Academic Bowl Day 1 Recap / Interviews

April 3, 2017


ALEX: This tournament is played in four different locations. The first is at Chapel Hall. 


[Clips of Chapel Hall and competition between Indiana Deaf and Monroe #1 BOCES] 


ALEX: The second location is Ole Jim.


[Clips of Ole Jim and competition between CSD Riverside and Mountain Lakes High School]


ALEX: The third is at Elstad Auditorium. 


[Clips of Elstad Auditorium and competition between CSD Fremont and Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf] 


ALEX: The fourth is at *Student Academic Center (*Addition: I. King Jordan Student Academic Center)


[Clips of competition at IKJSAC between Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and Washington School for the Deaf] 


ALEX: Hello, I’m here with an AB player — Jonathan Summers from Rockville High School. What year are you in?


JONATHAN: I’m a junior.


ALEX: RHS are the defending national champions. Does this put more pressure on you this year? 


JONATHAN: It is more pressure because everybody is expecting us to win and we are trying to win, too. So we are trying to live up to everybody’s expectations. 


ALEX: Do you see bubbles behind us? Why? Look at this. 


[Camera pans right to show two teammates blowing bubbles and laughing] 


ALEX: Hello, I’m with an AB player named Phelan from… which school? 


PHELAN: I’m from Monroe #1 BOCES.


ALEX: Is this your favorite part of high school? 


PHELAN: Yes, for sure. It’s because I’m a mainstreamed student and recently I had struggles with accessibility there. So coming here and having everything be accessible and everybody signing — it is a huge release. 


ALEX: I’m here with two players from Indiana School. Can you introduce yourselves? 


FRANCO: My name is Franco Bippus. I’m a sophomore at ISD. 


ISABELLA: I’m Isabella Paulone, senior at ISD. 


ALEX: (To Isabella) — You are the third person in your family to compete in the AB. What is it like in your house? Do you all test each other? 


ISABELLA: Yes, for sure, when I started playing in the AB, my oldest brother Gabriel started to encourage me and asked me practice questions. I was new with it at first but later became more experienced. I have another sister, Pia Marie, who did the same. We have that special bond, the three of us. 


ALEX: How do you handle the pressure of the competition? Do you feel a lot of pressure or is it nothing? 


FRANCO: With family and friends who have come here — it is pressure. ISD has a reputation with three national championships. So I want to bring that honor to our school. 


ISABELLA: People always talk about us. So we have to show who we really are. 


ALEX: Hello, I’m with Dr. Nancy Hlibok Amann. She is the superintendent of CSD Riverside. She came here to watch her team play. What does AB mean to you and to the school?


NANCY: It means everything. It means academic rigor. It’s that level of simulation — various schools come here and look at each other’s academic achievements. It helps us to be motivated  and bring it back to our schools and do more.


ALEX: Do you expect your team to win? 


NANCY: Yes! 


ALEX: Give them pressure?


NANCY: Oh, no pressure. We’re here to play and have fun. And yes, we expect to win because they have worked really hard to be where they are today. 


[Clip of big wall poster with various teams on it — Alex walks by the pictures of the teams and names the state where they are from]. 


ALEX: 20 teams are playing from all over the U.S: Nebraska Regional Programs, Oklahoma School for the Deaf, READS Collaborative from Massachusetts, Kansas School for the Deaf, Maryland School for the Deaf, Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf, Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (where I graduated), Hinsdale South High School (Illinois), Indiana School for the Deaf, Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD), Monroe #1 BOCES (New York), Mountain Lakes High School (New Jersey), California School for the Deaf - Fremont, California School for the Deaf - Riverside, Edmonds Woodway High School (Washington), Rockville High School (MD), Starr’s Mill High School (Georgia), Texas School for the Deaf (in Austin where I live), Washington School for the Deaf (WA), Wyoming Outreach Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


They all really want this trophy. [Camera zooms in to the AB trophy]

[Video turns to Alex in “studio”] 


Today’s competitions looked like this: the 20 teams were split up into five pools and they played against each other — so there were four matches per team. At the end of the day, there are four still-undefeated teams with a 4-0 record — Texas Deaf (the South regional champions), Rockville High School (the East regional champions), Indiana Deaf (the Midwest champions), and Maryland School for the Deaf. The first three were champions in their regionals, while Maryland beat the West regional champions CSD Riverside. 


Tomorrow morning the competition will turn into a knock-out tournament with 10 teams on either side eliminating each other until there are only four left: for the Championship match and the Third/Fourth match. 


The top four seeds will be separate from each other and play against lower seeded teams. It’s anybody’s game now — either win or be knocked out of the tournament. 


I will feature a match LIVE tomorrow during the tournament — I will make the announcement tomorrow on Facebook on which team will be featured. (during the playoffs).


Then after the teams for the Championship and 3rd Match are determined, I will announce it LIVE on Moth Facebook and Gallaudet University Youth Programs. 



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