Intro to Academic Bowl / Opening Ceremony

April 2, 2017

ALEX: Hello! Welcome to Gallaudet University. Many people are coming here for the Academic Bowl (AB) tournament. Maybe you’re not familiar with the game and its rules. I’ll show you what it looks like. Come on over! 


The most important thing in AB is this: the buzzer. If I buzz, it means it is my responsibility to answer the question. (I write down “The Daily Moth” and it is placed on a projector)


If I’m right, you’ll see this. [YES]

If I’m wrong, you’ll see this [NO]


This is called toss-up, it’s the first round. There are four players on a table and 12 questions that will be projected on the screen. If someone buzzes, the projector will black out. If the written answer is right, then you’ll get a 2-point bonus. 


The first round is where you use the buzzers. The second round is where four players must take turns answering questions within 20 seconds. After a player answers, the next question moves to the next person. Both players on the opposing teams have to answer within 20 seconds. To determine if an answer is right or wrong, the Gallaudet Officer will use the same “YES” or “NO” posters. That is the second round.


The third and final round is: the teams will work together to answer a list of 10 questions with various topics. Both have two minutes to complete it before the flashing lights come on. Right answers are worth 3 points, while they are 2 points in the first two rounds. 


This competition has four different locations and the teams will move between the four in the normal matches. For the championship match on Monday night, it’ll be at Elstad Auditorium and streamed LIVE. Looking forward to that! 



ALEX: Now students are arriving from all over America and they are ready for Academic Bowl. 


(Clips of students at cafeteria and going to an auditorium for the opening ceremony) 


DANIEL ON STAGE: Welcome to the 21st Academic Bowl — since 1997! 


(Alex gets up on stage and gives brief remarks. The audience cheers) 


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