Deaf Business Spotlight: livepaperless, inc

April 28, 2017



ALEX: Today’s Deaf Business Spotlight is “livepaperless,inc,” owned by Susan Sien.


She provides troubleshooting or advice to senior citizens if they have problems or issues with their technological devices — issues such as passwords, spam, connecting their devices with wifi.


She calls herself a “digital whisperer.” She provides advice through VP, meet them at stores such as Best Buy, or go to their homes.


Convo’s Austin Curator Tamara will take us to her!




TAMARA: Why am I here at Best Buy? It’s to meet Susan Sien, deaf business owner of livepaperless, inc. She will meet her client soon, come on over!


SUSAN: I’ve noticed that often as a senior citizen, our population is often forgotten. We don’t do enough marketing for this population and encourage them to keep on moving.


KATHRYN: She signs softly and is calm. She is really good and has a lot of patience with me. She’s a thumbs up.


SUSAN: Younger people are way ahead. When I saw young people at TSD (Texas School for the Deaf), I was jealous. I found myself wasting time with technology, I couldn’t find the “right way” and became frustrated. When I asked people for help, they were too fast for me. So I decided to start my business where I can explain others the way I want someone to explain it to me.


TAMARA: Now, it’s my turn to ask Susan for help. I have struggles with my iPhone’s iCloud — it is often full. It says I must upgrade and this is annoying. Do I have to upgrade? Let me ask Susan.


SUSAN: It is not a popular decision, but you have to pay to increase the memory in iCloud. See this — (points to large capacity in her phone) — there’s plenty because I bought iCloud storage and there’s plenty of space. Many of you love to take pictures and it gets full fast.


TAMARA: Thanks, Susan!


SUSAN: I go to people’s homes and help them with changing their technology.


(At customer’s home)


SUSAN: Many senior citizens don’t know what to do with papers all over.




SUSAN: Put it all in one place.


This app is great to connect with the other devices here.

What problems do you face often?


CUSTOMER: I like it very much! (Susan laughs)


SUSAN: Lots of time and patience, give them room for error. Other times people would go too fast and say, “too bad.” I go step-by-step and follow their pace and their level of comfort, so they feel more comfortable with technology.


livepaperless,inc is to simplify digital needs, that’s it.




ALEX: Wonderful service. Susan said when she retired four years ago, she decided to start this business to support senior citizens and to make their lives easier. She says she feels rewarded when when people thank her for helping them.


So, if your computer is giving you problems and you don’t know what to do — contact Susan with livepaperless, inc!

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