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April 25, 2017



#DeafTalent on “For My Woman” Episode Tonight, France Presidential Elections Updates, Taliban Attack on Afghanistan Military Base, New Orleans Removes Confederate Monuments, Deaf Man Sues Lawyer for Incorrectly Translating Sign for “Million,” and Tensions Continue Between North Korea and USA




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Monday, April 24. Ready for news? 




Tonight there will be three Deaf actresses on "TV 1 / TV One” — “For My Woman” episode at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST. TV 1 -- here on Spectrum/Time Warner Austin, it is on Channel 184 — you will have to search for it on your TV, if you have a cable subscription. 


The episode will be about a Deaf woman, Daphne Wright, who was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. She killed a Deaf woman, Darlene VanderGisen, in 2006 in South Dakota. She then dismembered her body with a chainsaw and burned it. The motive for killing seems to be because she was jealous that Darlene was friends with her former lover — a love triangle. 


Prosecutors wanted her to get the death penalty, but the jury decided on life in prison. She is at the South Dakota Women’s Prison in Pierre, SD. 


Deaf woman, Sheena Lyles, who is known for her comedy on her FB page Queen Foreverrr — will be acting as Daphne. The other two Deaf actresses are Bellamie Bachleda and Fay Veronica.


(The episode will also have other Deaf actors, including Aaron Loggins, Michai Hanley, Harold Foxx, and Shanna Thomas). 


Exciting. If you can’t watch tonight’s episode, it seems like they post shows on their website at I will let you know if it’s posted online. 




France had their first round (out of two) of presidential elections, and the top two are centrist Emmanuel Macron with 23.8% and far-right Marine Le Pen in second with 21.5%. There were two other candidates that got 20% and 19.6% of the vote, and others with less than 10%.


The next round (in two weeks, on May 7) will only have the top two — Macron vs Le Pen. 


Both candidates are opposite of each other and it somehow feels like like a parallel of our presidential election last fall. 


Macron prefers to have France stay in the European Union and supports open borders, while Le Pen prefers leaving the EU and to have strict control on its borders.  


Many in Europe and the U.S. are watching the election — as it will signal the feeling of French citizens towards borders and immigration, especially after we’ve seen the Brexit decision, the U.S. electing Trump, and more recently the election in Netherlands. 


Many think Macron will win because the other defeated candidates will endorse Macron and the voters will come together to pick Macron over Le Pen. 




Last Friday in Afghanistan there was a serious attack by 10 Taliban militants against Afghan soldiers at a military base — killing at least 160. This was in north Afghanistan, in Mazari Sharif.


What happened — 10 Taliban militants dressed up like Afghan soldiers drove Afghan military vehicles mounted with heavy weapons (they apparently got it from somewhere else), pretended that they had wounded soldiers inside, and got into the base and past several checkpoints. 


The Taliban then went into the cafeteria and the mosque with M16 rifles — and shot at soldiers who were unarmed. They also detonated explosives near groups of soldiers. When other elite Afghan soldiers came in to stop them — it took them five to six hours until they were able to shoot dead five out of the six Taliban people, with the sixth captured alive. 


In the mosque alone, there were around 100 bodies on the floor, many more were dead in the cafeteria. Pictures of the aftermath show many bullet holes on the walls. Terrible. Most of the dead were new recruits training to be soldiers. It is the deadliest attack by the Taliban. 


The base is now heavily guarded and it’s caused the top two military leaders in Afghanistan to resign — the minister of defense and chief of staff. 


U.S. Sec. of Defense Mattis is in Afghanistan now — he will meet with their president Ashraf Ghani. Mattis said the Taliban attack showed that they had no religious foundation and that they are a barbaric enemy. 


There are 8,400 U.S. troops in Afghanistan and and around 6,000 other coalition troops.  Mattis will discuss the military strategy there against the Taliban and also ISIS.  




The city of New Orleans in December 2015 voted in their city council to remove four memorials/monuments that honored the Confederacy (the losing side in the Civil War, they lost against the Union). 


Last night during the middle of the night/early morning, workers started to remove the first of four. This was the “Battle of Liberty Place” monument — it was removed by workers who wore bulletproof vests and covered their faces because of security concerns. 


The monument honored a group of white militants who, in 1874, fought against the New Orleans police because they were integrated (they had both white and black members in it.) The monument honored the white group. 


The city’s mayor said the removals are about showing the world that the city and people are able to choose a better future, making straight what has been crooked and right what has been wrong. 


Others are opposed to the removals, saying if one shouldn’t feel guilty for fighting in the war and that when you remove the city’s history, you lose a sense of who you are and where you came from. 


In the near future, three more monuments will are removed — two of them statues of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and PGT Beauregard and the third a statue of Jefferson Davis, who was president of the Confederacy. 


The city of New Orleans had to remove them during nighttime and refused to tell when the next three would be removed — because of security concerns. 


The monuments will be put in storage and might be put in a museum or an “appropriate place.” 




A Deaf man and a former IBM employee — James Wang — is suing a lawyer who can sign because James claims the lawyer read his sign for “million” wrong and it caused him to mistakenly accept a settlement offer of $200k, while he thought it was for $200 million. 


I read this story on the NY Post. The article states that IBM laid off James in 2011 when he worked there as a software engineer.  James sued IBM afterwards, saying he was laid off because he was disabled.


James used the law services of Eisenberg & Baum firm in New York City, who is well known for representing Deaf clients. Lawyer Andrew Rozynski, who says he is fluent in ASL, was James’ legal representative. The law firm did not use ASL interpreters or pen/paper was, since Andrew could sign. 


While negotiating a job discrimination settlement — James told the lawyer Andrew he wanted $200 million. It appears the settlement was approved — James thought he won $200 million — but later found out that he got only $207,500. 


He refused to accept the settlement, but IBM got a judge to enforce it — saying James’ claim was not credible. James has tried to appeal this in courts but has not been successful. 


So James is suing the lawyer and his firm for damages.  Andrew the lawyer says the case has no merit. 


It appears James asked for $200 million and thought it was an appropriate sum because he saw that there was another case that had a $137 million settlement for sexual harassment. But a judge said it was “implausible that IBM would accept a $200 million settlement, since it was 3,000 times greater than his salary.” 


On Andrew’s profile on the Eisenberg and Baum website, it states he has three Deaf relatives, is fluent in sign language, and understands Deaf culture. There are YouTube videos of him signing in ASL. We’ll see how this works out in court.























Now the USS Vinson, the warship, is in waters off Japan and Philippines. It is joining with two Japanese warships and South Korean ships will join them as well. A U.S. submarine will also be there soon. They will do military exercises. 


The U.S. Sec of State Tillerson will discuss the North Korean situation with all 100 U.S. Senators tomorrow at the White House. 


North Korea is expected to test-fire missiles sometime soon and have recently threatened the USS Vinson, saying they can sink a U.S. ship with a single strike. 


North Korea has also imprisoned a U.S. citizen — Tony Kim — who taught accounting at an university. He was arrested when he was ready to fly out from the airport in Pyongyang. He is the third U.S. citizen that is detained there — last year a 21-year old college student, Otto Warmbier, was arrested and sentenced to 15 years of labor because he tried to steal a North Korean banner, and before that a U.S./South Korean citizen was jailed on accusations of spying — he has a 10-year sentence. 


There is also a Canadian pastor who has a life imprisonment sentence, accused of trying to use religion to destroy the North Korean system and for trying to abduct North Korean citizens. 


So the tensions aren’t going away.




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 























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