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April 25, 2017



Ohio Deaf Family Escapes House Fire, Trump Administration Wants to Impose 20% Tariff on Canadian Lumber, Arkansas Executes 2 Men Last Night, Trump Compromises on Border wall for Federal Spending Bill, Thai Man Uses Facebook Live To Stream Murder of Baby Daughter, and More Trouble for Mike Flynn




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, April 25. Ready for news? 




A house in Ohio with three Deaf people and two CODA kids burned down on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but the house is a total loss. 


Corrina Diefenthaler lived there with her boyfriend Elize, two sons, and her ex-husband, Lee. I was in touch with Corrina and she explained what happened. 


When the two boys were outside playing with friends, Lee saw that the back porch of the house was on fire — he ran inside of the house to the living room to alert Corrina and Elize. 


Corrina didn’t believe him at first, went to look, and sure enough there was a fire. She ran to get Elize and all three got out on time. The fire department came to put out the fire, but the fire had already burnt the entire interior of the house, seriously damaging everything except for some of the front facade of the home. The family has lost everything. 


It is not known what the cause of the fire was. 


The Red Cross is helping the family to stay at a motel for several nights, but they don’t know where they will go after. 


A GoFundMe was set up for the family — I’ve linked it below. You can donate to help them. 


To help:


Local news:




The Trump administration announced they want to put a 20% trade tax (tariff) on imports of softwood lumber from Canada. 


This is a dispute between the U.S. and Canada that has been going on since the 1982 — the issue is that many Canadian forests are owned by the Canadian government — so the loggers earn a “flat rate” — a subsidy — and then sell it to the U.S. 


American loggers say their business are being undercut by the Canadian loggers because they have to buy/cut wood from privately-owned lots based on prices that can go up or down — and they often “lose” to Canadian loggers. 


There have been various trade deals between the U.S. and Canada in the years since. With the Trump administration, it is no surprise that they would want to go “America first” and support whatever the U.S. loggers want. 


But imposing a tariff can negatively impact the American homebuilding industry — as almost 30% of all the wood in our homes are from Canada. It could cause the price of wood to go up, which would put pressure on American homebuilders, and the cost could be passed down to customers who buy homes. 


Wood is not the only issue for U.S. and Canada trade — there are also disagreements about milk. There are farmers in Wisconsin that say they will lose their businesses because Canada has lowered their diary prices and stopped buying their milk.  


Trump has declared he wants to re-negotiate  the NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement. This would have an impact on the trade disputes. We’ll see what happens. 




Last night in Arkansas — two men on death row were executed by lethal injections — a “double execution.” The last time two men were killed on the same night was in Texas in 2000. 


The first was Jack Jones, who in 1995 raped and murdered a 34-year old woman in front of her 11-year old daughter, then attempted to kill the girl and left her for dead, but she woke up when police were photographing the crime scene. 


The second was Marcel Williams, who in 1994 forced a 22-year woman to withdraw money from 18 different ATMs, then killed her.


There were several legal filings by their lawyers to try and block or delay the executions. The cases were appealed to the Supreme Court, but they allowed the executions to proceed. 


Jack was the first to be executed — he was injected after 7 pm and pronounced dead 14 minutes later, at 7:20 pm. Jones’ last words were, “I hope over time you can learn who I really am, I’m not a monster, and I’m sorry.” He was 52.


Up next was Marcel — and his lawyer tried to get a federal judge to stop his execution, saying Jones’ injection was messed up because it took 45 minutes for an IV to be inserted in Jack and that he moved his lips and gulped for air after the first drug was injected.  It is possible that it was hard to insert an IV in him because he was overweight. Marcel is also overweight and the lawyer tried to argue for a stay (to stop) his execution. 


A federal judge did order a stay, but after an hour, allowed Marcel’s execution to proceed. Marcel was injected at 10:16 pm and pronounced dead at 10:33 pm. He was 46. Marcel did not have any last words. 


Last evening, outside of the state prison, two hearses drove away carrying both bodies.




The federal government needs to approve a new 5-month spending bill by the end of this week or government will be partially shut down. A big part of disagreements among lawmakers was about funding the border wall — President Trump previously wanted a big down payment of around $1 billion to start building new wall along the border, but other lawmakers are not willing to put federal money towards it. 


It was a big issue of contention, but recently Trump said he would back off that request, allowing a bill to be crafted without the large down payment — more likely to avoid a government shutdown. He tweeted that he was not changing his position on the wall. More likely Trump has decided he will focus on finding funding for the wall for the next spending bill later this year, or has other plans to fund the wall. 


Many Democrats are happy that Trump is wiling to remove funding of the wall from the negotiating table. It requires 60 Senate votes to pass a spending bill, and Republicans have 52, so a compromise is a must. It appears that there still will be funding towards border security, just not as much as Trump wants.


Newt Gingrich, who knows Trump well, told CNN that the Trump administration is “feeling their way forward” — that they learned a lesson from the failed healthcare bill — to be cautious and not run straight into a wall. 


The government needs to reach an agreement on the new spending bill by Friday night or at least agree to do a resolution to delay the new bill by a week. 


This Saturday will be Trump’s 100th day as President. 




Terrible news: a man in Thailand used Facebook Live to film himself murdering his 11-month old baby daughter by hanging her off an abandoned hotel in Phuket. He then stopped the recording and hanged himself.  When police arrived, they found two bodies. It seems like the father was in an argument with his wife and did it out of anger. Terrible. 


The video was on Facebook for almost 24 hours before it was removed. This is the latest in a series of terrible crimes and murders that have been posted on Facebook — most recently the shooting of an elderly man in Ohio. 


The company released a statement that it was appalling and that there is no place for this kind of content on Facebook. They said they are working on a better monitoring and reporting system. 




More trouble for former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn. 


Congressmen Elijah Cummings and Chairman Jason Chaffetz of the House Oversight Committee said it is very likely that Flynn, broke the law by not asking for permission from the U.S. military when he accepted payments from various organizations that are linked to the Russian and Turkish governments. 


Flynn earned more than $45,000 to give a speech for Russian government news channel RT and worked as a lobbyist for the Turkish government. 


Both Congressmen say they will ask the Dept. of Defense to decide if Flynn must return the money he earned. 


Chaffetz said Flynn had a responsibility to get permission first from the U.S. before receiving money that is linked to foregin governments, and there is no evidence that he asked for permission. 


Cummings said if you have a security clearance, it is a felony to not disclose payments from foregin governments — and that the punishment could be up to 5 years in prison. But he said it was not up to them to decide if Flynn did a crime or not. 


Flynn’s lawyer said he did notify the DIA Defense Intelligence Agency about the trips and discussed it with them. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 



















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