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April 6, 2017



US and Russia At Odds over Syrian Chemical Attack, Ideas for Border Wall, Federal Court Rules in Favor of LGBT Rights in Workplace, Deaf British Man Honored by Prince Charles, Chicago Police Arrests People in Connection to Gang-Rape Streamed Live, Nepalese Rhino Released in Wild, and Bannon Removed from His Post on NSC 




Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, April 5. Ready for news? 




The U.S. and Russia are now at odds over the cause of the chemical attack in Syria that killed over 70 people, including 10 children — and some have updated it to 100 people. 


A Russian general said the chemical weapons were in the hands of Syrian rebels and they exploded when Russian airstrikes hit the area — placing the blame on the Syrian rebels. Russia also criticized people who pointed to them as supporting al-Assad in this chemical attack, saying there were inaccurate reports about it. 


But our ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Nikki Haley, during an emergency UN Security Council meeting, put the responsibility on Syrian government forces and said Russia was blocking the council from making a strong response to condemn the attack. 


Haley said the U.S. could take action — saying how many more children have to die before Russia cares? 


Representatives from France and Britain also criticized Russia for siding with Syrian government forces.


This afternoon President Trump said this attack was horrific and can’t be tolerated — saying the attack was against innocent people, women, small children, and beautiful little babies. Trump said this attack was done by the Assad regime and that this attack had a big impact on him — that it changed his attitude towards Syria and Assad and crossed a lot of lines for him.


He said the comments while standing next to King Abdullah II of Jordan in a joint press conference. 


This marks the first serious international conflict between the U.S. and Russia since Trump took office.




The Trump administration has submitted a request for proposals last month for companies that want to build the border wall along the U.S./Mexican border. More than 200 companies have showed interest. 


The Wall Street Journal published an article with several different images by various design companies of what the wall would look like — I will show you five of them, you can see the rest of them in the link. 


The first is this. The goal is to have it be as pretty as the Greece temple Parthenon. It would have 30-feet high walls. 


Then next one is this — an angled wall that would lean towards Mexico. The steel bars is so border patrols can see through.


The third one is this —  this would be a concrete wall but use natural raw materials so the wall would blend in with the surrounding environment. 


The fourth is an all-women Pittsburgh design firm that gave two options — the top one is a wall with pipe organs (to make music) with gaps every 20 feet so people could walk through. The bottom one is a wall with 30-foot trees planted along the border with hammocks in between — 3 million hammocks in total. (This is not a serious design, it was to protest the wall)


The fifth option is to continue some of the fencing that is already in California — a mesh fencing that can reach up to 20 feet high and 6 feet under. 


Plenty of ideas and proposals out there, and it is a serious process going on right now with over 200 companies pitching ideas by a deadline ending yesterday. Interesting facts: 13% of the companies making bids are owned by Hispanics. Almost 50 companies are based in California. Some companies did previous business with Trump. 


The wall is by no means to be built as soon as a company is chosen — this is the start of a process — the money for the wall, which could cost over $20 billion, will have to be approved by Congress — and there’s already very strong resistance against it. 


Trump have already “started” construction by allocating $1.5 billion towards border security. 


$400 million of that will go towards building 20 miles of new wall construction — 14 miles in San Diego and 6 miles in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas).


More funds will go to build new fencing, wall, and levees in the Rio Grande Valley area. 






A federal court in Chicago just ruled that LGBT employees are protected from discrimination in the workplace — that the 1964 civil rights law that prohibited discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin — also applied to sexual orientation. 


Previous court decisions did not support LGBT people, saying the 1964 law did not apply to LGBT because it was not mentioned in it. But now this court decision says if there is discrimination against a person’s sexual orientation, it is considered a form of sex discrimination. 


This court case came as a result of a woman who say she lost her teaching job at a community college because she is a lesbian. She sued the college, sparking a federal court battle on if the lawsuit could proceed based on the idea that LGBT people are included in the civil rights law. 


Now the lawsuit can proceed with this new interpretation/ruling. This court decision does not give LGBT people all over the U.S. this kind of protection — as only the Supreme Court can do that — but it will protect people who live in the 7th Circuit area — while allowing other LGBT lawsuits to proceed based on this new interpretation. It’s a big change. 




A Deaf British man was honored by Prince Charles of Wales at a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace — his name is Shezad Nawab and he is a businessman. He received membership into the Order of the British Empire (MBE) to be recognized for his contributions to business and diversity. 


Shezad is a business consultant and is a co-founder of Sfhere, a company that invests and expands international businesses. It has 15 partners and states it has helped to make its companies “exit” with over 1 billion GBP in value. Shezad has received multiple other business honors in the past, but this honor might be the highest one. 


He told news that it was amazing to visit Buckingham Palace and receive his MBE from Prince Charles. He was honored two weeks ago and he posted this picture on his Twitter account - @ShezadNawab. Nice! He has a Facebook page and a website — both are linked below. 


British News Article:

Shezad’s Website:

Shezad’s Facebook page:



Remember when I shared terrible news of a teenager girl who was gang-raped while streamed LIVE on Facebook in Chicago — the main suspect, who was a 15-year old boy — is now in police custody after the boy’s mother brought him to the police station so the boy could turn himself in. 


Police previously arrested a 14-year old boy in connection to the rape and said there could be up to four others — a total of six assaulters. 


As for the girl, police and her mother said the girl is traumatized but is in a safe place/home outside of the neighborhood. The mother said several people on social media taunted and harassed the girl and the mother in comments — and police say they were investigating the comments and have already done “social media search warrants.” 


Up to 40 people watched the stream without reporting it to the police. It is possible there will be more consequences as police continue their investigation and arrests. 


Fox News:




In Nepal — an animal conservation group captured a male wild rhino and released it in a national park in hopes it would breed with other four female rhinos and start populating the area. 


When the male rhino was released, it immediately attacked a group of workers who rode on elephants, then it turned back and attacked the truck which was used to transport the rhino.


It appears the rhino and everybody is okay. The rhino is described as “dominant.” There will be four female rhinos released this week. There used to be thousands of one-horned rhinos in the area but because of human poaching and encroachment, the numbers dwindled down to 100, but now there are over 600. Rhino horns are very valuable on the illegal “black market” — where they can be sold for tens of thousands of dollars — it is thought to have healing powers in some traditional Asian medicine. 


It is a relief that nobody was hurt by the rhino! 


Independent Article/Photos:

The Peninsula:


Steve Bannon, the Chief Strategist in the White House, was removed from his top position at the National Security Council (NSC) by a President Trump executive action. There was a lot of controversy that Bannon, who did not have extensive government or military experience, was given a top post while degrading the positions of several other military and intelligence leaders.


But Bannon is now no longer a top member — but he can still go to NSC meetings if he is invited. The NSC is the main group that advises the President on national security and foregin policy matters — a very important and powerful council. This is an image of what a council meeting looked like when Obama was president.


The new national security adviser — McMaster — who replaced the then-fired adviser Michael Flynn — made the decision to remove Bannon when he re-organized the NSC. McMaster also reinstated the Chairman of the US Military Joint Chiefs of Staff (JSOC) and the Director of National Intelligence back to top positions within the NSC. 


Many called this a demotion, but Bannon said he was only there temporarily to oversee Flynn.



That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light! 





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