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April 12, 2017



Bombing Hits German Soccer Team Bus, Three Trump News, USPS Honors Late Deaf Educator Robert Panara with Stamp, Egyptian Movie Features All-Deaf Cast, and Deaf Club President Says Deaf Should Teach ASL 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, April 12. Ready for news? 




Yesterday in Germany, there was a possible terrorist bombing against a professional soccer team — Borussia Dortmund — as their buses made way towards a playoff match in the Champions League. 


Explosives were placed behind a hedge and when the buses passed by, they detonated and sent shrapnel over 100 yards away. It damaged one side of a bus and injured Borussian player Marc Bartra (from Spain)’s arm and hand. It caused the soccer match to be cancelled and postponed to today. Bartra posted photo on his Instagram and said he was okay after getting a surgery to repair a broken bone in his arm and debris in hand.


There was a letter left behind at the scene — written by a person who says he supports ISIS. The letter said Germany must stop flying its military jets over Syria, close the U.S. air force base in Germany — and if Germany didn’t do that — the ISIS would continue to target famous people in Germany. 


While it was terrible that there was an explosion, it brought a stronger community in Germany as visiting fans of the soccer match — who had their plans derailed when the match was cancelled — was invited into the homes of other Germans so they could stay and watch the match today. 


Today’s match will go on — but with increased security. 




Three news related to President Trump:


1 - Trump, in an interview with Fox Business News, said he told the Chinese president Xi that the U.S. military was launching airstrikes against Syria while they were eating dessert at the Mar-a-lago resort Friday night. Trump said while he was eating the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake, he was notified by generals that the ships were ready — they asked him what to do. Trump said he decided to do it, and the missiles were on their way. President Xi paused for 10 seconds, asked the interpreter to say it again (to confirm it) — then Xi told Trump that anybody who uses gases against young children and babies is brutal and that it is OK (to send missiles). 


This must have been before Trump went into the “situation room” at Mar-a-lago to get a briefing about the airstrikes. 


This would be the second time Trump had a serious international incident while eating dinner at Mar-a-lago with a foregin president — we remember that North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile while the Japanese PM Abe ate dinner with Trump. So we have to keep our eyes open the next time he goes to Mar-a-lago with a foregin leader. 

2 - White House Press Sec. Spicer had an embarrassing moment yesterday during his press conference. He tried to compare Syrian leader al-Assad with Adolf Hitler — and said al-Assad was “worse” because he used chemical weapons against his own people, while Hitler didn’t. A reporter asked him to clarify (since it is known history that Hitler killed millions of Germans in gas chambers) — and Spicer tried to clarify that al-Assad used chemical attacks in cities while Hitler brought them into “Holocaust centers” — he meant concentration camps. He seemed to immediately know that he fumbled his comments. He later apologized, saying his statements were misstated, insensitive, and wrong, and that he let Trump down. 


3 - First Lady Melania Trump has settled a defamation lawsuit against UK news Daily Mail (not the Daily Moth) — for publishing rumors that she worked as an escort and that Donald had a nervous breakdown after her speech at the Republican National Convention. The Daily Mail got the information from a blogger who lived in Maryland. 


Melania’s lawyers sued both the blogger and Daily Mail last fall. Melania “won” the settlement against the blogger in February and just now against Daily Mail — with her getting a sum of money from Daily Mail. The newspaper posted an apology and retracted their statements. 




Yesterday the U.S. Postal Service hosted a special ceremony to dedicate a stamp for Deaf educator, author, and performer Robert “Bob” Panara. It was hosted at the Panara Theatre on the RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) campus. Panara passed away in 2014 at 94 years of age.


He is the 16th person to be on the USPS’ “Distinguished Americans Series.” Panara was a professor at both Gallaudet then moved to NTID (the first Deaf professor at NTID). He taught English literature, poetry, and theatre, infusing those topics with ASL. 


Dr. Gerard Buckley, President of the NTID, gave a speech. He asked people who used be students of Panara to stand up — and there were many. He said the spirit of Bob Panara would be there forever.


A representative from USPS came and said there are 3,000 PO workers who were Deaf or HoH.  He then asked people to come onstage to unveil a large photograph of the stamp. 


It was a picture of Panara signing, “respect” with blur on his hands to show motion. The stamp was designed by Ethel Kessler — based on a photograph taken by NTID photographer Mark Benjamin.


Panara’s son, John, who is also a NTID teacher, came onstage. He is a CODA — he said, “ILY” to the stamp. He said his dad was one of the nicest guys you could meet. He said Panara often said, “it’s not the ears, it’s what is between the ears that count.”


There were dance performances with poetry that was written by Panara. Dr. Harry Lang, author and retired RIT professor — and best friend of Panara — gave a speech. (He also wrote a book about Bob — titled “Teaching from the Heart and Soul.” Dr. Lang said Bob was a pioneer in ASL poetry. Dr. Lang said Bob inspired Bill Stokoe, the “Father of ASL” — to do research on ASL after Stokoe watched him teaching a class at Gallaudet.


The ceremony ended with a video tribute of Bob — one with him sitting with his late wife Shirley — and of him signing a poem on his deafness. 


You can watch the full video of the ceremony and buy the stamp at the links below. There will be another ceremony to honor Panara at Gallaudet University — on April 18. 


Full Video of Ceremony from RIT NTID YouTube:


Buy Stamps on the USPS Store:






In Egypt — there will be a movie with an all-Deaf cast of 30 actors— which might be the first time in the history of Egyptian cinema. 


This is interesting — a hearing film director was working on making a movie with hearing actors — a “normal movie” — but when he found out there were many Deaf people in Egypt and that many were talented actors — he decided to create a second, separate film with an all-Deaf cast. 


The director filmed all scenes twice, one with hearing actors and one with Deaf actors. The Deaf actors wear the same clothes, the same lines, everything. The film was shot in Egypt and China and will be released in June. The director said the Deaf actors were very talented and that they must be given a chance. 


A Deaf actor said he was very happy to be involved because growing up in Egypt he never understood what the actors were saying (no captions or interpreters).


An interpreter was involved in helping communication between the cast and crew — and was invovled in translating the film scripts into sign language. She believes the film will create a turning point for Deaf Egyptians. 


Al Monitor Article:

Egyptian News Feature (FB Video):




Should Deaf teachers be prioritized by schools and colleges to teach ASL classes over hearing teachers? 


Dirk Hillard, President of Quad Cities Deaf Club (the Iowa/Illinois border area) — wrote an open letter to Scott Community College (SCC) to raise complaints about them offering ASL classes and an ASL summer camp that is taught by hearing teachers. SCC offers a two-year ASL-English Interpreting AA degree program. All of its teachers/staff are hearing. 


Dirk feels that because the college hired hearing people for the positions, it is oppressive and discriminatory towards Deaf people. He said ASL is the language of the Deaf community and that it is cultural appropriation to use ASL to make money for the college without including Deaf people in the faculty. Dirk said it is ableism and audism when hearing people are chosen over Deaf teachers who are available and willing to teach ASL.


Dirk argues that because the students benefit economically by learning a new language and culture and making money as an interpreter — and that college makes money by student enrollment — Deaf teachers should have the opportunity to have economic benefits of teaching ASL.


Dirk notified me via email that SCC has taught ASL classes for the past 20 years and had a Deaf teacher, but s/he retired four years ago. SCC hired a new Deaf teacher, but s/he no longer teaches there. Dirk felt that SCC did not do enough to advertise and recruit for a Deaf teacher — and that they unfairly hired a hearing person who has an AA degree with interpreting licenses over a Deaf person with an AA degree.


The open letter has attracted local news coverage — and Dirk will have a meeting with the president of SCC next Wednesday and hopes it will help to improve the system. 


Dirk’s Open Letter:


Local Coverage:




That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 

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