Deaf Business Spotlight: DPAN.TV Los Angeles

April 21, 2017


[Transcript]  ALEX: Hello, today’ Deaf Business Spotlight is: DPAN TV in Los Angeles, California. They are a film production company and a TV channel. DPAN’s headquarters is in Detroit, but they have an office/studio in LA. Check it out!




MELISSA: I'm Melissa Yingst, Southern California Community Curator. Today we'll be taking a look at the DPAN studio here in Los Angeles! Come on!


JULES: Hi, my name is Jules Dameron. I'm the executive producer of the Los Angeles DPAN office.


JOSH: Hi! My name is Josh Castille. I work here as the assistant producer to Jules. I collaborate ideas with her, edit films, and write scripts.


JULES: First thing in the morning, we focus on news articles. We make sure it's written well, then we translate it well into ASL. There are two different processes with this.


JESSE: Hi, I'm Jesse. I work as a TV anchor for DTV News.


JULES: I'd like to think that I'm encouraging all of us to grow together, like as a family, because sometimes there are those in the Deaf community that hadn't been raised with the family support they needed. So, when they join us, we become their next family.


KARLA: Hello! I'm Karla Gutierrez. I'm the Tru Biz reporter for DPAN TV.


JULES: When people think of DPAN TV, they think it's in Detroit. The headquarters is there, yes, but there's also a group of us here in Los Angeles.


We shoot every morning, upload, edit, add voice overs, and captions.


The really cool thing about this Los Angeles location is that there are many things happening here. It's easy to go to locations to film, like at Dancing with the Stars, for example, and other film-related events or DeafWest Theater. It's like when everytime something happens in Los Angeles, it's happening right by us.


This is a production company and a sign language channel.


Our goal is to have a thriving industry with Deaf talent, people, and diversity in ASL for all. We are a new company but we are definitely passionate about what we do!




ALEX: Nice studio! For DPAN LA — it started in December 2015 and it was just Jules at first, but since then they have expanded with more staff and they’re always making new content. You can view their footage on

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