Trump Eats Dessert While Bombing, Spicer Hitler Gaffe, and Melania Settles Defamation Lawsuit

April 12, 2017

Three news related to President Trump:


1 - Trump, in an interview with Fox Business News, said he told the Chinese president Xi that the U.S. military was launching airstrikes against Syria while they were eating dessert at the Mar-a-lago resort Friday night. Trump said while he was eating the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake, he was notified by generals that the ships were ready — they asked him what to do. Trump said he decided to do it, and the missiles were on their way. President Xi paused for 10 seconds, asked the interpreter to say it again (to confirm it) — then Xi told Trump that anybody who uses gases against young children and babies is brutal and that it is OK (to send missiles). 


This must have been before Trump went into the “situation room” at Mar-a-lago to get a briefing about the airstrikes. 


This would be the second time Trump had a serious international incident while eating dinner at Mar-a-lago with a foregin president — we remember that North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile while the Japanese PM Abe ate dinner with Trump. So we have to keep our eyes open the next time he goes to Mar-a-lago with a foregin leader. 

2 - White House Press Sec. Spicer had an embarrassing moment yesterday during his press conference. He tried to compare Syrian leader al-Assad with Adolf Hitler — and said al-Assad was “worse” because he used chemical weapons against his own people, while Hitler didn’t. A reporter asked him to clarify (since it is known history that Hitler killed millions of Germans in gas chambers) — and Spicer tried to clarify that al-Assad used chemical attacks in cities while Hitler brought them into “Holocaust centers” — he meant concentration camps. He seemed to immediately know that he fumbled his comments. He later apologized, saying his statements were misstated, insensitive, and wrong, and that he let Trump down. 


3 - First Lady Melania Trump has settled a defamation lawsuit against UK news Daily Mail (not the Daily Moth) — for publishing rumors that she worked as an escort and that Donald had a nervous breakdown after her speech at the Republican National Convention. The Daily Mail got the information from a blogger who lived in Maryland. 


Melania’s lawyers sued both the blogger and Daily Mail last fall. Melania “won” the settlement against the blogger in February and just now against Daily Mail — with her getting a sum of money from Daily Mail. The newspaper posted an apology and retracted their statements. 

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