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May 2, 2017



Apple, Inc. has $250 Billion in Cash - 90% of it Overseas, Scientists Develop Artificial Womb, 15-Year Old Teen Killed by Police Rifle in Texas, Shooting at Pool Party in San Diego, UT Stabbing Update, United CEO Grilled, Hillary Talks 2016 Election Loss, and Testifying at LEAD-K Committee Hearing 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, May 2. Ready for news? 




Financial analysts say Apple, Inc. has more than $250 billion in cash — and 90% of it is hoarded up outside of the U.S. — in order to avoid paying U.S. taxes on profits made in other countries. This is the highest pile of cash held by any company, ever.


The company made $3.6 million per hour during the last three months of 2016. 


Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones and says they have 91% of all profits in the smartphone group. 


Apple does have debt — around $88 billion — but that still leaves Apple with more money than the second second biggest cash hoarder: Microsoft with $126 billion in cash.


Last week the Trump administration said they wanted to offer a special one-time tax holiday to encourage companies to bring money back to the U.S. — and if this goes into effect — there will be pressure on Apple from investors to bring that money to them as dividends or for them to buy more companies. 




Scientists at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have developed an “artificial womb” — made of polythene (plastic substance) — and have successfully kept premature lambs alive for four weeks out of their mother’s wombs. 


This technology could later be used for human premature babies. 


The bag has amniotic fluids, all the nutrition and protection that a baby needs, and a system to deliver oxygen and blood circulation just like a normal womb. The lambs were able to develop, open its eyes, grow wool, move around. 


Scientists hope to continue to develop the bag’s technology so it can save human infants that are born very premature — born between 23 to 26 weeks, which is almost half of the normal 40-weeks pregnancy period. 


1/3 of all infant deaths and half of cerebral palsy cases is because of premature births, and current hospital technology is not always successful. Human testing might happen in 3 to 5 years. 


As for the lambs that were tested — most of them were euthanized so they could study their organs, and it showed normal development. But one lamb was successfully “born” from the bag, bottle fed, and is now more than 1 years old on a farm in Pennsylvania. 






A 15-year old teenager was shot and killed by police last Saturday night in a suburb outside of Dallas, Texas.


The boy’s name is Jordan Edwards and he was a freshman in high school. He was at a house party. At that house party, it seems to become dangerous — with reports of gunfire in the area — so police officers showed up to the house. Officers were inside of the house to stop the party because of possible under-age drinking. 


Jordan was leaving the house at the time in a car, sitting in the passenger seat. As the car left the area, a police officer used a rifle to shoot at Jordan’s head through a side passenger window, killing him. Police detained the other four people in the car, including Jordan’s brother, and brought to the sheriff’s department to speak as witnesses. 


The police first justified their shooting based on the car “aggressively” moving towards the police officers, but later changed their story when they realized body camera footage showed the car first reversing, but then moving forward, away from the officers, when the shot was fired. 


When the medical examiner looked at Jordan’s body, they said he was killed by a rifle and said his death was a homicide. 


There is an investigation going on right now. The officer who shot him was a 6-year veteran, is on administrative leave — his identity has not been released. 




Sunday afternoon in San Diego — a 49-year old man, Peter Selis, shot seven people at a pool party, killing one — while reclining on a pool chair and holding a beer.


One of the people at the party was celebrating his 50th birthday. When one party-goer approached Peter and asked him to join, he lifted up his shirt, took out his .45 caliber SIG Sauer handgun, shot him in the stomach and kept on shooting at others. He was holding a beer the entire time. He even said, “you can leave, or you can stay here and die.” 


He shot at four females, three males. One male broke his arm while escaping. All of them went to the hospital, and sadly a 35-year old mother of three died. 


Police sent an helicopter above the pool and saw the gunman and multiple victims there — the gunman was reloading and shooting at the people. 


When officers approached the male, he shot at them —  three police officers returned fire, killed him. 


Terrible. At first people thought it might have been a hate crime because the gunman is white and all of the victims were people of color, but police say they believe Peter just decided to shoot at people at random out of anger over his breakup with his ex-girlfriend, and was on the phone with her during the shooting so she could hear the gunfire. 


Some felt it was a racist shooting — because a witness said Peter did not shoot a white person who tried to help the 35-year old woman who died. Peter did yell at her to not help her, but did not shoot at her. 


Peter was a mechanic for a Ford dealership.


Celebrity Nick Cannon said the woman who died was her childhood friend and said his head hurts with great sadness. 




Three quick news updates: 


— Update with the University of Texas stabbing — the knifeman, UT student Kendrex White, will be charged with murder. Police said they have not seen clear evidence of a motive and said he had previous mental health issues. Four UT students were stabbed, one died — his name was Harrison Brown, a freshman. Very sad


— The CEO of United Airlines, Oscar Munoz, was questioned by Congressmen today at Capitol Hill — about the airplane incident in which a passenger was dragged off a overbooked plane. Congressmen warned him and other airline companies that they needed to make changes to their policies of overbooking and removing passengers — or they would introduce more regulations on the airlines. 


— Hillary Clinton spoke today in New York City about her losing the 2016 presidential campaign. She said she blames herself — but said her campaign was negatively impacted by the release of hacked emails and FBI Director Comey’s surprise announcement that he re-opened an investigation in her use of a private email server. She said those scared off people who were not sure about voting for her. She said she is writing a memoir about it and said it is a painful process to write it. 




I posted a video on Facebook LIVE today — here it is. 


[[Transcript] Hi, I’m here at the Texas State Capitol building again — I was there last Thursday. This morning there was a Texas Senate Education Committee hearing on a LEAD-K bill. The bill wants to ensure that the state of Texas has assessments/testing on if deaf and hard of hearing children in Texas have a normal progression of language acquisition — from birth to their childhood. We don’t want the deaf kids to go into mainstream schools or a deaf school at 5 years old and already be delayed with language. We want to make sure that this starts at birth, that there is ASL or English, either one. They aren’t forcing an option.  


That said, this bill does support ASL, in light of a long history of people focusing on “the ear and the mouth” and discouraging ASL use. So we have to make sure that ASL is in the picture, so deaf kids will not have language deprivation. 


This fight has been going on — there have been several states that have passed LEAD-K legislation, some states that have not passed it, some are pending. Now it’s here in Texas. And I was a part of the committee to testify, I did sit before the senators and gave a testimony about starting “The Daily Moth.” I told them this is a bilingual show — I write transcripts in English and sign in ASL. I showed them that there is a large, strong Deaf community who uses ASL. I thanked my mother — I was born deaf — she taught me ASL and that gave me the confidence to express words, thoughts, be educated, and have both English and ASL. I told them all deaf children in Texas should have that opportunity. 


There were multiple other people testifying in support of SB 354 (LEAD-K), we had great progress on that end. There was one interesting thing, though -- there were many people on the other side, hearing people, hard of hearing people, some deaf with cochlear implants, wearing hearing aids, many of them were very opposed to LEAD-K. It was a very strong opposition. Some of them say they make sure to teach their kids how to speak, how to hear, that they grew up with great and successful lives. Others said they were not comfortable with forcing ASL on kids. Some senators had to remind them that LEAD-K is not forcing ASL on anybody, it is just making sure that parents have information about both ASL and English, and to be sure to monitor them to not be language deprived. 


But many were very opposed to it, they looked very concerned about ASL, it felt like they wanted to just push ASL aside, out of the picture. There was even a person who said, “ASL is in the past.” I was taken aback that he would just tell the senators that ASL was in the past. It was like he wanted to get rid of ASL. I think that was my first experience of seeing someone be really against me, against us, people are trying to be against something that we use to communicate every day, the Daily Moth uses ASL everyday, and they’re trying to take it away from us. It was a little repulsive, yes, but I had to keep my cool. it’s not about fighting with them, but about showing the senators and lawmakers about the law. Once it’s established, our deaf children have more security, they can have ASL in their lives. 


It was a good experience going to the committee hearing, It was a good turnout, many deaf people showed up, many from the TX Association of the Deaf showed up, many of us gave positive testimony, and many were opposed. It was a back-and-forth session. The senators looked a little overwhelmed by the discussion, it was a cultural war of sorts, and the senators had to remind us that it was not about whether ASL or speaking English was the better option, this was about whether LEAD-K should pass or not. A lot of discussion. It ended at 11 am, after two hours of straight testimonies. 


Now the education committee will discuss among themselves and if it passes, it’ll go to the House for voting. If it doesn’t pass, then it is “dead” and we’ll have to try again later. So this is the update and I’ll let you know if it passes. If so, I’ll go over there to the capitol again, to be sure deaf kids in Texas have the opportunity to learn ASL and English, for them to have a language given to them. 


With regards to spoken English, of course, it can/should be taught to them, it’s important, yes, but they need a language, it’s a must. That’s the most important thing. That’s what we are trying to do. 


That’s the update from Austin Texas. It’s hot here. I should take off this suit and go for a swim. Take care and have a great day y’all.] 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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