDENT #3: I want to become an athlete and I want to move fast. I feel this program will help me in my future with sports.


STUDENT #4: This program helps us kids to run fast like Bolt.


STUDENT #5: The ladder helps with the footwork. It teaches you how to be faster and smarter.


JC: These drills and techniques develop muscle memory and is stored in the brain for when it's time, like during basketball or football games. Let's use football as an example. When you catch the ball and run, you see the defending player coming to tackle you. What do you do? You’ve already practiced various footwork techniques and now you can choose the right technique. 


STUDENT #6: He really makes you run and zig zag. It's a hard challenge!


STUDENT #7: It's all running and exercising and working hard.

PARENT #3: My son joined this event and it’s really nice to have communication access. It's good for his future, because he wants to be a good basketball player in the future. 


PARENT #4: My son is here and he wanted to work on his speed. I'm glad he has this program.


JC: Speed and agility isn't all about the kids doing footwork. It's about giving feedback, correcting, and praising them. That is extremely critical.


STUDENT #8: I learn new stuff I've never thought of before.


PARENT #5: He's a good role model. The kids look up to him as a fellow Deaf person and feel like they can achieve the same.


PARENT #6: I think this program is a great idea. The kids are here with other Deaf kids and they feel that shared bond. 


PARENT #7: It develops their ability to move and run. It's nice.


JC: I had all this wealth of knowledge and experience from growing up in sports. What am I doing with it now? I'm giving it back. I've giving it back to the youth, especially the Deaf and CODAs.


STUDENT #9: It's cool!


STUDENT #10: My favorite part is the high stepping.


STUDENT #11: Mine is running the zig-zags.





Nice speed and agility clinic with great kids! Jason said his program now focuses on the DC MD VA area, but he is available to travel to other states. You can contact him on his Facebook page or his website. 


Now I think I’ll go for a run! Those kids inspired me. 

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