Businesses Pitch Designs for U.S. / Mexican Border Wall

April 5, 2017



The Trump administration has submitted a request for proposals last month for companies that want to build the border wall along the U.S./Mexican border. More than 200 companies have showed interest. 


The Wall Street Journal published an article with several different images by various design companies of what the wall would look like — I will show you five of them, you can see the rest of them in the link. 


The first is this. The goal is to have it be as pretty as the Greece temple Parthenon. It would have 30-feet high walls. 


Then next one is this — an angled wall that would lean towards Mexico. The steel bars is so border patrols can see through.


The third one is this —  this would be a concrete wall but use natural raw materials so the wall would blend in with the surrounding environment. 


The fourth is an all-women Pittsburgh design firm that gave two options — the top one is a wall with pipe organs (to make music) with gaps every 20 feet so people could walk through. The bottom one is a wall with 30-foot trees planted along the border with hammocks in between — 3 million hammocks in total. (This is not a serious design, it was to protest the wall)


The fifth option is to continue some of the fencing that is already in California — a mesh fencing that can reach up to 20 feet high and 6 feet under. 


Plenty of ideas and proposals out there, and it is a serious process going on right now with over 200 companies pitching ideas by a deadline ending yesterday. Interesting facts: 13% of the companies making bids are owned by Hispanics. Almost 50 companies are based in California. Some companies did previous business with Trump. 


The wall is by no means to be built as soon as a company is chosen — this is the start of a process — the money for the wall, which could cost over $20 billion, will have to be approved by Congress — and there’s already very strong resistance against it. 


Trump have already “started” construction by allocating $1.5 billion towards border security. 


$400 million of that will go towards building 20 miles of new wall construction — 14 miles in San Diego and 6 miles in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas).


More funds will go to build new fencing, wall, and levees in the Rio Grande Valley area. 



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