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April 19, 2017


 Manhunt for Facebook Killer Ends in Suicide, Sculptor of “Charing Bull” Raises Complaints About “Fearless Girl” Statue, Prime Minister of UK Announces Snap Election, French Police Arrests Terror Plotters, Trump Supporters Sue Trump for Ordering Them to Remove Protesters, and President Trump Signs “Buy American, Make American” Executive Order




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, April 18. Ready for news? 




Steve Stephens, the man who posted himself shooting and killing an elderly man on Facebook, killed himself today in Erie, PA. 


His white Ford Fusion was parking at a McDonalds. People alerted police of this — and when officers’ cars approached Steve’s car around 11 am this morning — he drove away, there was a 2-mile pursuit — one officer did a PIT maneuver and when Steve’s car spun, he shot himself in the head. When officers looked into the car, they saw that Steve had killed himself. 


It ends a large, multi-state manhunt with multiple police departments and officers looking for him. 


Erie, PA is around 100 miles away from Cleveland — along the coast of Lake Erie. 


Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said they are happy that this search has ended, but that he preferred for Steve to still be alive — so they could ask him questions. He wouldn’t share details of where they thought Steve was in between the shooting in Cleveland and Erie. 


There also seems to be no additional victims — like Steve claimed. 


Very sad what happened to Robert Godwin, Sr. Several of his family members have said they forgive the killer — and said that Robert taught them to love God and to forgive. Robert leaves behind 9 or 10 children and 14 grandchildren. 




If you have ever been to New York City, you might have seen the famous “Charging Bull” sculpture and the “Fearless Girl” sculpture facing off each other. 


The bull has been there since 1989, the girl was installed last March.


The sculptor of the bull, Arthur Modica, is demanding that the girl be removed because its placement has “ruined” the bull’s artistic integrity and has distorted it from being a symbol of prosperity and strength to a villain. 


The bull was first placed there as a “gift” to New York City and Wall Street to symbolize the power of the American people. He started sculpting it after the 1987 stock market crash — after two years, on December 1989, he put it in front of the NY Stock Exchange next to a Christmas tree, as a gift. It was impounded because it was “illegal” — but people loved it, so it was installed permanently at another location in Bowling Green — where it is right now. 


The girl was designed by Kristen Visbal, who was commissioned by an investment firm SSgA (who invests in many companies that have a higher percentage of women in leadership positions) — and installed on March 7 — the day before International Women’s Day — as both an advertisement for their investment firm and also to symbolize female empowerment and gender equality. The girl was only supposed to be there for one week — but it was very popular — so it was extended to 30 days, but now extended to February 2018. 

This is what prompted Arthur, the bull sculptor, to raise a complaint that the girl has changed his art and made the bull become the villain. He also says the girl is an “advertising trick” and says because both are bronze, it will make people think both are the same piece of art. 


No lawsuits have been filed, but it’s now an NYC issue and there could be legal action. What do you think?




The Prime Minister of UK — Theresa May — announced she wants UK to have a general election on June 8, which is 3 years earlier than the originally planned election in May 2020. The “early election” is called a “snap election.” This is to elect/re-elect members of parliament and “reset” the numbers of representatives from various parties.


There were many MPs who opposed Brexit, but the country voted to exit, so there was division and some stall in the Parliament in how the UK would “Brexit” — issues about the UK’s access to EU markets, trade taxes, immigration — which is why PM May wants to do a snap election to “reset” the Parliament and have it represent what the people in the UK want. 


The snap election needs to be approved by Parliament first, and it seems like it will be approved.


May is a Conservative/Tory — she took over the country after the previous PM David Cameron resigned after he “lost” his campaign to have the UK remain in the EU last summer. 


At the time, people in the Tory/Conservative party were split over Brexit, and  there is still a “fog” over PM May’s leadership, so if the Tories/Conservatives have a strong election on June (polls say they are leading), it will strengthen PM May’s ability to lead the UK out of the EU on her and her party’s terms. But it could backfire, with people who are angry about Brexit voting for members of opposing parties. 


We’ll see what happens in June 8.




French police announced they have arrested two people who they said were planning to do a terrorist attack in the country. France will have its first round of presidential elections this Sunday and it is possible the two men wanted to do attacks during the elections.


The two suspects are 29 and 23 years old and both are French citizens. Police found one automatic rifle, two handguns, plenty of ammo, and 7 pounds of explosives. They also found a ISIS flag, hoods, and a mask. Police said one of them recently tried to contact ISIS to inform them that they would d an attack and wanted to claim responsibility. The two men met in prison in 2015 and became radicalized in the time since. 


The French President Hollande applauded the police for catching and arresting the two. 



Last year, during the presidential campaign, a female college and two others sued President Trump and his campaign team last year after they were pushed away after protesting against Trump at a rally in Louisville, KY.




The woman’s name is Kashiya Nwanguma, she and two others filed a lawsuit against Trump and two men — the one with the white uniform (Alvin Bamberger) and the man with the red “MAGA” hat (Matthew Heimbach). Kashiya said Trump is responsible for the violence against her — since Trump said, “get them out!” after Kashiya protested Trump’s speech. 


Alvin has filed a counterclaim on Friday — suing President Trump — saying he was following Trump’s urging. He also said he did not assault the woman, but said he did touch her. 


Matthew also said he relied on Trump’s authority to remove disruptive persons — and that if he is liable for injuries to the protesters, the liability should be shifted to President Trump. 


So the two are putting the responsibility on Trump. 


A lawyer for Trump wanted to dismiss the lawsuit, “saying Trump was not responsible” — but recently a federal judge said no — saying there is plenty of evidence that the protesters’ injuries were a direct result from Trump’s actions, so he will allow the case to proceed.


Trump’s lawyers responded that while he did say “get them out of here” — Trump was not telling the crowd to do it, but directed his commands to security — adding that Trump said, “don’t hurt them.” Lawyers also said Trump was immune from the lawsuit because he was President and has asked for a jury trial. 


We’ll see what happens with this lawsuit. 




President Trump went to Wisconsin today and signed an executive order to direct federal agencies to “Buy American, Hire American.” The order will review the H-1B visa program — which allows skilled workers from foregin countries to work in the U.S. Trump says the program has been abused by companies who use H-1B visas to hire “cheaper labor” and cause a reduction in jobs available to Americans. Trump wants the program to be reformed so that only the most-skilled and highest-paid applicants will get the visas, rather than as a tool to replace American workers. 


The executive order also will start the process to increase requirements for American-made products to be used in federal construction projects. He also says the order will give American businesses more ability to compete with foregin businesses. 


Trump was speaking at a Snap-on tools factory in Kenosha. 


There were protesters there. Some have criticized Trump for saying “American Made/Hire American” while some of his Trump clothing (and Ivanka Trump clothes) were made in China or other countries, and that Trump has a history of hiring foregin workers for his Mar-a-lago estate under the H-2B visa. Trump has previously said it was hard to get workers in Palm Beach and that sometimes you have to bring people in and that other places in Palm Beach were doing the same thing. 




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light. 
















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