April 4 News Recaps

April 4, 2017


I haven’t posted news all week — been out on a trip — I’ll start doing the normal news again tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday -- but here’s a brief summary of three top stories:


1) Yesterday in St. Petersburg, Russia — there was a suicide bombing attack at a subway train that killed 14 people and injured over 50 people. The suspect is a 22-year old Russian citizen who was born in Kyrgyzstan. There was another bomb with shrapnel at another subway station, but fortunately it was found and defused. The Russian president Putin was at the city yesterday. Terrible. Our President Trump did call him to show sympathy for the victims and to offer full support. 


2) In Syria — there was a chemical attack in the northwestern part of the country where at least 70 people, including 10 children, were killed — while over 500 people were affected. It seems like there were airstrikes sent in by the Syrian government that had dangerous gases in it. Apparently they were targeting areas held by Syrian rebels. Many people and children died from being unable to breathe — asphyxiation. Some think it could be sarin gas — but this is unconfirmed. Others say it is chlorine. Terrible and it reminds us of another chemical attack in 2013, also in Syria, that killed anywhere around 1,000 people. 


3) Right now — and this week is when the Senate will start debating for the vote to confirm Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court seat — Neil Gorsuch. Current Senate rules require 60 votes, which will need several Democrat Senators to vote along with 52 Republicans — but it seems like there won’t be enough votes from Democrats, as almost all of the Democrats have threatened to filibuster (delay the vote by nonstop talking on the debate floor). This has, in turn, compelled Republicans to warn they might use the “nuclear option” — in which the Senate will change long-standing rules and confirm Gorsuch with a simple majority. It’s ugly in the Senate chamber, very divided without any signs of compromise.  


That is all for today, see you tomorrow for more news. Stay with the light! 

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